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[Script] Fighter Base Commander V1.10 (04 Feb 2006)161dwgh50553
[Mod] Formation Collision Fix (FCF) v0.2.1a (9-10-09) Slight M4 Adjustment98Alkeena27382
[TC] The Terran Spitfyre.. Best Fighter in the Game!!!38whiteknightr126963
The best M5, M4, M3, M2, M1, Tship, TL, & PS, in the game?29Asmayus26908
How to kill M6 and M7 with a fighter and without missiles.38RyuKazuha25914
[SCRIPT] OCS Apollo (version 1.0) - Improved Fighter AI70Laureati23987
M3 Fighter Guide61Java Jawa22246
Which M3 is the best?39lyubarskiy19044
Favorite X3TC fighter?15TheSpecialist17930
Why can I kill M1-M2's with a poxy M3!!77Chazzie17158
[X3AP] Best IS M6 and M349SnappedManX616755
Nerfed Nova? What M3's do you like?77abaddon16251
[X3TC] Best Argon/Boron/Teladi M3/M4/M5 for combat in a group17ThisIsHarsh15608
M2 Ships should be able to dock small quantities of fighters102rustamk15197
[X3:TC] Good fighter ship?77Chris606714899
[SCRIPT]Launch Fighter Drone Hotkey10moggy213940
Which M3?61dietcokeman13743
Honestly - who has captured M3's?80euclid13441
X3TC: mkii fighter drones33Christopher lawless12969
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Best carrier fighter22Imgran727
M3 as MissileShips20pasmon1145
Mix CFA and FAA in missile/fighter defense turret0fireanddream358
Fighter base command script?1Valen68254
Fighter vs M217pasmon1110
[TC]Heavy missiles by heavy fighters14ajime538
Capping Khaak M3's6Syn3rgy552
Version 3.2 bug: Aldrin fighters have wrong gun in back turret.3wwdragon575
Using M4s and M5s in trade network in early game19FriendlyFirePhoenix2099
X3:TC, The best weapon configuration for the Best M3-Class ship - Mamba .20frostysh2387
How to defeat those pesky M5 ships16MrFiction1276
Making Fighters Bail35firefightervf061971
[X3AP] Odin v.s. Woden? and how high is fighter mortality rate?10someonenoone111162
My 1st Fighter16Trev4elvis1080
[X3TC] I just capped a Kha'ak Fighter6IanFitzJo697
capping terran fighters and boarding terran ships4Mahadev472
Good carrier fighter?47Mousse92131
Best Fighter for commerce raiding14sithneverdiealone699
Who got X-TREME fighter rank?9astreus1246
What's your favorite fighter?20steelwing_21664
X3:AP Carrier and Fighter help2Jackbear536
Terran fighter (the M4 start) need tips/help with Terran space31wolfee1953
Favorite Fighters28sithneverdiealone2075
Do Drones / Fighters issued "Protect..." command shoot down missiles?1soulmata373
Launch Fighters is acting funny? not using carriers correctly?16adb0899882
[X3:AP] Looking for cost-effective, fast, anti-M1 fighter wing method9Jimmy C781
[Help] Modding a fighter drone6Ikaruga567
X3AP: Unique & Rare M3s?6riceygringo880
X3AP-- Your "Go To" M3s Of Choice?18Monkeyfister1754
Fix MY fighters, *STILL UNSOLVED*26darqen271249
Could someone help me figure out how to set fighters to dock or point me to a mod?5Barons574
[X3:AP] Indestructible fighter!19Jimmy C1046
[X3TC] Help me choose a fighter?7Zeebie652
3.1 - M4 "Drones Haulers" are still in20LTerSlash1585
Any reason to put PAC over HEPT on M330samoja1484
[X3:AP] Mk2 Fighter Drone glitch?4Jimmy C440
[X3:AP] Most practical attack missile for AI-comtrolled fighters?3Jimmy C607
[X3:AP] What ships can dock larger than M3 craft?28Jimmy C1760
[HELP!] Fighters Unequip their weapons upon entering combat9YorkRoss740
[AP]Ocelot - An Amazing Personal Fighter1Lone Jedi464
Request for a new mod: Fighters, DON'T DOCK.19Aven Valkyr934
[TC] M3 for fighter capping.15Lea Flamma1285
Any reason to get an M4(+) over a Chimera? Stats help pls... [X3:TC]26mouser91691181
ERROR: My M3+ won't dock in my TM5rockelino510
Has anyone tried to finish Final Fury with an M3?8Ziggurat1000947
x3 AP fighters/other ships won't attack3kinetic915442
x3 AP fighters/other ships won't attack1kinetic915466
Set Fighter station defence3WhiteStar1482
Lets talk fighters x3ap21chronicon1844
How To Lauch Fighter Drones8chronicon818
Why Fighters?19Sotanaht1215
Fighter Von Missile-explody [AP, yo]4mistervec439
Any easy mode carrier mod? that creates fighter wings on the fly...1Ranka-Lee541
Crew Numbers : Starships / Fighters X2, X3, X3TC77AgamemnonArgon2817
[X2] How to enter docked fighter from capital ship?7Gazer75812
[X3TC] Fighter missile attack question15shabitz935
M5 Maruader: Tormented Assassin Race and Combat Ranks5brownthomasw609
Easy way to manage large groups of docked fighters?11IConquer753
X3AP What fighter is your favorite for fleet operations?20hourheroyes1551
Suggestions for a Panther Anti Fighter defensive loadout please....4The Rogue Trader447
[X3:TC] Fighter Ai/Gun Bays9johnfrancisv814
X3:TC: Fighter drones?1IConquer414
X3AP 3.0 Steam Capping Argon M34Genryu672
boarding with TP - drones or fighters? (TC)6Thelastreject807
choosing an M3 on XRM5Nick 031287796
So all my fighters just got destroyed while on patrol lol15thebarry851149
Operation Loose Ends: Getting that M34Flybye764
XTREME Fighter: Final Kill Tally7Tohron860
Capturing M3 Prototypes in AP?3Damian Swift556
M3 missile advice?7Damian Swift630
What are some good fighters?32ReignDance1581
X3 AP - Capturing M3 Argon Ship Mission Plot ?11Arialth1886
Fighter wings x3r3chrissy4nicole608
Making money for a fighter pilot?27k1ng r4t1238
Fighters won't launch tornado missiles6cmdnenad575
M3 Advice and missiles15Damian Swift943
Keeping fighters restocked and refueled on a carrier6Nicoman351359
[GUIDE]Your Fighter and You, an Owner's Manual36Alacard12156
X3:Reunion, my fighters and fighter drones don't respond to "attack" commands5dogboy122649
Cerberus and Fighter loadouts19uoheinrich2896
How many M3s does it take to take out an M66samoja875
Why is X-Shuttle designated as M3 and not M3+7samoja832
AI M1s and Fighters.1Echofinder367
X3AP: Script for fighter AI?1Mordin Ashe481
Some concerns about using carrier+fighters8aXeldk586
X52 Throttle with CH Fighterstick Issue2brushy bill672
Alternative M5 to M3+ capping mod (Alpha release, testers and feedback needed)9Alberto.Rota914
Enemy not bailing their fighters?8aXeldk410
Not much of a fighter, but I need to kill this destroyer11Timsup2nothin804
Fighter Drone MK II with shield for ALL3Nicoman35629
Buying an M3, need loadout advice.27kizito1618
AP fighter drone question1ugo654335
The murderer of immersion: randomly lost fighters11Tolmos737
Excessive Fighters Remain after X3AP Update 2.5.3 - Not the BBB (phew!).6shawnburton981
Carrier Fighters and loadouts30Estuansis1891
Capping fighters in AP3WeaponisedCookie434
What are good fighter choices for a carrier? [TC]18ApatheticEthic1311
I found an Insane video of X3 on youtube - clearing a xenon sector in an M3!13Skism1141
Argon Drone Hauler (M4)11LTerSlash1103
Argon Sector M4186GlassDeviant626
My Fighter Drones randomly leave my control and go neutral.3Ender_Xenocide336
Getting the best from fighter defense.7imortalvalk595
What fighters should I use for my carrier?34ali-stool1785 M04.1 Object is under attack!1DiArmada465
Osaka (M2) VS Pirate Blastclaw (M3)25SirDeity1562
Fleet battles M2s vs M3s20kolimbo1485
X2 help pls Paranid Odysseus vs cluster fighters (Khaak?)6mattleic1010
[X3:TC] Flails are the worst weapon for anti-fighter?20Girlinhat1648
carrier fighter controls13Piraneous1189
x3ap: too many fighter drones... game breaking.34Shrewd1351783
[AP]Need some Ideas: Making Fighters survive OOS8Cronos988618
AP: Setting up AI fighter wings.3Linkblaze563
Deimos or Agamemnon...which is better against fighters ?6Klord697
[REQ]Fighter names and ranks2poeticdreamer594
[Question] Carrier Fighter/Missile Interception script5TonyEvans768
Best AI controlled fighter ? (AP)31Klord2408
Want to mod Goner to M3 class4TheEarl1335
Noob: Fighters covering capitals4viking42565
(TC/AP) Pirate fighters646_n_2647
Random mines from nowhere and fighters killing each other?7AlekMance869
[X3R] Do fighters defend their dock?7joefitts63539
Stop Fighters from Launching on combat2TonyEvans371
[X3 Reunion] First M32ThyPainInHeart468
What happens if I board a TM with fighters still docked?5The_Final_Stand606
Personal Fighter, Nova style :D7Kowalskibravo786
Exploding Fighter Drones10Segwin1172
Fighter Drone Script1Segwin397
help please with FIGHTER wing commands.. etc3Cale245566
My complex was destroyed OOS by three pirate fighters...? (TC)4Shogouki710
Fighter- Their Apllications7SacremPyrobolum598
Wasps Missiles and Carrier fighters.8Echofinder870
"Terra" Fighter (Terra the movie) (Is a question)2TonyEvans480
[X3TC] fighters attack civilians when ordered to "attack all enemies"2d4Njv352
HUD Question: Fighter-plane-style HUD with ladder?3Jaycen_Aelis598
X3AP Best m3 for capping M3s and smaller?8kaluce1607
<ap> Kha'ak Fighter good or bad6Viivrabe912
[AP] Hyperion Vanguard + fighter question21Mrreg1645
Captureing fighters18niytiy1350
[TC] All around fighter.34Zonzo1662
TM will not launch fighters [X3TC]8Mov1417
Change turret capital/fighter settings?3Kalistan558
what is the most reliable mod for equiping large numbers of fighters?4unknown1678
Best M3 looks so pathetic32stg19693114
What is a good option for a personal fighter platform? (X3:R)13MaximumBullfrog615
X3AP M7 and Fighters/No Fighters28nankura2304
X3AP: AI fighters and weapons1Max1045594
Now that I have 9 UTs, 7 mill and a Couple M3's...7Fuschl954
[AP] Fleets and fighters5TiGGs679
Fighter Dave - X3AP Music issues5Alan Phipps724
How to equip lots of fighters at once - can someone help me out please?2thundy546
X:R - Best M39Enzu777867
How to capture M3(Xeon L) ?18FreeMayk1952
(AP) Grinding out the X-Treme Fighter achievement.8sadron650
Keris vs Fighter Drone II5pulzarokkit1805
Is the Mjollnir not a Terran M4?4Allan F580
[AP] Fighter Escort1Aidyer400
[AP]New 2.0 Drone Carriers and the phasing out of "fighter pilots".24Sam975312615
[AP] "hold position" & "dont launch fighters"6swatti761
Found Kha'ak fighter.... yes!2john cover586
My opinion: What would make TC and AP better: bring back fighters to the forefront17MagicSquid1210
[X3AP] Best Earth Fleet M3?11Aidyer1315
Fighter capping question0sadron349
Reloading saves for capturing fighters?3sadron468
[X3AP] Invincible pirate M321Dantrithor1682
Supplying fighter's with missiles1garv222396
Fighter wing commands?3sadron430
Pirate Elite M3 Fails to undock.1vorgra401
[TC] Should I bump up my personal ship above M3+?78Alatar13133730
Changing Fighter Prices?1nate10587335
[AP] Freighter(s) escort missions - minor bug with their escort fighters.3madteamkiller531
[TC] M3 Recommendations?37jkjklkl2119
M4s - Does anyone bother with these?39NCODB2707
Does the Commercial Agent script in AP use Fighter drone mkii?11thundy864
X3:R, TC, AP; Carriers + waves of fighters, what's the point?24MagicSquid2426
[X3TC] Fighter docking bug3Aeshi618
[TC] Fighters aren't docking properly (also Follow command seems to be bugged)5Aeshi518
M4s are worthless23chibajoe2132
[AP probably TC as well] Fighters are mostly redundant35Silverblade The Enchanter2579
Claimed Kha'ak Fighter shows up as M5 in property list [X3AP 1.1]3mtiffany71673