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SETA - Not so well-thought out it seems77VioletRapture10502
[TC] How to make money without using cheats / scripts / mods or SETA.159BiancoAngelo77651
Using SETA to make money. Is it cheating?47truelove797512
X3 SETA in Stations- for those that really must.20TBV7077
X3 SETA problem11Lonestar1976aUK6866
Is there a way to turn SETA on while docked?40Apollo4343436781
Combat Rank Status and SETA problem??51Hubasan6714
X3: Where to stay when SETA-making-money?33boxleitnerb6544
SETA and TS/TP deaths22gillrichard6289
X3TC: Repair Laser + SETA... huh?3Solomon Short5875
SETA 1000% , does it work without problems?25X3_Xenon5845
Can you stop using SETA?44WetWarev75607
A way around the SETA cheat fix52Remy5602
SETA drive and a persistant online universe18AlphaStratus5533
When does the SETA use start lowering fighting rank?21acrh25376
How do you keep SETA going while your sleeping?33bloomstomb5322
Do you consider leaving game on SETA cheating?47b-b-q5113
SETA, is it abused43SpoonGuard5068
How to stop SETA from deactivating?17Warhammer: 30254895
GALAXY NET - Breaking News - SETA Millionaires Face Total Destruction36ZaphodBeeblebrox4879
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X:BtF - Is there a SETA mod?2ScifiGuy7327
many script instances slow down SETA (spaceflies, Anarkis/Pirate Guild)36|K.O.S.H.1831
Litcube-like SETA mod for Vanilla?4maxolina686
X3 ap (LU) SETA slowing down2Crypticguy728
SETA tweak?5oHmY505
(X3:TC) Wingmen and SETA6Khaysis853
Does SETA slow aging?4samoja419
Is X3 Reunion viable with no SETA ?7Kitteh607
SETA 1000% doubleplus ungood?5Barleyman497
[X3AP XRM Mod] SETA Slowing Down3xeranes1062
Ship randomly blowing up while using SETA?10saulscmit717
Using SETA for extended periods of time17Samps840
Becoming a bit too accustomed to SETA...5IConquer798
SETA question2Gyrehawk332
X3AP Docking and SETA issues6temitten564
X3R - Issue with SETA3navetta335
Is there a mod to allow SETA on stations?10Tolmos687
[X3TC] SETA quick question12estevesbk730
Following the Gaian pirate in Goner Plot on SETA, plus made $12 Mil1Bill Huntington559
Running X3 in a Virtual Machine/Preventing SETA from stopping.10Sabuu631
Using SETA at 1000%?5dispostableatheist813
Speed glitch while using SETA? - Ship set to follow.5AntBoogy90600
X3AP - Crashing almost gauranteed if I use turbo-boost/SETA4Sam97531410
SETA Question3stavros309
[TC] Stuttering and Non-reposnsive UI during SETA - Problem went away by itself.3Thrasher91604297
Specific SETA issue7freecad9560
Bizarre Question on SETA23NationalZombie1012
SETA scripts4p3x1187505
X3TC Engine Tuning and SETA10QucikQuestion1164
[Request] SETA starter/stopper when stationary1Aidyer281
Terran Conflict - Massive Crippling FPS Drop Moments After Game Start (SETA)1postmoderncowboy588
Do you just fly aimlessly with SETA to pass time?28Chrushev1165
SETA - zero to thousand in no time flat6Quinch433
[X:BTF] SETA boost extension9WizzWargasm1961
X3AP: SETA repair?5Max10451943
[AP] Aldrin game start/SETA10lubnius848
SETA "Breaking"2Joubarbe424
[X2] Crash to desktop during SETA2faberdonax427
Terran Start, SETA, and War announcments... possible solution within the plot??0EOCF!AngelEyes335
AP, SETA and War Notices4TriXxENG587
Is there a mod to stop the keyboard commands from disabling SETA?2ChaosAxess1113
SETA & Repair Laser11canshow1156
Unmapped Left-Alt but it still pulls me out of SETA3Veovis Muad'dib420
AP: SETA *much* improved, tougher hull also great0cswiger467
New SETA exploit?20StarSword1301
My SETA and Bust-Buy/Sell modules are broken6bloodtoes671
Tc SETA15radink873
[X3TC] Game does not seem to be running at 1000% SETA28Arlex1326
SETA and external camera: Mod to slow down /alter cam movement?5MiSP576
[question] Detecting SETA enabled2Shimrod435
SETA and declinign Fight rank11dryfus3368903
Is there any mod to increase SETA rate?7venku1224709
Something to be able to act while having SETA on.8Treefur1013
Faster SETA drive lol (Found 1 working method)22jussipe4436
Ships stop when SETA is active11Wintersdark818
X3:TC SETA Question4Ceyan1779
SETA over night, stupid or I'm just not getting it?56deca.death2856
[X2] Increase SETA speed6Spawn7052021
X3TC: Minimal SETA interruption1Prisoner_of_the_Ram1187
SETA fps issues5fondue1017
Observations on the SETA / jump bug1glenmcd639
Mods that help "SETA" late game performance????2dougeye760
Ships not moving at SETA?0Stealth17322
Ships Hault when using SETA4alawap771
Faster computers & its impact on SETA combat\AI Pathing...21Eddis2379
There a reason to not sit in SETA and let traders rack the dough?27incarnyte2835
Tabbing out with SETA on7Spero750
SETA won't work in X3 Reunion8Jasiks2329
How can I prevent this stupid SETA to continuously break?11WhyCannaeYouDo1304
Keeping SETA going while you tab out6Rrail878
[TC] SETA While doing something else?17earofcorn1851
SETA Slowdown late game @ adv sats13dougeye1456
[TC] SETA Slowdown late game @ adv sats1dougeye527
Faster SETA?3QCormacJ1082
X3TC Game Stuck in SETA9sadin_131319
Saitek Cyborg throttle and SETA issues19Scarecrow2141
[TC] My combat rank and SETA woes: a story5Zynk1301
Terrible Performance happening at random, esp. during or after SETA3KorJax734
Issues under SETA11nponoBegHuk1531
Ships stop while in SETA2Shock223599
SETA smoke trails6Adriorn1239
No damage done under SETA - is this normal?4Sorce716
Activating SETA disables Combat AI?1Sorce606
Modified SETA script...might be impossible.13Markhor1956
Screenlock after SETAing overnight4pokemaughan949
[TC] SETA continue after jump gate1Hedron792
Everything stops when SETA active6Stars_InTheirEyes861
SETA and Sector Map = Freeze!2Sahvion639
[TC] Shell out with SETA Running3CarlPalmer748
IS SETA considered an exploit by purests?16x3nooby1878
SETA stopping Autopilot commands27Cadius2317
Any scripts to reduce SETA interruption?2lamoyja699
[X3:TC] How much do you use SETA?27Roger L.S. Griffiths3056
Faster SETA4nman2281
SETA continuation through gates9NewEonOrchestra1232
SETA issues11Prismseed1645
Using SETA has wrecked my game!!12dynamo breaker1920
SETA sometimes doesn't work, just noise3terriblet1079
[TC] A way to get around the SETA issues..18ninereeds6662361
How do I upgrage my SETA6Bluewulf1401
[TC] 2.5 major spoiler Boarding Pod SETA Exploit.13Mr. Reeves2970
SETA and trading2SLUGGO815
SETA/ humble merchant/astroid minning5morphias44a1068
How do you view SETA-ing31godeshus2859
SETA beyond times 106paladinj1576
SETA fact sheet16mrbadger2353
SETA timescale?15lothos2057
Can you use the SETA with a joystick?3acephantom903761
Problem with SETA1WhiteStar1756
prob with the SETA15rakka3444
Window flicker and SETA randomly stopping.10Adams_BJ1623
SETA question10Tastybeverage1308
SETA boost extension3noob641178
Auto SETA turn-on when entering sector (if entered last gate with SETA on)5mrsack1756
Faster SETA8Mahli Ma1907
tracking wares and SETA while docked2username-1785
X3R: How to activate SETA while docked?27username-14479
engine "beam" infront of ship during SETA15misterm1592328
TC - SETA speed up11lucas_mat1517
auto pilot and SETA7nickswfc1231114
TC 2.0 and SETA (WONT WORK) keyboard wierd too ...10GearHead2256
SETA question12JJ3282162
My friends (cheating) art of SETA exploits23forsamori3202
[TC] Is there a way to modify the SETA multiplier even further?12Mistyevening2172
Which SETA factor?12milp2265
[X2] SETA question2Sp@c3Ch!mp812
SETA Glitch ?3vonotto891
SETA Problems10Spartan05361694
[DiD] SETA Glitch - I'm *inside* an elephant?18anneonemous2238
Mod that makes SETA not turn off when going through a gate/coming close to a 'Roid?4KFJ1652
Cant leave my game in SETA ?????4Trevelvis1144
[TC] Leaving Game on SETA ???13Trevelvis2139
X3TC - Loosing Aron rep doing nothing.. not SETA5dcarver1232
SETA noob question3alcorrr1008
SETA only behaves as jumpdrive when joystick attached3f100pic1169
Game lags after long SETA stint.5Morghul1361
Uninterrupted SETA?24Slonor3683
Auto Pilot/SETA Problem5Terrapin1311
problems with SETA2alterami823
[REQ] SETA when docked at a station??6amurph01493
1.4 PATCH FREEZING-SETA x1021amtct4103
Further Accelerated SETA7CNiall1651
Stop SETA deactivation?2mattwla1220
Smoke while flying SETA13[Snipe] Bando3908
SETA not working in 1.39Dark0ne452208
SETA performance erratic and returns very poor frame rate7keatsm1516
SETA not working?7TheLure2093
SETA killed my game!2Soulstar921
Increasing SETA & jumpdrives12fanabagonia2209
Bug - FPS-relenting particles whilst in SETA9Seathal1885
I have the reason for one of the SETA slowdowns29Baleur4741
SETA overnight - then unable to build factories :(13OddBall-aka-hippiejon2392
I rarely use SETA anymore. In fact, I just enjoy XT3C in real-time!25ncc3863980
SETA in stations?8Gammro1981
SETA problems with XBOX360 gamepad2RHALX1069
forward smoke trail on SETA?1eltanan786
Jumpgates & SETA4andman2066
Where is the SETA button on the HUD?5ncc3861354
What is SETA exactly?7shireknight1623
Fighting Rank Loss and SETA17nagant2855
Blinking Screen During SETA7nagant1627
I have to use SETA to dock, is this normal?18paul12902808
SETA problem5fagraas1533
SETA problems - maintaining script performance.9Lyth1808
Freelancer-style Cruise Engine vs. SETA2beyer_garratt1366
Help with making SETA work11KingsGambit3244
SETA Game freez5Rickster1467
SETA and turning your ship7tedbell1828
[MOD] SETA Tick sound disabled0Gazz915
M.A.R.S. and SETA Boost extension3jacare1618
[X3] Autopilot+Jumpdrive+SETA bug.7Havner3411
SETA not going off when really needed6AlphaTau1749
X3 - SETA Rep killer19alt3rn1ty3669
SETA problems6WF4421919
NPCs and SETA2kc991101
Increasing SETA2bitec1207
SETA F-ups3mossfootx1128
SETA not working?3slant641275
Stuttering performance.... EDIT: when SETA is used.20Elffin2846
SETA 10x.. where can you get it?15purza3309