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[SCRIPT] Dedicated Assistant Drones (DAD) V4.7 [03.05.2009]235pelador91747
Drone Carrier Software 2 (DCS2) v2.07a569DrBullwinkle63906
[Script] Logain Industries Light Support Drone Carrier (LSDC) - v2 19/08/2009105Logain Abler52721
[Script][Mar/17/2009] Transfer Freight via Drones - working38Tim-O24281
[SCR] [X3AP] Drone Mining and Trading System v1.2.2 [UPDATED 11/08/2014]113zanzal20730
Drone Carrier Software (DCS) v1.31 (2012-05-17)122DrBullwinkle18234
[SCRIPT]Launch Fighter Drone Hotkey10moggy213910
X3TC: mkii fighter drones33Christopher lawless12928
[TC] BUG!!! Wingman, turet and drone kills do not count a smy kills.71Alexei_Gladkikh10366
[Script] Camera Drone Spy v1.0 by Nividium 21/02/095Nividium10089
[SCRIPT] Camera Drone Spy v1.01 by Nividium 9/22/2007 UPDATED21Nividium9617
Fighter Drones22Merkaba7779284
Freight Drones - they work!8Dodgey8551
BOF Drones Plus23B-O'F7568
[SCRIPT] Fighter Drone MKII factory in Queen's Harbour v1.01 - 19.12.083xiriod7507
Drones.a millionaires toy.x369smashmouth7458
[Script] Launch Fighter Drone Hotkey3moggy26971
X3TC Freight Drone help...17Scott C.6606
X3TC Freight Drones ? vanishing?8masterw36557
[SCRIPT] Missile Boat: shield prediction, fighter drone support, and more (8/30/2007)19ouch6457
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How to find drone hauler, X3AP14Andrey12y858
[X3TC] CLS1 bought drones, but doesn't do the run1seePyou238
Ariadne with drone haulers6fireanddream849
Freight drone/lasertower problem - Spoilers in solution!2bazthebad387
[REQUEST] Missile drone / missile pod8willypokorny441
Drone Question8Mahadev556
[X3AP] Drones Haulers2UnknownObject543
TL Ship Bulk Buy Freight Drones6korg33638
X3 TC Freight Drone Factory Glitch - modded game1d0g333528
drones and traders7sithneverdiealone527
How do you use freight drones? [AP]5Fenris321555
Do Drones / Fighters issued "Protect..." command shoot down missiles?1soulmata367
Any way to get freight drones to buy wares?0astreus232
X3AP Using Xenon Ns as replacement to Mk2 figher drones?11Nehlis860
Carrier drone composition? X3AP17Nehlis859
Drones Weapons1Grid355
[Help] Modding a fighter drone6Ikaruga556
[X3TC] Plasma Beam Cannon / Freight Drone exploit?5J-M v2.5.51081
Increase time for drones1shadowblayde322
3.1 - M4 "Drones Haulers" are still in20LTerSlash1561
[X3:AP] Mk2 Fighter Drone glitch?4Jimmy C430
X3AP: can I CLS2 a TL with drones/ships to go through all my stations ?7Browser_ice643
Drone Defence8Kessica680
[TC] Video function on advanced satellites and use of camera drones9Astronoid634
Drone Haulers7Spychotic735
X3 AP Drone Fleet.4Pathfinder331785
Drone Carrier MOD not working it seems?1Tasogie370
X3AP how do you fight drones?13nospammdi739
X3 Reunion - Spy Drones Mission - Stuck in Empires Edge - Missing Gate.5samedizombie499
How To Lauch Fighter Drones8chronicon807
Who buys recon drones?????8davebispham868
Killing Drones27Diche Bach1165
(AP) Recon Droness?4delstars382
My Hayabusa pilots and their Keris Drone Obsession15Flybye718
[X3R] Uber Drones9thelebk726
AP - Recon Drones17TTD1100
So I capped a Split drone hauler in Ghinn's Escape...8Berserkenstein927
X3:TC: Fighter drones?1IConquer410
boarding with TP - drones or fighters? (TC)6Thelastreject797
Figther Drones Protection15hsung618
Drones to attack shields!1Damian Swift404
Recalling drones?4Damian Swift492
Drone carriers?7SIMON POPPLEWELL678
How do I make a new drone1TonyEvans313
X3:Reunion, my fighters and fighter drones don't respond to "attack" commands5dogboy122641
Fetching lasertower wepon wit freight drone0samoja380
[X3 TC] Drone Boat's18alxander1387
Recon drones?1samoja378
Fighter Drone MK II with shield for ALL3Nicoman35619
AP fighter drone question1ugo654329
Argon Drone Hauler (M4)11LTerSlash1087
My Fighter Drones randomly leave my control and go neutral.3Ender_Xenocide329
Freight drones5Yazoo541
Freight drones M7 ?8SpongeBobSpacepants912
x3ap: too many fighter drones... game breaking.34Shrewd1351762
X3AP drone hauler, ship or ship equipment? (warning wall o' text)5T3Lunaris1713
"Drone Hauler" Equipment?1Maalek466
What does "Drone Hauler" actually do?10The_Final_Stand2284
Freight Drone Exploit in AP 2.512ConCorDian2871
Exploding Fighter Drones10Segwin1158
Fighter Drone Script1Segwin393
possible bug(s) in Recon Drone Construction Facility5glenmcd459
Drones + Me = Fail. What am I doing wrong.7scooter14698
[AP][Script - AL] Logain Industries Drone Defence Network (DDN) - Beta 0028Logain Abler4588
noob questions re drones and turrets2jk31308454
Find that mod: Freight Drones4Calgor Grim559
Upgradeable drones0samoja890
Recon drones (AP)8Coreblimey729
Repair drones5niytiy853
X3 AP: why do M7C ships, have built in Drone Haulers?!7Silverblade The Enchanter2646
Any way to automate the Freight Drone?8MaximumBullfrog765
WTF is wrong with the Freight Drones?12Armpit1413
TC freight drones6p00fer543
[Mod][Beta] Implementation of drone hauler's special racial drones0RoverTX1201
[AP] Effective use of freight drones16Goldfinch1979
[AP] Freight drones for free0TiGGs417
Keris vs Fighter Drone II5pulzarokkit1781
X3 TC Drone Dock problem1drugar101555
Retrieval of Drones in TC?6HateDread407
Freight Drones5cjlive737
[AP]New 2.0 Drone Carriers and the phasing out of "fighter pilots".24Sam975312594
"All drones in sector, attack shields"?7Winter Dragon1077
Does the Commercial Agent script in AP use Fighter drone mkii?11thundy849
Drone Hauler26tater-tots3956
[AP] A possible (minor) advantage to using drones on boarding missions.0brucewarren384
[AP] Freight drones.17Eleutherios3175
[AP] Using Drones6Nick Northern822
Station drones never refuel4dozier768795
can the argon griffon build drones in x3 reunion2ReptilionBeast727
X3 AP : thanks for the message drones2qwizzie748
Freight/Fighter drones9evilosmosis1262
AP: Freight Drones2kdalts596
Drone Carriers for OOSC in AP0ConCorDian498
drone carriers13ConCorDian1361
Drone Behaviour13Slashman863
quick docking drones on m7 light carrier / m1?5jamafish673
Fighter Drones5jardail573
Fighter Drone Lulz4rujikin535
Freighter pilots and waisted fighter Drones14Palladin888897
Drones will not dock39Shadowofpeace2669
[X3:TC] What's this about a drone ship I can pick up?7IronCrux1087
Drones combat usefulness?24Skillzfire1552
Recon drone....3Naroku549
[Request] Script to retrieve fighter drones?1fyrestorm498
Fighter Drone Queries (Attack shield off...batch command not available)4Confusion-System598
Fighter Drones, how do they do it ??7Bill Huntington996
[X3TC] Fighter Drones MKII Complex: Worth it?9rwhiteruff1791
Drone use and recovery(?)...11GeminiFire1379
How can I recall my drones?14Eloking2312
Why are freight drones sooooo stupid?7MatthewLatham891
Recon Drones ?3Hubert99602
Freight drones1DrDress532
Can fighter drones be used indefinetly?3EternalSpace670
Freight Drone Help28Slashman2574
Freight Drones Breeding1BarneyMcGrew653
freight drones7handzon1606
Recalling Fighter Drones120o0o01301
DAD Drones [Verson 4.8B]12Sk_20131588
X3TC: Maximum operational range for a freight drone6StarSword1113
Repairing stations and Fighter drones8Sieg06660933
[TC] fright drones, worth bothering with.13typhon1434
Recon drone?6skoalism1943
Just launches 100 fighter drones4Sieg06660858
Any way to Select all freight drones3Sieg06660618
Why won't my fighter drones fight? X3TC3Cascinova637
X3TC - Any easy way to retrieve fighter drones in a fighter6Sieg066601964
How to recover a freight drone?9Charlie Whiskey1427
{X3:R} Carriers/TL launching fighters.... reg. ships launching drones...4SpidaFly2521
[REQ]Actually working Freight Drones?4Playbahnosh813
Info : Camera Drone - the drone that looks like a drone but behaves like a M54qwizzie848
Recon Drone?3jonbuttle856
Changing weapons for Khaak and fighterdrones6qwizzie935
[TC] Drones & Final Fury11SirDeity1222
Repair drones and lasers X3:TC2Slashman2163
Freight Drones4nefas877
Terran Conflict Drone Factory Question18Slashman1839
Help with drone spy2subzero22730
Any mod that removes drones?7manticore83893
X3:TC: Getting my fighter drones back?7rlpowell5988
[TC] Best Cargo/Preformance Drone18Lx71714
Why are freight drones so limited?17Bill671935
drones mk21Entilza579
X3R: Fighter Drones will not attack Albatross: TL ship.2Googly662
Fighter Drone questions....6vesper_noyer1008
Advanced Drone Complex6Timbuk2927
another silly question about drones.3elfro89771
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Launching satallites and drones6lowenblade912
[TC] Need help with Recon & Combat Drones7cdrocrossdiscovery1293
Help me find a script/mod for Drones.7Zynk996
[TC] Help me find a script/mod for drones.1Zynk578
Sector for Drone Complex (X3TC)6Vindi891590
[TC] How to repair Station, Drone and Ship...6xiaoboiboi851301
Repair Drones1bbenham755
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Spy Drone in Mission 6 Ocracoke's Storm1Hornburger860
Fighter Drones quick question5Damian Swift821
Using fighter drones in droves25Da-V-Man2145
Managing fighter drones12kyobi1454
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Freighter drone automation.11DreamsofanEagle1737
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Problem with Spy Drone in Ocracoke's Storm main plot mission4jgf1011339
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Freight drones and my Mammoth (TC3The Youngster1021
[TC] Recon Drone & Eq. cloning?3David Howland804
Transfer Freight via Drones v beta.071california3201564
[TC] I cannot Use Recon Drones!!9cdrocrossdiscovery1714
Message Drones3trekkie33792
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[TC] Count kills by drones towards the fightrank?2RyuKazuha835
[TC] Transfer via Freight Drones broken?11guedez3618
X3TC - AI Combat Ships with Drones5Reimu Hakurei1354
Where can i get Freight Drones?6Cipry1407
[TC] Drone recovery anyone???8chinookmike3662
Fighter Drone - Deployment15The Iron Duke2028
Is there a way to automatically pick up fighter drones after an engagement?5Stillwater971304
[TC] noob question on Freight drones3facetious1896