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[UPDATE] *XTM PATCH .7.2 RELEASED!* [MOD/AL-plugin]7448-XTM-1049729
[XTM - GAMEPLAY] Gameplay discussion for Xtended Mod2179moggy2411607
[XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] Technical support for Xtended Mod1913moggy2355345
[SCRIPTS] Collection of my Scripts : Updated 21/11/2007607Cycrow287489
[MOD] X3TC/AP ITS-PSCO1-Shawn Cockpit MOD V6 - 24.01.2012326Imp.-143946
NEWS: XTM .7a now available for free download from Egosoft1The_Abyss106244
[Bonus Plugin] Remote Transporter Device20moggy266453
Script : Dock/Undock TS/TP Class at TL or M1105LV62968
Mod : Apricot Gunbus Mod V3a AND Gunbus v3a for XTM199apricotslice59169
[SCRIPTS] AMurph0's Shipyards26amurph053869
[Script] Freight Transporter Upgrade 1.2 3/10/06111LV52765
[Script] Bulk Transporter Upgrade [1.14 Update 31.03.06]84al_main52215
[SCR] Personnel Transporter [7th May 2010 X:TC 3.3.01]69Saetan48285
[Script] DTS - Auction Stations and Wares [1.42 update 19.02.06]100al_main45276
[Script] Bulk Transporter Upgrade97snwboardn2144507
[SCR] [X3TC+X3AP] [25.01.2009] [V3.7.1] SpaceLootTransporter57Cadvan42860
[SCRIPT] IFTSOS - Install Factory to Station or Ship104MJALowe42748
[UPDATED][MOD]Neuman's HUD replacement v1.1 [XTM 0.7 & DDRS compatible!]116neumanf1538856
Full Salvage Mod *Rebuild* 2.4 out ( Need tester with XTM ) ( New CCM Fix! )89jocan200338787
[MOD]External TP/TS docking (update 07/12/08) for 1.3123fud37243
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X3:AP Boarded TL causing consistent game crash3DrSuperEvil36
Sos script station dans un TL / SOS script station in a TL3moussyr89
X3AP Problem with getting TL pilot to deliver a Station for me (Beginner Question)15cobra mk2495
[X3LU] MLCC TM compatibility3Joubarbe436
Hired TL absconding with my station5direvus471
(XTM) Not one Mobile Drilling System / Factory anywhere?1Nazgren337
[AP] Undocking TL6Thrake206
Automating delivery from TL with CLS20amoe564
[XBTF] Using TL's6Legionos316
[X3AP] CLS2 freighter not refuelling and trade competition29LSFKing882
X3LU - How can I set up a freighter to sell products from a station?3Mr.John_Doe407
X3:AP - hired TL - list of my items6kuertee428
X2 - Move factory location when placing it with hired TL3Syn3rgy878
XBtF Bug? Teladi TL Albatross busy: "Already has an order"0Ouroboros10337
[Mod] [Vanilla X3AP] Half hull for all ships (TShips file)1OwnlyMe300
Terran TL with station kit?. (Ghoul fab).1Dreez475
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz574
[X3AP] are TMs useful?55Space1002856
Captured a TL with "Rebuild Station" sticking12RainerPrem856
Cannot Download XTM MOD. Page Does Not Exist?1markgrindcore@hotmail.com934
XTM becomes slower and slower8seppl648
[AP] CLS between TLs17Irrehaare726
Looking for assistance with TShips.5Zonzo560
Does any Ships carry TS10Trevelvis672
Question on TLs17steelwing_2838
[AP]obtaining NPC stations and disappearing transporters2fireanddream447
What Ships can dock on a TL8Trev4elvis728
Has anyone boarded a Yaki TL recently?4AL'42418
(Question) X3AP RRF - Loot collecting TM0UnknownObject349
X3AP Stop my Freighters from being blown up!14electron_pilot1201
[AP] How to board a TL from a M6 in AP?20radster011376
TL Ship Bulk Buy Freight Drones6korg33636
TL Ship Bulk buying goods & other question7korg33453
[AP] TS/TS+ Effectiveness45radster015695
best RTS like mods?0Xenodom386
What happens if I change the Shiptype in TShips?7Simon84s630
Confused about litcube freighters station agents etc..4JingaoBow748
Please help, I only want my TS's to emergency jump!4ClastMalon622
TShip and other types files.2Deveyus361
TL Class ships and your opinions?21Agykoo1152
x3TC TS to TL (Vanilla)2Cayo124393
[QUESTION]What Dock Class in Dummies.txt include TM ships?0Overwatch374
[WIP] New TM and Twin of Deimos (Phobos)11ltdan81657
X-Tension: TS driving bug - workaround on upgrading tunings6ksyon1162
X3AP: CLS2 not possible between TL and TS if not docked ?2Browser_ice338
X3AP: can I CLS2 a TL with drones/ships to go through all my stations ?7Browser_ice641
[Coming Soonish][Feedback] Pirate Split/Boron/Terran M1/M2/M7/TL Skins4RoverTX765
X3 TC CLS Freighters - Can they not refuel at a mine?7JJRSC467
X3TC Freighters and Trading30CHL811719
[XT] Owned TL - how to deploy an ore mine?4Curunauth469
Problem with Commercial Agent freighters in X3 AP4chiliboy490
[X3TC] Other ships docking on my TM?16Stroan1906
What or where is TSU 2?2mwp5160462
X3AP when I order a TM to protect me, does it use the front weapon bay?5nospammdi434
ERROR: My M3+ won't dock in my TM5rockelino500
X3TC scripts/mods that allow TS+TP to dock at TL.3wowcraftify676
Where can i pick up a good freighter?12Kreiss664
[X3TC]Freight Transfer by Transporter Device and invisible cargo issue-any solutions?1Factor417
Request for script: cleaning up idle Heavy Load Transporters0PDouma39249
After Shady Business & Highest Goner Rank WHATS NEXT!0phantomrock2350
[X3AP] Factory-to-TL auto-transfer?6Vergeh515
Loading up a TL with energy cells2redisdead512
Advice for using multiple TS ships3ls612497
Script to load ST cargo into TL4FrostBoronBurger506
About using freighters assigned to stations.24Theburn791
TLaser and TFactories, help[s] is/are required...1Schultski338
Boarding TL's quickly for pure Profits Guide6efernal831
TL ships6Rdtcmtt472
X3AP - TS not jumping Emergency Jumping!16Hiper-Boy1315
X3TC (V.3.2): Boarding race TL ...6Czorneboh658
NPC TL's never build npc-stations with GOD-engine in my game (AP)2PDouma39374
Factory freighter7Maxdamaged568
AP Why does TS+ keep going where they shouldnt?6Flybye490
AP: Complex construction kit cant dock a TL?2Flybye295
CLS won't dump at TL7ClashPDG548
[X3AP] TS does not fill with energy cells4blak24386
[X3R] Transporter Device8thelebk610
[X3:TC] Ore Mine Freighters Not Best-Selling3cjoshuav356
[XRM plugin] NO MORE ENGINE CARROTS! mod (NMEC v1 - Immersive Engine Effects)10Familiar5864
[X:BTF] Making hired TSs do what I want10Last_Jedi_Standing671
[X2] A m2 Can'T CARRY a TS ship ?!17Destrolly1879
Using a TM for OOS defense force?13brownthomasw994
X3:AP Trying to find ships that dock M6/TS size ships5Dezonus872
X3 XTM Manual7alowe1879
X3 XTM Manual1alowe429
Opinion: TM's should be more expensive15Imgran839
TS Carrier?17Flybye936
[X3:AP + XRM] Where can I purchase freighters?3LVX1561013
[X3:AP + XRM] Where can I purchase freighters?1LVX156321
TL wont mobile mine8Free Trade Inn445
Boarding Civilian TL8Lukesharp602
What S/W is needed for a TL to deliver Factory5nicky43409
Question re docking a TL in Terran Conflict / XTC8lincs_geezer537
Transporter Device and teleportation7X-Tie472
Weapons Energy rating on TS Ships?5nicky43334
Problem with installing weapon [x3 XTM]0skrzacik506
Capping TLs with goodies inside?7Timsup2nothin849
Add lasers to TS cockpit3Llewelyn470
is there script or mod making ship handle like JETS?3elias a448
RTS/ Empire Take over [AP]1poopboypat1038
[X3AP] I Have a TL Full of Ore and Nividium...7Wargod.692
[GUIDE] TL-Warehousing in 1 Page4Alacard1634
Capping TLs with stations5Adarksoul519
Can i program a freighter to auto transfer goods from my complex X3 AP6samoja529
Transporter Device???9Hyperiontiger1054
X3AP 2.5.3 - OTAS Mistral TM explodes on leaving Boron Equipment Dock in Getsu Fune2Kulminator783
TC - TM as primary combat ship?19Kirlack1036
Script to avoid ATS automatic turn off2Tarkalciol300
How to board hired Yaki TL with no rep loss?3anneking457
Treasure hunt TL capturable?5Darth_Wayner486
Question about freighters and stations8Molecular587
Terran mission broken - Zyarth freighters disappearing3dansken517
X3TC TL question6Jamumools612
[AP][Mission/Scenario/Custom Map] Wargames! (Alpha) - RTS Mod!8Hornet1081494
X-tension - need to find out where or how to get a TL or other ships4mannyrenta583
X3TC - TM question10Jamumools695
Supplying my TL with jumpfuel using CLS4LuckyStrike89565
X3:AP Automatically transfer products to freighter?4Vortexz373
[Script] Station Capture Through TL Boarding [UPDATE V1.1]17RoverTX5169
X3TC having trouble with freighters/factory6Jamumools369
First TL hints?7estevesbk640
Shrinking stations down to a size of 1 ST for your TL3starkillr357
Problems, unlocking Argon Stock Exchange and Seizewell TL crashing5mark37uk1641
TL Jumping12ScorpioNicus685
Completely Removing XTM mod (Xtended Mod)2Sinkinrubberduck801
[X3AP] Where are the Paranid TL's for hire? Also, Paranid Game Tips4hourheroyes600
X3: XTM active map not working?3jamieren388
Physical dimensions of ships + smallest TL?11soulmata851
[Request] Double Transporter Range?5ptb_ptb424
TS agression problem: race relationship...15gleak905
X3TC - Station storage freighter?8SpFiota443
(X2) Corvettes and transporter...5DoctorGalifrean564
TS undocking from PHQ?1kaluce470
[X3AP] Using a Teladi TL in Terran sectors, Terran marines and spacewalk boarding8blackmilan902
Extended the range for Transporter Device4Greenmjolnir360
Misposted topic removed from XTM Tech Sp thread.2Action_Parsnip581
[X2] Reward Mecury TS - Warning: un-masked spoiler2donzi484
Disappearing TL ships4RolanDecoy663
AP new TP ships are nice but a bit pointless NPC's dont fly new TS13Greyhawk1759
Universe traders in a TL?4Holzfallen503
[TC] How do I homebase a freighter to the Hub?5joefitts63392
Interesting, I found a capital ship that docks TS (hauler) ships...7Shrewd135754
X3TC Freighters18brattbags01896
Ship installation help... Using XTM and Cycrow installer2Turnus620
TLaser Energy & Charge rate values3Killjaeden350
Which ships can dock a TS?11Rupert Hound2720
[X3R] Can you trade with TL class ships?9joefitts63775
TM...seems nowhere to find ? (AP)8Klord596
Capturing a TL...will this idea work ?24Klord1336
Xenon incursions from TSU32ginsus361
Making TM AI less braindead19spur3901218
What happens if I board a TM with fighters still docked?5The_Final_Stand595
assigning freighter to a complex10Puman387
[X3AP] Spacewalk boarding of TL problems6foxxbl1060
[X3AP] Fleets - TS running out of fuel3HBK1155
TL Base Ship45Kowalskibravo2739
[X3TC] Trying to set TM as wingman2Barbarossa66439
Destroyed transporter/scanner after using normal jumpdrive3Tenrag820
X3AP Getting Freighters to drop Wares3CannibalCrow422
TS Ships. Cargo Boxes??? Tanks???5Conbadicus790
Assigning TS's to Complexes with less Complexity.4Echofinder324
[TC] Boarding Civilian TL's (Arena, Casion, etc.)2r0bf400
X3 AlP-TM- Use as Sector trader and attached wings question.2amcrabil549
[x3-XTM] fix not found1Magnate689
TC cant find TL transporter17samoja693
Using a TL5Luckystrike1621
Need help URGENTLY, backuping my save games [X2]3samoja267
Crappy freighters accumulating in my game and eating out FPS badly [AP]9kurush523
Freighter missions (and others) with short time limits9jubbbird385
Terran Scabbards not capturing Split TL20Grunt1588
TM will not launch fighters [X3TC]8Mov1391
Player HQ mission.Boron TL3walneyite588
[AP] escort freighter missions...0senor135267
Capped TL with PBG forge on board - Well, this is new (AP)9Lazerius889
Mammoth TL docking bays2zanex09440
wired capped TL behavior9pccenter580
[X:BTF] Where is Teladi Albatross "TL"? [SOLVED]6ravensnowfall888
(MOD - MISSIONS) TSOG AP - Terran only missions for AP (V1.0 - Released, 10/4/2012)14TEKing664627