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EGOSOFT and Deep Silver announce X Rebirth2778Xenon_Slayer373618
EGOSOFT and Deep Silver announce X Rebirth (updated 2011-07-29)1513BurnIt!149206
X-Rebirth No piloting Capital ships!!??473recnelis54177
X Rebirth Trailer Analysis and Speculation323Demotruk36254
what i want in X-rebirth212Earth Ultimatum IV.14231
Forays Into The Unknown (Officially "Cancelled" Pending Analysis Of Rebirth!)215EmperorJon13272
X-Rebirth MMO931Theno7668
X-Rebirth beta16jonsnow137648
X Rebirth screen shot analysis and speculation82Aragon Speed7412
The Official Release Date of X-Rebirth?25Jerald5928
is tnbt a rebirth of x2 in mmorpg format?46julian-sama5903
X Rebirth Online DEATH MATCH95Mr. Reeves5711
X4 Rebirth: Multicore support and DX11?7Epsilon Sector5209
X-Rebirth & Multiplayer?1StormMagi4221
Love Rebirth - Should I play X3:TC?31Blightedmythos4214
What is the best x game Prior to rebirth?28fenix674092
X-Rebirth System Specs ?25D.O.S.3920
X Rebirth - sequels? or High quality resonably priced dlc?46dougeye3847
X rebirth43Catra3813
a thought on X3AP and X Rebirth Highway system.26shikaka043530
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AP or Rebirth17-John-2232
X Pack GOG Sale 85% off/X-Rebirth 67% off0memeics390
X Rebirth installation and removal hoses X3:TC&AP on Windows & Linux1incryptx489
Put 250 hours into x rebirth so...1Conbadicus918
will X:Rebirth work with a Asus A550LD laptop + X3 questions10tornar544
Question to the X Trilogy Vets. Do you prefer Rebirth or X3?24s9ilent1839
How is it X AP is so differnt to Rebirth?1Tasogie339
[TXRM] True X Rebirth Mod17Shadow Doctor K2487
While i wait for X:Rebirth to be fixed, i want to play AP.2Eldgrim447
Whole month with X-Rebirth and.....what about multiprocessor's engine for X3:TC-AP?11paladin7778881832
[TRXM] True X Rebirth Mod7kero31891203
Just re-installed X2 after rebirth - also why I love X28Jasper1058
Coming from X: Rebirth, any required mods for X3 to get into?2CliveHowlitzer679
Rebirth Already Released in Germany on Steam?2muppetts366
X3: TC, Rebirth - Multi monitor love?5eddieg956
X Rebirth ships for X3AP5Earth Ultimatum IV.1629
From TC to AP to Rebirth.6NewtSoup447
Playing X3:TC years after I last played... in time for Rebirth?5eddieg376
an old gripe, but i hope it is fixed in X-Rebirth12Leded785
X3 Money-Cow universe for 'X Rebirth'7ClarkT1022
AP Shady Business and Rebirth12Smart_Bomb1761
X-Rebirth on Steam Linux - (Actually meant X3:Reunion)4Ahem1597
Giving X3 another go before X rebirth8jadenkanan892
If Egosoft painted next game(afther x-rebirth) in wild colours how would you react8samoja2734
Questions for the S&M Comunity on the release of Rebirth1ConCorDian253
New computer/X3Rebirth specs1lexraider385
Modeling New Ships for X Rebirth.7DaMuncha1301
ship from rebirth pics1flopsies371
[mod] Mass Effect mod for TC/AP for possible port to rebirth10defiler6063387
Multiplayer (MMO), Rebirth and Funding34Al Zheimer2895
X Rebirth2John McG340
[AP] (and possibly Rebirth?) The Big Picture,.. be prepared for some reading...15Whisperer1191
I hope when X rebirth is released that they already add the bonus content stuff3alison22000327
TC>AP>Rebirth carry over8RandomBandit703
X3:Albion Prelude/X Rebirth2GrandMaster2009510
Will AP saved games be compatible with Rebirth?7Dirk-Jan594
Which "features" (aka exploits) will you miss most in rebirth.17brucewarren1029
Can we have a new Universe forum for Rebirth please?3delray715
X3 Rebirth question1shea706
Recent interview on X Rebirth38Sareth012220
Get X2:TC before X:Rebirth or wait?6Spartuz807
X Rebirth Question4elfro89588
I will pre order Rebirth.17frankzappa1509
Rebirth and Steam8brattbags011129
The skinny on X Rebirth7nman725
x-3 rebirth questions,19rman881574
X Rebirth Question - Nothing Big!9lair3601318
Can rebirth do this?5Greyhawk1531
TC vs. Rebirth?58kizito3526
What The X Universe Could Have/my Concerns About X-rebirth21RocketManSR31450
rebirth a poll0the old one347
New X rebirth ScreenShots6The-Last-Communist964
X4 Rebirth - Only one controllable ship1Larent3403
X-Rebirth at GamesCon1i64man489
Would you prefer DLC or a traditional expansion pack for Rebirth? (if one comes)15AjaxDude992
What do you want to see in X Rebirth?1rpetiger353
X2 and X Rebirth design styles6siddham650
Will Rebirth be smaller?11Slashman843
[Idea/Poll] Profit from combat in X Rebirth15bantol1352
Ideas for X-Rebirth1Koruth281
Egosoft! put this amazing idea into Rebirth. Teleport Station!19SmackinJuice1300
X Rebirth Feature - Ore Refinery2saco31208
X Rebirth2spyder1911430
[X-Rebirth]What would you like to see inside a "Collector's Edition"?21N4N1450
The Encyclopedia and X: Rebirth9Osiris4541482
Please Make X-Rebirth Available To Download10Alien Tech Inc.1370
I have asked before, and i am asking again.....with rebirth.....20AgentExeider1239
X rebirth and multi core CPUs2nataq1207
Request for X-Rebirth2Tolmos470
X-rebirth combat3Shuulo843
X Rebirth - A Bigger Universe?3Jerald539
Do you wish to pilot capital ships in X-Rebirth?(Interview with Bernd Lehahn)3dexstone624
X-REBIRTH Please have a lengthy tutorial built into the game for the new people!!!3The7thFlame1276
Wishlist for rebirth9Mechanis601
x rebirth game play2Fearose535
X-rebirth empire buiilding?3tianlongprc1766
Error In The X:rebirth Trailer!!!13Freya Nocturne1953
X3:TC mod content to Rebirth2Logain Abler612
Will there be a tutorial in Rebirth?2Lorderan440
X Rebirth ship classifications1supakillaii931
X-Rebirth; Well Aint That Somethin1Ujama566
What would you like to see in X Rebirth?3Boo8er447
X-Rebirth and joystick/HOTAS system?2Anonymous3184
Requesting Sticky Threads for X3 rebirth list inside.4wolvern2422
Question about X rebirth. Saw the Graphics and started drooling2mcduke2818
Rebirth news posters?0Roguey470
X-Rebirth Eyefinity0The Piper791