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Sticky: X3: Albion Prelude - A Survival Guide18CBJ562830
Sticky: Overview - Bonus Package X3TC (version 4.1.01) & X3AP (version 5.1.00)1jlehtone239566
[Guide] X3 Handbook for Albion Prelude (v7 for Kindle)(v5 for PDF Download)162apricotslice219162
[MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1633dillpickle129166
Xmas Surprise - X3 Albion Prelude - Now available on Steam!1003X2-Illuminatus116619
Xadrian: Factory Complex Calculator for X3TC and X3AP252kayahr86598
The X3 Savegame Manager - updated 07/01/2012 - X3: Albion Prelude Version released265mrbadger85600
X3TC / X3AP Patch 2015853Bernd84726
[MOD]Battlestar Galactica X3ap[14/11/13]822MilesRS80838
[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Hephaistos Corp. - Station building service136jlehtone73125
[AP] Albion Prelude Plot Walkthrough82Spychotic68049
NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude Update 3.0 - Shady Business is here!162X2-Illuminatus68033
Announcement: X3AP Retail versions228CBJ65336
X3: Albion Prelude 1.1 has landed, and it's brought X3: Terran Conflict 3.2 with it!370CBJ55954
X3AP version 2.0 The war continues247CBJ52307
X3: Terran Conflict or X3: Albion Prelude?20Agentmass50994
X3: Albion Prelude Update 2.5.1 is available!189X2-Illuminatus50628
Mods (TC) found to work with Albion Prelude... LIST UPDATED: Jan 22, 201238Malakie48203
X3: Albion Prelude 2.5.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.2c released & 2.5.3 Update53KlausM44370
[SCR] [X3TC+X3AP] [25.01.2009] [V3.7.1] SpaceLootTransporter57Cadvan42339
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X3AP-3.3 save failed7VincentTH99
[X3AP] Spontaneous Freezing - Resolved by codec pack removal and driver update.5xRaynex101
X3AP: Solar Plants Cost more money than the goods they produce - modded, resolved3DuckSoup109
Completely frustrated and irritated (X3AP rant)19BrigandPhantos77411
[X3AP] Rollback to older versions1UnknownObject93
[X3AP] Slumbering RRF and other semi-unexpected events1jlehtone90
[X3AP] Fixing Split reputation20Irrehaare361
Announcement: NEWS: X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict updated39X2-Illuminatus7790
X3AP/TC Steam Version doesnt launch at all - Resolved by graphics enabling7begobogo212
X3 Albion Prelude in 1 minute0Wonders274
Erratum for X3AP FAQ4RAVEN.myst205
X3AP Universe traders6hartza76326
[X3AP] Stay on Target!3jlehtone318
What happend to X3AP? - red saturated planet textures on Med Shader setting4ltgriffin344
[X3AP] Miscalculations1jlehtone265
[X3AP] Command Line Options0lostProfitssssArrgh304
[X3AP] CLS2 freighter not refuelling and trade competition29LSFKing784
Albion Prelude keeps freezing9Goodoldwarri496
X3AP Crashes on startup on Windows 10 (includes DxDiag & event log)19Skullclown991
X3AP PHQ relocation (spoilers)3synctrance337
[X3AP] What's the point of fighting?19chairborne1114
X3AP stutters and freezes a lot3chairborne465
Fleet Jump Speed? X3AP - XRM7CoreX411
X3AP: Frustration with two plots29GathMemvar1323
X3AP war is good?10jlehtone938
X3AP LU Newbie Tips/Questions30apL1694
Albion Prelude Final Fury plot, Exterminator ship missing8corny12595
(X3AP) NPC's selling incomplete sector maps6synctrance520
(X3AP, Terran Commander) Am I missing something here?35comraderichard1607
[Mod] [Vanilla X3AP] Half hull for all ships (TShips file)1OwnlyMe262
(X3AP) Cag sells low when beaten by NPC1synctrance334
(X3AP) Bonus pack: agreement with colleagues limited5synctrance715
X3AP Star wars mod with XTRA Ship pack1jshru731
(X3AP) Truelight Seeker13J.I.Gorkij1316
Non-Steam X3AP: Argon Marines only ever use one voicetype2xenon1282483
(X3AP) OK, Kyoto, what am I doing wrong?13J.I.Gorkij1122
(X3AP) Shady Business Unknown Sector2J.I.Gorkij553
(X3AP) Cap ships with highest frontal firepower10J.I.Gorkij740
Is there a working trackir mod or patch for x3ap or x3tc yet?1m0rl0ck477
Music: Working in X3TC but not in X3AP (some sectors work) Vanilla9LordDeimosIV846
X3AP Terran rep repair?6strask412874
Announcement: Latest updates for X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict - Updated 2017-12-0722CBJ6027
Corrupt X3AP savegames after update - modded game.8larrylo935
Fired Up My Ongoing X3AP Game to Find New Steam Updates!5Monkeyfister891
X3AP,move pilot2-John-517
need help with oos combat in X3ap4Alexeiy607
A website to download custom ships?? [WRONG SECTION, ALBION PRELUDE]4death12337826
X3AP Terran commander start - HUB linking terran sectors1Unreal2me469
X3TC to X3AP2Unreal2me530
cant gain access to argon plot in x3ap6infamous4321923
X3AP NPC repair routine13jlehtone792
X3:TC Terran Conflict & AP Albion Prelude & XRM online universe map - multi language!20garveen1485
Whats Going On Down South in X3AP2phantomrock2474
X3AP- Poisoned Paranid Max Overtune Save!12MattSeraph1413
X3AP Crash just after menu appear. X3TC works fine - solved by removing ProgDVB12petekuu1341
X3AP Soleno point of view issue - modded game - resolved by clean up4rhohltjr716
X3AP Ceo's Sprite planet count15MrFiction1307
X3AP Corporate Troubles plot bug - reset doesn't fix - Fix coming in update!8SeanO911097
X3AP Capped L29delray1921
X3AP: Ships only mounting 1 gun per turret facing7gbem1113915
X3AP system rebooting problem - possibly resolved by graphics driver roll back10hydrazombie1178
Vanilla X3AP Crash on launch - resolved by driver update3jkjklkl888
[X3AP 3.2] BETA Test Feedback - savegames does not work always13Aldebaran_Prime1320
Tim's very late opinions on X3AP82Timsup2nothin4767
X3AP Make CAGS only trade with my stations plus other CAG questions.7Sicnarf702
X3AP Clearing rocks?21Sinxar1522
[X3AP] Random Crashing4Sinxar914
[X3AP] Trouble with assigning all axis options to CH combined joystick0HalcyonSpirit596
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz552
X3AP: Confiscated and delivered, but still in peril4jlehtone713
[X3AP] Station Defense9Sinxar1583
X3AP How to repair Stations4stieger1153
X3AP Survival Guide and Shady Business Prologue missing from downloads.4Sinxar692
Madcatz/Saitek F.L.Y. 9 with X3AP?0Woodenplank609
getting Albion prelude to work with mods3firefightervf06554
X3AP - Question re. Terran Commander start9dadmod1390
A couple of questions about wrecks and beacons in albion prelude5joseph99894
X3AP, Bugged J key/seta - Resolved by reinstall3joseph99773
Texture/shaders issue X3AP steam UPDATE: fixed!8DaChmielu988
X3AP 3.1 - Joystick axis values not getting maxed3ISAvsOver675
[X3AP] Different questions4UnknownObject757
X3AP 3.1a Freezes and needs Ctrl/Alt/Del - resolved (new graphics card and no glow)12Avatar of darkness1388
Unable to launch Albion Prelude bonus pack under Win10 - resolved (AP not installed)4White Rat656
Steam X3AP3.1a broken mission "corporation troubles" share recovery #42Duck88892
Steam X3AP v3.1a CTD on entering certain systems - resolved by codec pack removal4gibbk996
[X3AP] best ships to capture? ships that can not be bought2Space1001026
[X3AP] special objects (get it?or capture?)2Space100630
[X3AP] a upgrade guide to capture? boarding4Space100996
[X3AP] Ship sizes comparison5UnknownObject1347
[X3AP] capturing ship and reputation, how to not lose reputation?7Space100841
[X3AP] Economy help13tx341417
NEWS: Updated X3TC and X3AP43CBJ12733
Patch 7/6/2016 : X3 Albion Prelude 3.1a / X3 Terran Conflict 3.2d17hisazul4019
[X3AP] The disappearing initial main plot bug - how to reproduce0glenmcd347
[X3AP] different weapons on same turret?9Space100946
[X3AP] are TMs useful?55Space1002750
[X3AP] suggest me best arms configuration some ships8Space100757
[X3AP] destroying races?2Space100455
[X3AP] autoswitch torrets is useful? it works?3Space100593
[x3AP] all software why not?2Space100513
[X3AP] Another mystery13RainerPrem949
[X3AP] i have xenon hub now and now?3Space100715
X3AP space flies i dont find any21Space1001467
[X3AP] Hidden resources trading8roundowl803
X3TC/X3AP Public Beta18CBJ3889
X3 Albion prelude Internal Comodity Logistics Help10Danny200771
X3AP Unlock framerate2shiftyoliver744
[X3AP] spacewalk from M7 Frigate11rashak845
Increase zoom-in on X3AP ships, which file to edit?2Hermisky615
X3 albion prelude: Ship won't shoot missiles11Danny2001000
X3AP collecting unique ships4MrFiction703
[X3AP] Boarding: is the loot depending on Marines Skill levels?13rnada910
X3AP - Tormented Teladi start won't appear7oHmY672
Super HDD activity caused by Albion Prelude - fragmented video file16X-Me1692
X3AP HQ Sub Plot2Joe McCracken631
[X3AP] Wraith Missile Effectiveness12joe150001290
[X3AP] Commercial Agent Help Req4ntweedie2007831
[X3AP] Commercial Agent Help Req1ntweedie2007311
X3AP: trouble with indestructible pirate base2MCOD669
X3AP: HQ building and selling ships3MCOD772
[X3AP] Scan all Capital3Irrehaare391
[X3AP] My HUD keeps flickering and stations go from low quality to high quality5First_Light1315
X3AP - HUB - Disconnect Gates1Sirus5664
X3AP Trade Rank Problem2pheonixx589
X3AP Trade Rank Problem - Heavily modded game3pheonixx656
[X3AP] HUD keeps flickering1First_Light472
X3AP freezes at specific moment4Irrehaare807
[X3AP] CLS2 Fab Supply5NZ-Jaded553
X3AP - Game freezing while playing2Futhalero589
X3AP: Too much invincible stations3xfa708
red faced - Cannot run X3AP from GOG6the old one769
[X3AP] Is it possible to regain split rep with unholy traitor?8shanrak1327
X3AP Cockpit View1brettt777588
x3ap universe traders9tearing756
X3AP - M7 hull value is too low?4Black_hole_suN394
X3AP: Multiple Goner Arans4MCOD500
XRM crash on windows 10 (Albion Prelude)6watchlive555
Albion Prelude with X-Tended crash on windows 101watchlive451
I would like to start a new game of Albion Prelude with a mod, which do you recommend0watchlive479
i need albion prelude no steam file with a new account on the forum. - Resolved1watchlive401
[SCRIPT][AP] Updated Bonuspack for Albion Prelude6Boringnick2055
X3AP Boarding Ships Couple5MCOD664
[X3AP] Odin v.s. Woden? and how high is fighter mortality rate?10someonenoone111016
[X3AP] Poisoned Paranid Bugs - Workaround available2Avaricia539
[X3AP-LC] Market Capacity vs Market Average ?1Browser_ice355
*SOLVED* X3AP Strange Graphic issue with distance to target font - corrupt saves4Rogueci5628
[X3AP] Mysterious crates that can't be collected5MarvinTheMartian502
Cannot Add Scripts to X3AP...?2DarrenTomlyn316
X3AP Wing's Patrol Problem1R3d_X485
[X3AP]PHQ speed up scripts for AP 3.1?2killerdude8529
Where to find list of all X3AP objects with their commands and properties listed ?2Browser_ice739
GOG X3AP adds files that break existing mods12memeics2309
X3TC/X3AP and OBS Game Capture2memeics535
Linux X3AP + TC, no sound3Blitz4619
Wondering which Terran ship to get after the Katana [Albion Prelude]4Fenris321559
[X3AP]Xperimental shuttle plot bug3killerdude8621
advice ... [X3AP BP SEWN questions]5PhantomKnight4420462
[X3AP] God Engine - Any changes or performance difference since TC?8Morkonan658
X3AP Complex ideas20Tibolt1014
What are the new sectors in Albion Prelude?13ozzyoscy759
Albion Prelude 3.1 - personnel transport missions invalid station1mciann502
[X3AP/LU] Claim And Tug Command7sebbi083553
Stupid Stock Exchange Won't unlock (X3AP)4Izanagi00474
X3ap minor bug1Cursed Ghost402
Ships in X3R, X3TC and X3AP1Reiper897
Ships Help for X3R, X3TC, X3AP1Reiper336
X3ap Turn off rapid response ships14Cursed Ghost1214
[X3AP] Mining choices ?5PerfectStranger668
X3AP XRM and bonus packlage help2EliteWurmOnline422
X3AP - Pirate starting Tips ?22Omicronperseai81522
[X3AP] A very large nutshell7PerfectStranger807
X3AP Complex questions5Matticus88619
X3AP OSS Combat16Cursed Ghost1261
X3AP: How do I make CAGs trade only with my complexes?1|-|Mohawk|-|283
[X3AP] Skirnir in OOS role3RainerPrem504
X3AP Argon plot issue (Solved)2Cursed Ghost438
X3AP Some guidance requested7PerfectStranger484
Crash to desktop on startup in Albion Prelude 3.1 - Resolved.4WhoWantsBagels552
[X3AP] Collecting mods, scripts & ideas for a vanilla-friendly modpack!2Getsune637
X3AP [SPOILERS] Will the upgrade obtained during Shady Business work?3[SOLAR]INFERNO409