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Mouse lag23diode6235
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X3 Keyboard Layout and Sector Map in Excel8RMWChaos6091
In X3 TC, how to invert the vertical axis of the mouse ?17largoteg5582
[X-T] Mouse Invert Tilt Control doesn't work properly14chrismokvack5450
Bizzare keyboard problem23MJRS5444
[X3TC] I've made keyboard map based by the one from BugMeister's.2epaGamerBANNED5410
The gamepad & mouse input situation is unacceptable.72DJ Splendid5369
Mouse or Joystick44poopboypat5150
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mouse speed... :-(1CplNobbyNobbs298
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Frequent (nearly certain) lockups when using Turbo - fixed by map turbo to keyboard.3Jumpp302
X3:TC/AP Wireless keyboard with trackpad or joystick?4MrFiction266
Mouse confine2Kakistos153578
Severe Mouse Pointer Lag in X3TC3Skeet1983459
Mouse and keyboard not working at all - Fixed by 'Run as Admin'5alieneater556
Keyboard not working with Albion Prelude8Mousse9911
XBTF (Steam) - Keyboard annoyances4Azereiah1127
Mousewheel targeting crashes3Sharix815
Mouse Lag in AP.1Diamanda572
Xtension and mouse3registerfkingsucks770
[question]Injecting info in menus on mouseover[RESOLVED]2Orfevs478
X3 Reunion: keyboard shorcuts don't work when docked in station8direvus796
TC - Slow Mouse ingame4BigRob154665
Mouse or joystick?2Valen68220
Mouse Issue in multidisplay set up.2Drome570
X3 Reunion Crash (Steam) - Linked to mouse wheel scroll7smirnoffkites1832
Help with mouse speed4SpeedDaemon478
Mouse Unresponsiveness7welknair1218
Keyboard/controls not working during gameplay.1StratosFear428
Is Xbox 360 controller better than mouse/keyboard, opinions?22zoldos2250
Extra mouse buttons dont work for X3-AP7Danny200598
USB gaming controller/keyboard issue1toddparker1985402
Joystick/keyboard issues since steam update for AP 3.0 + Workaround.5Sabrina Bergin596
5 pounds of books on mouse for laser? laser thingy is here!:)24RayF2861
Use of LCD on G19 Keyboard2PantherDST567
Mouse does not work outside of the game screen4maestro1955691
Mouse taking over joystick5TipsyWunderbear461
Logitech Programmable keyboard2Cowski357
X3AP Random CTDs - Fixed by remap of Turbo to keyboard.10sumners819
X2 TT any way to improve the mouse control?2Earth Ultimatum IV.1115
only keyboard6Scott78520
x3tc mouse scroll speed for throttle4obob655
Way to disable in game mouse cursor in windowed mode? - Disable AMD Raptr.8Trooper1703402
In the X3 can you use the mouse to look around? (without moving the ship)5robmuzz692
edge screen mouse vs arrow keys turning2Hellaciouss307
Keyboard strafing question.3Phirmware320
X3TC Keyboard Command List2Sharoth1537
Need to adjust mouse sensitivity2Mantaray52550
mouse control help1Anonymous175
Mouse or Joystick?8Darquies388
Why switch me off mouse follow mode when fighting.4Brinnie368
Mouse Follow does not fire1Squigee248
[X2] Game Configuration - Keyboard Hacks?0donzi371
Linux, windowed mode, mouse navigation2jimbojimbo547
Mouse flight control stopped2thundercles313
coffee + keyboard + boron2Seeker69451
[X3AP] Custom mouse binding makes game crash (MX512)2SayuNowi356
Mouse issue with laptop4PgVCm2FHVwzmnhn640
Keyboard not working/responding in X3-AP through Steam. (System Restore to get back)10Veskandar1264
Keyboard not working/responding in X3-TC/AP through Steam. FIXED2modmic500
X3TC - Mouse sensitivity problem - Mouse slow. MS Wireless Mouse 50009inreality1309
Mouse problem running X3 Reunion and Terran Conflict in Virtual Machine1rhap4boy634
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[X:BTF] Mouse Not Working In Windowed Mode2ravensnowfall504
How Do I change X Axis for Mouse?3CrisGer957
Is this game best played with a joystick or keyboard and mouse?22sogeking90894
Help needed with TrackIR- no longer responds to keyboard commands when X3 is running5pepperg1159
Left Mouse Button will not fire (no mods)1bombam403
How do I swap mouse buttons and invert the y axis of the mouse?4andysonofbob294
Noob Control Question - Mouse/Keyboard or 360 pad on TC4andysonofbob411
[XBTF] mouse steering doesnt work? :/0Chrushev432
X3: Reunion keyboard not working during gameplay.5Sapca111186
[X2] Unplayable with AZERTY keyboard0Archangels329
Mouse LOOK please.1markusbrody362
keyboard rapid fire - Fixed, sticky joystick button.3zernon9162750
mouse speed issue12fisher2779
Mouse look for looking around cockpit or external view1markusbrody311
xpost from x-universe: analgoue stick input issue / mouse input issue12DJ Splendid1862
AP question: How to get Track IR to also control movement of in-game mouse cursor?1pepperg354
Joystick MSFF2 or mouse?5ReadyMan326
Keyboard Shortcut for Maximum Quantity while Trading6skoutsmith698
X3AP: Printable Keyboard Layout and Commands0LT411481
how do you invert flight controls if youre using a mouse?1maikaregion365
[AP] Jerky Mouse Movements6Sovereign108863
Joystick or Mouse?20EncryptedToast1128
Is there a mod to stop the keyboard commands from disabling SETA?2ChaosAxess1113
mouse lag20kev1n3270
mouse pointer speed1grimfear278
Disable mouse acceleration/smoothing?6hdgyhrd1128
I cant get keyboard to work at all during the game....6jaymcs925
X3 mouse icon lagg2SoLs373
Keyboard and Mouse not responding3SmileyFaceOfRom1079
[TC]Mouse Cursor Speed3Shogouki505
keyboard not detected2noob2.0529
Left mouse button command menu lag3FEISAR471
Just had the most fascinating (and piss-offing) keyboard problem3Kobura543
Game slow, Mouse very slow, and now voice have stopped.3bfgaylor738
Keyboard Input Speed too high.3antipothis634
Mouse Movement Controls Not Recognized4druadan649
Mouse Follow Mode Deactivates in combat12Silvanus1306
need help setting up keyboard for x3TC12Viviox923
keyboard mapping cheat sheet?6Harill1278
Mouse Wheel Sensitivity14Lorderan899
Mouse is lagging in TC but keyboard arrow is overshooting3iss2000ca741
Game Stutter & Keyboard Fails4captainpac1200659
Mouse follow mode: turn rate2mailleweaver494
Keyboard Unresponsive4Archduke0856
Inverting the mouse x-axis2Risquitous728
Choosing mouse over joystick17Segwin1605
Mouse lag in game2Neeros558
Keyboard issues playing X2 on WINDOWS 74ctlbulldg061087
NYYAAAAHHH, lol, keyboard not working but the mouse is. HELP!!!1nomadic1148
[Solved]X:Tension : how to use my own keyboard maping ?4Browser_ice695
Right Mouse Button doesn't fire...Terran Conflict 3.0...need help2Michael Sheeler547
combat issues with joystick and mouse2Reliku533
Invert mouse direction19Poacher8861343
New BTF and mouse flight3cstephens571
Joystick affecting Keyboard Input issues resolved0hkessock541
Many keyboard commands do not function and...12hkessock1151
XBTF: Keyboard Commands2duomenox1923
Keyboard Unresponsive2Mad Moxxi924
Bore sight auto aim mouse2Damian Swift883
My mouse laggs when I play the game?2Boo8er699
[TC] Mouse lagg in X3 gold edition?3Boo8er733
Mouselook while in autopilot mode?6theoxman1195
TC Mouse Interface9Pyure966
Strange keyboard layout for Japanese 106 key keyboard0Rahlubenru448
Keyboard controls not working1MeesterElTaco475
Keyboard stops responding2heartofthewolf1166
[x3tc] Can mouse follow mode during left-click be disabled?11pongkan1829
Mouse Invert Pitch Not Working1cherbert1701553
Keyboard Control Issues4rileym65664
Keyboard/mouse/joystick problem1gadzell679
Reassigning mouse controls in classic mode0Nieldo425
Mouse Inversion Trouble4silverace99890
Keyboard use causes lockup2Cardboard Tube902
Mouse Problems0Iceman28001536
Keybourd/Mouse/Stick setup5Risky656
Saitek keyboard repeat solved with example.4Rbrown7821557
Just started X3R... Can I switch off mouse follow mode?2trekkie33553
Slow Mouse4spacedrakon859
Idiot behind the keyboard0Old Grunt428
X-BtF keyboard problems8raithe1760
Help with joystick + Keyboard controls? X3:TC1Khang42701
Chaning mouse sensitivity not possible?5zeddius945
[X3TC] Mouse issue - strange behaviour15zeddius3466
Mouse Lag1psyborg562
[X3TC] Is there a keyboard layout that I can print out?1Planetshaker2497
Keyboard shortcuts1garethworsley808
Keyboard controles.4saco3635
No keyboard input in X:TC after patch to 2.5 *SOLVED*4VercLen935
Keyboard locking up4Xander Cade773
Keyboard/ hot keys not working....2Kordek619
X3TC Mouse Controls8skepticalmist1258
Is it just me.......or is mouse + keyboard better?41lettuceman443285
Some help or advice on dogfighting with board n mouse.16Larsenex1378
playing x3tc on a keyboard without a number pad6panzerkw1061
Keyboard repeat delay0jlehtone545
Help mac version mouse is slow1artrocker539
Weird keyboard behavior6bipolar bear1067
X2 mouse2oldmartian1595
Which is easier to use Joystick or board n mouse?5Larsenex1106
Turn off Mouse Follow Notification0Arziel399
Turn off Mouse Follow Notification1Arziel564
Keyboard lagg X3 TC 2.52qwizzie709
X3TC - A Way to Disable the Mouse-pointer7Reimu Hakurei2021
MOUSE SENSITIVITY FIXED!!! temporarily anyway0purplekrunk572
Slow Mouse - Low FPS2johnnywas1068
Need to increase mouse speed in X3TC3Griefheart1075
Mouse piloting question1Kitarn601
[TC] Mouse controls4johnnywas604
Mouse Issues3AA0154849
Keyboard prevents double letters. But makes typing slow.4Knetter_Gek1527
Mouse Control of ship?15Eagle1737
Classic X3 Reunion Mouse Controls for X3 Terran Conflict?2Juguard4712
Keyboard issue with Win 7, X3:TC and the MCE Wireless Remote1gandy|UKCS|702
Keyboard locking out23Gswine2353