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[SCRIPT] Add Orbital Weapons Platforms to Argon Prime Shipyard v1.01 - 19.12.0850xiriod39834
An Anonymous Argon's Crime Fighting Career155Ormac33332
[AL PLUGIN] Wars: Argon/Boron vs Paranid/Split v1.00 [2010-02-04]19Serial Kicked22693
Argon Eclipse VS. Split Chimera VS. Paranid Medusa39StressTest21883
Argon Rank!! It's been said before, but it's worth saying again!!30Shadow008018785
Argon M0 Mod Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!63SaltyFlakes17825
How to increase Argon & Paranid Reputation15LogicTHX17179
What Is the point Of the Argon Centur?88AjRyder16783
X3AP: Is the Argon plot a joke?82Promethium15937
[X3TC] Best Argon/Boron/Teladi M3/M4/M5 for combat in a group17ThisIsHarsh15567
Argon Nova vs. Split Mamba44A5PECT12906
99million CR cheat found + How Do I Equip My Argon Titan?65MOCO12708
X3TC 2.5 Space Fuel Distillery in Argon Core Sectors16joan12582
Argonopedia access62Brianetta10847
Argon Nova vs. Paranid Perseus - Which is the better dogfighter?57EpicArmour9800
TL:s what makes argon mammoth more expensive then Hercules50Merak9532
Found this Nova ship in ARGON PRIME!!!!!27AjRyder9292
The Argonopedia : Database Site44JonHandby9287
Argon Titan52Emmgel9161
Why the Argon Nova's the Best M340Pirate Hunter8983
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Oh the Argonity!15Imgran368
X3 Reunion - unable to dock at Argon shipyard? - Resolved.2siddham254
X2 - Building a 125MW shield factory in Argon Space9Syn3rgy710
ideal loadout for Argon Elite11DrwHem312
Argon Phantom in AP3Bill Huntington274
Non-Steam X3AP: Argon Marines only ever use one voicetype2xenon1282556
cant gain access to argon plot in x3ap6infamous43211025
The Argon war-trader139RAVEN.myst4766
old contains trojan?2ger0448621
if start Argon how equip enemy ship?1Space100495
Seeking guidance: Argon Prime area and a CLS2 Monopoly in X3TC (3.2 Vanilla)25Mordain2339
X3 Reunion issues with Argon Prime Mammoth9siddham672
X3AP Argon plot issue (Solved)2Cursed Ghost456
Choices in the Argon Defender Plot ?3Bill Huntington459
Playing Jackal during Argon/Terran fleet battles9Bill Huntington522
Cannot find Argon One, X2 - threat3Jerubbaal1046
Argon Sector 148 military station unable to dock - Worked around.7Ettianos Navarre813
X3 Reunion: Trading in Argon Space6Buckleup739
Argon Anonymous starts with no weapons?17lyubarskiy1010
(AP) Missing unknown sector jump gate at argon sector M148 ?2Klord398
War-Reports with Argon-Start?1TheKauz304
Where is the Federal Argon Shipyard in Argon Prime.4meklavier678
Unable to find the Argon Supply Mammoth3joejccva71389
Argon Chip Plant4Noodles1984366
M1 Argon Colossus7ricktehdead625
Improving Terran/ATF rep following Argon plot2Shads62452
X3TC Race Rep Argon / Terran?4The Iron Duke429
[X3TC] Argon Capital Ship in Veil of Delusion?2mcjomar568
X3:AP freeze when docking in Argon Prime and one more issue - resolved by codec clean5dlich1029
[X3:TC] Argon attacking my complex??3Kenshin87578
death to argon!4EgoGimb462
Will this Argon High-Tech Trader ever bail?6IanFitzJo472
Argon Military Cerberus going/staying hostile for no reason.4Wheem487
Where do I buy weapons for my Argon Titan?2bigscififan285
Where do I buy weapons for my Argon Titan?6bigscififan486
Argon faction dropping like a rock... plus a few questions28mouser91691146
AP Argon Patriot start:War Zone Missions ?1Sabrina Bergin309
Lost my Argon Police License21JJRSC938
[AP] Teladi patrol missions including attacking Argons?8soulmata586
Save Mod "Argon Easy Start" for X3AP5Mowen908
[x3:AP] need some help with argon2Redshade6291
x2 - Hostile Argon patrol4zhollett473
X3[AP] Argon ship turns enemy for no reason1Cipry391
My standing with each race fluctuates. I can be Argon 85% then easly drop to 22%9Fihnakis802
[X3AP] Argons capped an Osaka! o.05fonz71583
Nostalgic Argon-new pilot/few questions13SilentOmega1243
Need help with Argon Stack Exchange1raynefang415
Do Terran ships carry Terran Marines or are they listed as Argon?6Sam97531955
Random Hostility - Argon Military (1 unit), repeatable5Lukova872
[X2] How to best outfit an Argon Buster for combat (preferably on the cheap)?13ls6121127
[X3:AP] Argon has no stock in stations7KewlCrayon593
Taking down Argon Prime4ianbillmorris482
Argon turn against me while seta for an hour.14johnnwho977
[X3AP] Terran rep needed for argon plots?9pref670
Argon attacking space fuel13Maxdamaged1169
[X3:AP] CLS MK1/MK2 Non argon station?9elektrohawk781
Your ship was distroyed by Argon ship yard25REB4111394
[X3R] Complex+ Argon Centaur3thelebk434
Argon Heavy Centaur Set-up3fiby492
Argonpedia6fisher 2000487
my very first capped m6 - the argon centaur!14firestorm79738
X3:AP Station Hack: Argon Federal Shipyard - Is this Possible?9Dezonus960
[X3R] Why do my Argon Trading Stations have no products?4Gqqnbig834
[AP] Paranid invasion as soon as I rent an Argon Mammoth8Locutus848
X3AP Argon plot problem/bug5Givemeahug878
Are the Boron/ Split & Argon/Paranid really at war?3leos89934
X3AP 3.0 Steam Capping Argon M34Genryu661
X3TC Custom game- how to leave Argon Space?5professor00179418
X3TC: Accidently quit initial Argon mission2quarren459
So the Argon do have a sense of humor4Maahes601
X3AP argon terran and teladi turning hostile?!?4antman112616
[Prlblem]Rank 4 with argon, and they still red?4cryptonite1433
X3AP More Terran + Argon Sector Mod1fisher 2000391
X3: TC Argon Prime is empty!16Zzyn1320
X3 AP - Capturing M3 Argon Ship Mission Plot ?11Arialth1867
AP as Argon - improving rank with terrans?8eugene123804
(AP) angry argon military titan...29Rurikk821574
[XBTF] No sound in Argonopedia?5OSH762
[X3AP] Being attacked by some argon forces while friendly with them.5zemik39797
X3:R problem in Argon Prime10dogboy122512
Is X3AP 3.0 Update Pure Argon Plot?22Fallent3145
[X3AP] Making peace with the Terrans as Argon11Tjo1868
[X3AP] Argon Sector M148 Moles7windscar232978
Argon Military with PBGs?5TheCoolSideofthePillow492
Argon Military/Navy10samoja657
Eek, no rep with Argon now2dimothy10446
The Paranid and Argon have been really going at it lately...13sadron977
So much jargon15Xen Silenus1029
AP - Terran Commander - How can I repair Argon rep from -5?7sadron958
Ore mine in Argon Sector M148 - good idea?3Earth Ultimatum IV.701
Nividium Mining on Argon Peacekeeper preset4Hinsonator482
[X3TC] Fitting Help, Argon Centaur6BeccyD88529
Apparently the Argon are flying the ATF Valhallas?2sadron439
[AP] OL Argon Shipyard destroyed!2Eddis488
Argon Military attacking when I place stations7shaidow71910
[X3AP w/ XRM] Cannot get Argon Stock Exchange to open4DuckSoup2251
Problems, unlocking Argon Stock Exchange and Seizewell TL crashing5mark37uk1647
Obtaining Jump Drives without Boron or Argon Reputation6zmoazeni951
Argon Drone Hauler (M4)11LTerSlash1087
Quick thought about the AP argon plot4kaluce450
Need few wep tips for the argon Centaur..5JayStar528
[X (all)] For all the love that is holy... [Argonopedia]16Tolwyn1194
Friendly Fire---I can't get rid of friendly fire tagging in Argon territory2watersnake911340
X3AP Friends with both sides (Argon/Terran)2genarus620
Argon Sector M4186GlassDeviant617
Making Argon and Boron my friends after the Main Terran AP Plot1dreamer2008489
Captured an argon Colossus but it still has it's whole flight wing on board.???9ali-stool974
[X3 AP] War terran / argon7skeelime1837
Albion Prelude - how to "buy" marines? (mod that removes Argon-Terran war)2aleks2098540
[X2] Argonopedia Follow Up2Tolwyn427
[AP] CLS Software available outside Argon space?1joefitts63335
How to make Matter/anti matter mine legal for Argon and Teladi ?2dertien435
[X3:TC] Why do I keep losing my Argon Police Licence ?26zapza1542
Argon or Terran in albion4Ladsmi752
AP - Argon Cerberus attacking my complex in Antigone Memorial6Greyhawk1487
(X3:AP) 2.5.1 Argon Prime Stock Exchange1Graaf718
[AP] Kyoto unable to undock from Argon Equipment Docks and other stations1mpcribeiro439
[AP] Nostalgic Argon start - best ship to attack terrans?1Greyhawk1400
Turncoat Argon Cerberus?8Lenient747
Argon Bounty Hunter flying strange ship9Andyrids661
Argon Colossus Jumpdrive1rancereya1187
Hints for capping that damn Xenon L? (Argon Albion Prelude plot)22Boringnick3841
Can Argon Rep be raised in AP v2.5?14Neil Depledge1177
[X3TC] Nostalgic Argon (Vanilla v3.2b) - experiences, observations and maybe bug?7donzi745
Being attacked by Argon/OTAS42Daisai1417
No mammoth transport on argon prime =/3DrakenKin547
I am about to kill all of the argon if they do not stop...3imortalvalk626
X3AP 2.5 - so whats the best way to get Spacefuel.. if Argon hate me15Sam97531931
Notoriety argon missions11Daisai553
Paranid-Argon War? AP10TheGoldElite1022
[X3AP] Help fighting against Argons7incarnyte590
X3 AP finished Argon plot, now what?5thundercles593
[AP] Argon Trusted Friend but still hostile8Snailstick854
[X3AP] Eject from ship - turns argon red on me :( - resolved2foxxbl483
[X3AP] Unable to Get Argon Peacekeeper Started12UKHEIC1073
TC Argon trading station trick, do you use it?3samoja583
The Argons are short sighted11Marius-san919
x3 albion prelude- is it possible to start a war between argons and paranids?3amcrabil1371
X3AP Argon flight school nova npc missing0Xuro409
[AP] How on earth do you shut up Argon Command?3wolverine005543
Just a thought about the Argon.15Coreblimey1076
Cannot access Argon Prime Sector Stock Market3Unknnnnn555
[AP]Best Way to Get Spitfyre/Springblossom from Argon Start?7Id13633
X3:AP Tarran-Argon War Sectors OOS Combat3UrbanAvalon3263
The Argonopedia5Peltarius999
So I just accidentally the Argon One with my Buster...23afterglowefx1839
[AP] What is the use of M6 Katana if you play Argon scenario6Ectar746
[TC]Is OTAS Argon?10Fattyfat646
[TC] Unkown sector between Argon Sector M148 and Nathan's Voyage full of Khaak6Lord of Marzipan859
[AP] Yaki Senshi and Argon Minotaur are identical?1jannix532
Any mods with Terran/Argon war disabled?5GameDrifter488
X3 Ap V2.0 Argon Trading Dock, no one can land4Natjur592
Poor choice of mineable asteroids around Argon Sector M1489tanner1ie833
argon in an osaka??3p00fer468
Where can I find 1mj shield factory in AP playing as argon3andysonofbob449
Nostalgic Argon - Buster Weapons10DrRockso79647
Argon Griffon Sentinel (M7) Loadout Recommendations9rakall4482
Argon Ore Belt on Albion Prelude7Majick1334
X3AP lost Argon rank destroying Terran station in Circle of Labour3Mike Roberts671
Terran rep working with Argon Plot (AP)21Lazerius2188
The Argon Saboteur (DiD Rules, TC)0Magnificence BN317
[AP] Constant Paranid spawn in Argon M148 and other race questions1Engy424
Argon ranking4morallo608
ATF REP from Argon War Start6Looney605
[TC] Argon Sector M148 Military Base gone hostile5Warboss Ethan1101
Argon Titan keeps in red6p00fer461
Delivering Thresher to Argon Trading Station X3 TC4Ravenstar505
[AP 1.1] Illegal station in Argon sector attacked6kinger465
I started a game Argon patriot not too long ago in AP2Naroku319
Entering the Argon Stock Exchange1KrypSeed1024
Argon military turning hostile at random17Skumleren1879
Xenon Ship: Unknown Object: Sargon (X3TC)1henryk5pio946
The new Argonopedia8Peltarius958
Factory recommendation for Argon Prelude17TiriaqMaquinna1401
(TC) Argon Patriot doing Terran Plot. Impossible to get 25MJ shields.10Cubemonkey657
Argon One in Herron's Nebula.7Magnu715
[AP] Build stations. Argon seem very keen on building in Herrons Nebula9brucewarren982
Can we got the Argon commandor shut up?7akanisi605
[AP]: Ways to build Terran Rep from Argon Start3TheZapper664