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Earth, Torus

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*SPOILER* Earth120cheesemonkey19734
(X3)Capturing a Terran/Earth Ship?48bes18518
Earth will we finally re-unite?91-XAAR-9079
[BUG] 1.3 - Earth Torus still a deadly trap.25Seathal7468
Earth Built Two Gates......47R.Styles7245
Earthpilot's Xenon Mod V1.020Earthpilot6711
X3AP: Torus Aeternal confusion33Wolfwaffe6285
How on earth does anyone find the patience to play this?38Slider335522
Anybody tried to wipe out Torus?40kurush5268
[TC] Docking at Earth Station.33JIM COLDHAM5133
[TC] Earth18Freelancer20004944
X races like countries on earth?46SovietHammer<AC>4885
Earth in x336buzz_aldrine4848
gating back to earth50Blackknight8x4607
Return to earth37T_Stephen4571
Earth, Terran ships19Eagle John4289
Earth Sector22Wonders4238
[TC] capture a earth lifter31Ravenous64121
[TC] Docking at earth torus...16Gaharay4024
Make Earth worthwhile26RedLeader4012
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need help finding gate to earth.3tawhitt1463
Earth Torus14martimus1167
Please help me get rid of this f*&^ing Torus debris.5BrianPaone727
Permanent Access to Earth in TC4Ronin677354
[AP] Remove Torus debris1Bix 93540
Something that always makes me laugh about the Earth7Flybye566
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AP Earth3oceanmist667473
Why did Saya Kho blew up Earth Torus3samoja2238
How to dock on torus2BankruptAssasin356
Navigating the Terran Sectors and the Earth Torus4Bill Huntington407
Earth & Venus2kolimbo461
X3: TC Docking at Earth Torus7SirDeity1025
Why is it called the "Torus Aeternal"??3RocketManSR3773
X3AP Flying -all- the way to the surface of earth!11drediker1454
[AP] How on earth do you shut up Argon Command?3wolverine005541
X3R What are Borons doing with Earth ships?2artisanX3587
[Help][AP]Removing the Torus Debri10RoverTX945
AP Bug, Aldrin traders travelling to Torus2delray398
While on my way to Earth...3Segwin621
[X3AP] Best Earth Fleet M3?11Aidyer1296
[X3:AP] Anything in Earth Sector?4Sovereign1081599
[AP] What to do at Earth ?6TTD710
[AP] Earth Torus restoration?3Seriphyn662
Is it true that there is no explaination in AP why they have blown up the Torus?13Boringnick1014
AP: Mission to place PSP Forge at Earth won't complete2AL'42452
What Is In The Earth Sector Now?2Anonymous593
X3TC - Earth Sector and Satellite Network - Idea? (Possible Spoiler for some.)3Morkonan828
Earths artificial ring - torus13Spoonikle1212
Albion Prelude: The Torus13Predator022420
Earth Torus - A Great Asset !8Bill Huntington1188
can't dock in Torus6herbee764
[TC] Earth *spoiler*11bit.hauler959
They really dropped the ball with Earth13Boringnick1220
i am terran but been fired form moon and earth11apepe1469
Terran Plot and Earth Torus (Spoilers)4ROLSTONE646
Earth Torus Safe for OOS?6chumley67811
x3 tc earth stations14leea1310
x3 tc earth stations2leea544
What on earth is the vidar anyway?56TheGoldElite3181
X3: Reunion: XTended Earth? SPOILERS!!!0human chancelor1051
So... i can expect te Earth Torus jumping at me at any moment?0LTerSlash523
Help docking at Earth Torus9sockum1356
Owning Earth5Neeros1123
X3TC: I can't even get close to Earth?4Flybye2542
Getting out of Earth Sector16Wonderbugg1328
The Moon to Earth Trans-Orbital Accellerator17Sarvoth1866
Earth is bugged4Brain Dawgs778
Stuck at Earth Torus13Oldman1106
[TC] Please,help Earth lisence has desapeared16dymusya1821
[TC] Interesting way to "fly within earths atmosphere"4Sardaukar24881698
About Earthpilots's mod2EliteM3949
[TC] JUMP DRIVE Prior To Earth Access15vincentf5632293
Gate to Earth Can't find2DaveH1947655
[TC] Aldrin and Earth's continued expansion?14Lord Hayden1956
earth sector access in x3:R9tomoyoafter1393
Newsflash - Advanced Teladi technology defeats snooty earthlings4TBV1300
[TC] Earth Torus Navigation2Bill Huntington825
[TC] After Earth Access4sthakker856
howcan i please get the earth torus?11Earth Ultimatum IV.1656
Earth Torus broken6Panther_Clipper1104
[TC] Earth Torus fail...35Panther_Clipper3304
[TC] I can't place a Satellite in Earth Sector9ESTEBAN1011476
[TC] Destroy the Earth Torus?8spengo3097
[TC] How can I dock on TORUS?4v70xc769
[TC] ATF earth access is still 0%?5mangar1128
[TC] Killed as soon as I enter Earth space5SoliDeoGloria1059
[TC] Earth torus in V2.6 question10Kor'ah1553
[TC] Earth16SLIDEmemphis1860
[TC] Why is Earth's security status set to "Border"?3AjaxDude927
[TC] How does one get up there ATF Earth access?18Ratlaw1961
[TC] Cannot Dock at Targos station - Earth4Drunkenseer1050
[TC] Torus lasertowers invincible?8Master of the Blade1543
Where on Earth are those Hirable TL's for family pride and family Rhonkar!19Lord Dakier1858
Does Torus still kill our traders on 2.5?7kurush1381
Paranoid Earth Torus8imperium31379
[IDEA] Terraformers Return - Lil Mod using Earth Pilot's Xenon Ship Versions1zombie-uk962
[TC] Killed on sector earth2palwin1072
[TC] - lasertowers won't let me leave Earth torus..16BugMeister2200
Problem with Earth Torus6Topcross1209
[TC] Earth torus...6wesdizzle11279
Have the Xenon taken over Earth behind my back?19imperium32765
Earth Torus problem.13Sh0klar1904
How do i dock at torus?4zeta333978
[TC] Can't Leave Earth torus7renfester1735
[TC] Dock with Earth Tours?5JeffersonBurton@cinci.rr.956
Earth Gates21X10002762
[TC] ATF Earth Access ?10Denu2953
Returning from UFJD in earth = insta death!2BlkKnight1055
[Mod-WIP] Firstwar The first War of Earth8Sir Squallus2167
[TC] docking with earth torus?4EnoVation1780
[TC] Torus doesn't like me28SLeeZeCoRe2917
[TC] So... what does GoD think of the Torus?13Cactus-Soup1794
[TC] Can the earth taurus be destroyed?12Arendee1709
[TC] Earth Torus18ak25072909
[TC] Earth docking4kdalts992
Strange but all-to-familiar Earthly behavior.3xathros1177
[TC] JUst got done with taken Aldrin embassoders to Earth now what?2jasethelonely872
Torus stuff removed from abandoned ship thread4delray936
Earth Sectors in Free Mode10Psiko32163
"Earth and Beyond" mining2ezra-r1331
[TC] Is my rep too low to go to Earth??12INSTG8R1707
[TC] ATF Earth Access ranking.2chanelit1205
x3 tc a couple of quick questions about final fury and atf earth acces3SirCharles1004
[TC] Earth Torus1CaptObvious783
TC earth access missions7SirCharles1430
Earth Torus2Mental_Atom867
[TC] Earth Problem15Bengunn3037
earth in x3 reunion9DonGino2925
Adding ships to Torus2Seathal882
[REQ] Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Hyperion4hawk41602
[TC] Earth Access12bobwoodx2205
[TC] Earth Torus - is it worth returning???3Hellfire5461522
Earth torus15~Lonowski~2370
[BUG (?)] 1.4 - Torus can just dock 2 Small/Medium-sized ships in.0Seathal818
[TC] Earth docking problem9Seathal1694
Why ATF Earth access is stoped at 0%?8amtct2897
Poor implementation of the sectors moon and the earth16ARcher-Exodus2374
Ships blow up when undocking from Earth Torus2TheLastHero837
Removing the kill-zone around Earth8kamikazepenguin1722
Trouble docking at earth2Kurgen666766
[TC] earth1fagraas988
[TC] Cutlass hostage at Earth Torus!10masrock1825
Bugged earth/Taurus6Forsaker1271
[TC] Earth, the forbidden frontier11Psirus2461
[TC] What the hell is wrong with the Earth Torus defense grid?!6K.Mak1818
[TC] jumping to earth? terran mission 76alexng831709
Odd Earth Texture error...1Black Gryphon739
Docking issue in Earth sector6viking421173
UT's and Earth6seperaGG1230
Possible Bug - Earth TL Stat's Reversed?10phoenix-it1577
[TC] earth1goldbar1729
BUG? Earth destroys my ship.3LarryBurstyn1104
I can't find the Gate to Earth in X3 Reunion with Xtended mod .7a1DeLoreanLover2009
I can't find the Gate to Earth in X3 Reunion with Xtended mod .7a2DeLoreanLover1316
[TC] i found earth but got stuck!1moby1032
Navigation Command - dock at earth - *boom*3brekehan1134
[TC] My ships being destroyed in Earth Sector3LTerSlash1311
[TC] Cant dock at Earth Torus10lesmun2880
Torus/Earth error - ships missing [spoiler warning]3damador1142
[TC] Earth sector problems *spoilers*3JuJoAn1613
Problem With Torus2Predator021004
[TC] Docking at station in Earth sector.9Dark_Archon2232
xtended mod (cant find earth gate)0ghOst.luke942
So where can I find Earth fleet ships in original edition?4memoriesoff1673
Maps with Earth, Moon, Mars and other planets in our solar system4PunkPropaganda1637
How do i get to earth5GeorgeX31413
There was supposed to be an Earth-Shattering Kaboom?23comieodor3901
looks like saya's alot more earth-like than Julian!9sigma19871754
Getting to Earth4pyrcidex1270
reguarding about Earth ships4Ezequeel1554
*spoilers* Found the Earth *spoilers*7Kari911817
Bug Argon still enemies after finding earth1Adlard001132
Earth body file3CaptG1018
What On Earth Is The Point Of Surrender???11ilovex3992500
cant find the way to earth1smokemasta4201087
Earth and beyond mod ?0anp821861
12 earth sectors2k9-3of91248
What was the name of that Earth Fleet admiral in the X3 plot??????2Syndrome1204
What on Earth!?6MoonHeadJohn1605
earth cap ship2cordeos1111
earthly questions (may contain spoiler)2grim company807
earth fleet and an indestructable khaak fighter... spoilers...2The Great Stonk1712
Am i just stupid or why on earth can't i put my M7 on patrol..3Mistyevening1216
Earth Sector4A.r.m1453
Gate to earth?16rocksk2324
Is this Game Similar to Earth and Beyond?4Kerskin1567
The Earth Fleet Pwns5Psirus1398
How on Earth do you straffe?!9Dan11112162
Earth gate?6Exadus1776
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Script including earth, Goa'uld, Azgard, Ancients, Replicators9SirDeity2159
RELEASED Earth alliance atmosphere shuttle BAB-59balogt1839
Where "on earth" is this mod?8Syndrome1408
How on earth do i repair my ship2Aurex_Cosmos1161
Can Someone put this into X3 (Unreal 2004 Earth Fighter)4Mark T1871
Does somebody has a new map for X3 (like the earth sistem or something like that )6Clock_Work1447
What on earth just happened?!?11Nelviticus2131
[REQUEST] Earth sector(s)19Skillers2860