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[MOD] X3TC Boron Lusca M7 - V1.565Axeface70863
[AL PLUGIN] Wars: Argon/Boron vs Paranid/Split v1.00 [2010-02-04]19Serial Kicked22265
[TC] Boring Boron plot missions?23MTM197715910
[Script][V1.0] FBBK - Free Stock Exchange of the Boron Territories14SymTec ltd.15694
[X3TC] Best Argon/Boron/Teladi M3/M4/M5 for combat in a group17ThisIsHarsh15388
The Boron Shark77MGA9948
Boron Ray - Cheapest M2 but not to be underestimated!38Roger L.S. Griffiths9733
Why are the Boron ships inferior to all others?58God-Demis8936
verdict on the Boron Ray50junj.chan8582
The best M6 is a Boron Orca???16Gavrusik8100
Boron Barracuda just slaughtered a Split Raptor...31Subjugation7710
500 Hyperions (and me in a Salamander) Vs 100 Khaak (and every Boron in Menaleus)22SLeeZeCoRe7564
[TC] Boron Mission and Stupid Amount of Resources Required59sorcerer117155
X3:AP Boron Megalodon, is this a joke?22MagicSquid6865
Wow - Split Invasion force in Boron Home Sector (screenshots to prove it)12Dhore6764
Boron "secret" sector most obvious secret ever?34Greyhawk16627
Boron liars34Freeza-CII6405
Should the borons be wiped off the face of the universe?36thanatos emporos6390
Organic Boron Hulls [TC][AP][Script]45DrBullwinkle6320
Boron Ships!34Crillie6276
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Trusted Courtier (+3 Boron rep) and still hostile6sendrock1045
Performance issues with complex/boron tl2ClastMalon468
Seriously irked Boron4darster483
[X3AP] Bankrupt Assasisine -> Boron Reputation4zddi519
Boron Ships Don't Appear In Properties Menu... [RESOLVED]14Monkeyfister695
[Coming Soonish][Feedback] Pirate Split/Boron/Terran M1/M2/M7/TL Skins4RoverTX732
X3 TC: What's your opinion on the Boron Angel?9TheCh0senOne-593
boron stockmarket1yamasakidave13223
X3TC - Buy Used Ship limited to boron only?15CoreCapator1121
Few Questions about the Boron Plot20KWAiRT757
Trade System Mk3 - Can it be purchased in Boron space?1Sokar408264
Container size on Boron Pike13Phreak00838
[X3Reu] Boron Orca Weapons?3Ewan123324
X3:AP - Boron rep woes1Zagreus300
(X3 AP) Boron Ray29steelgrey751059
Are the Boron/ Split & Argon/Paranid really at war?3leos89904
Why won't my Boron Dolphins accept universe trader command?1Noogums330
Help! Why don't my Boron Dolphins accept Universe Trader command in X3R?2Noogums573
Tips for Boron station?3Damian Swift342
AP [Corporate Matters] - Did the Boron's rip me off?2UK_lawman530
[TC] Why so little love for the Boron Thresher?33thatguyfromvienna1851
X3AP - single hostile Boron ship4gammacee485
Thanks Boron.. really.. thanks19Vortexz1166
Boron Thresher. Need help choosing best M7 ship...24AjRyder1822
X3AP 2.5.3 - OTAS Mistral TM explodes on leaving Boron Equipment Dock in Getsu Fune2Kulminator768
Boron Megalodon. Worth it? (After patch)20Earth Ultimatum IV.1625
Only Some Boron hate me?7ClashPDG556
Boron cap ships worth a buy? [AP]16ApatheticEthic671
[LF] Boron and Paranid Race Based Turrets, and Teladi and Paranid Raced Based Docks2RoverTX479
Obtaining Jump Drives without Boron or Argon Reputation6zmoazeni905
Using the Boron Defenses in Menelaus Paradise5Bill Huntington383
Making Argon and Boron my friends after the Main Terran AP Plot1dreamer2008476
Boron marines10DiArmada773
Boron equipment-dock, undocking issue2xiriod375
Boron Guppy (aka Poor Man's Mobile HQ)8Roger L.S. Griffiths1353
Boron vs Split2PDouma39427
Boron Equipment Dock (aka Poor Man's PHQ)11Roger L.S. Griffiths1699
coffee + keyboard + boron2Seeker69430
[X3AP] 2.5 Boron capitals chilling in warzone, missile hp discussion8spur390412
[X3AP] Boron Lasertower bug6SayuNowi788
Boron rep5imortalvalk293
x3ap a single Boron ship attacking my SpcFl Complex4Sevas745
AP: loadscr00005.jpg - Unknown Boron Ship?5phoenix-it558
X3 AP Boron Equipment Dock Fail14genarus1555
X3R What are Borons doing with Earth ships?2artisanX3567
Player HQ mission.Boron TL3walneyite573
Ocelot undocking from Boron EQ Dock in Ocean of Fantasy1ezra-r344
X3AP - Can only dock at Boron and player stations after patch 2 - Fixed itself.9X2@ScientiaTechnology.com903
(AP) boron Ion Mine Fab14Virtualaughing676
X3 AP Boron Pissed still8riddler251907
Don't contract any Boron surveyers8goslin563
The Boron Guppy, interesting find.21The Great Stonk3121
(AP) Keep losing boron police license after hub plot7tater-tots803
Boron attacking station7JeffreyW75396
I heard a rumor that Boron do not require communication2xeb0424
[AP] Boron betreyal to the CW!!7CharlieChop720
Cannot leave Boron Equipment Dock - Workaround Available3Skeletal599
What did that Boron say?22edwardecl1462
(X3AP) No way to raise status with Boron...13Bill Bones2145
AP: Can't dock at Boron stations anymore? Did I break something? (Newb here)10Harvest565
[X3:AP] No Tri-Beams anymore & Boron using Split weaponry?1SplitBoy633
Bug with Boron stock market?15Pandor4485
Boron Equipment dock design mistake (needs to be slightly altered)18RandomBandit1107
Boron sector stations.3ian mcvickers458
The Third Boron Sex2Erikaiht1262
[AP] Need help with a Boron problem.6Ygdrad670
[AP]Boron not doing their part for the war26Combat Wombat1900
[AP] Undocking at Boron EQ Dock kills my Heavy Centaur2Stealth17400
Boron Equipment dock8Stars_InTheirEyes525
Whats with Boron ships?9Korloros1202
X3 AP - Boron Equip. Dock Issue - Blows up my ships!1Rekalty438
Boron shipyard texture effect?1expnobody222
Noob here, why can't I install any laser on my Boron Thresher?18shadyJ1224
Repainting Boron Ships (TC)14KNC702
Lore question: The Boron Campaign1StarSword389
Boron Hidden Base From Dark Water Sector10Anonymous750
One angry Boron Tresher10cmdnenad749
Boron are pacifist? then why..?2mergoth465
Where to find a Boron SPP L5dryfus3368409
No, Boron, This is MY Sector.13TheCoolSideofthePillow1018
X2: Boron Ray, best weapon combo!6Yapa582
The Boron Barracuda0Litcube322
Argon nova vs Boron Barracuda vs Other M326SmackinJuice2092
Boring Boron game start, glitch!?8SIMON POPPLEWELL746
Can anyone help, I appear to have misplaced a boron (new home)5laff711
A model for Boron enslavement. Reeves Corp Final Solution for the Boron problem37Mr. Reeves2004
TC 3.1 vanilla - Newbie marines captured a Boron Casino (Orca) with 100% hull?2Progress-M641
Boron help5arjuna123582
[SHIP Model] Boron M2 V1.0 *UPDATED*11atx7112322
Name of that fast Boron ship?6Flybye753
Boron disguise: how does that work!6robalexhall943
TC question 'bout Bankrupt Assassin start/boron rep10ash_kcs1126
Boron/split mission to DarkWave research center (help) (SPOILERS)2zdan30570
[TC] Stupid, Stupid Boron7X3caldarian904
Boron HUB Plot broken?2texyuk882
[TC] Do the Boron have a bomber?20jwigeland1707
[X2] Boron Sector Patrol suddenly Red8Tolwyn790
[X2] vicious boron?6rugaard744
Boron Thresser! Kraak and pirates!4wellmaddy755
[TC] Boron Lost Lar start?8cj-spartacus1577
missing ware from Boron EQ6chris0071798
[TC] Excuse me please, sector trader standby getting on my Borons!!22Azincourt3130
[TC] Boron Space complex advice?6Lx7766
Boron Fleet67Kwitzak3924
[TC] HUB Plot disaster (Boron Campaign)1Apocholypse899
Boron Super Shipyard even cooler than I'd thought5clevider1008
[TC] Help getting boron rep8Zero123456781305
Boron Racist - Taking things too far15you_rebel_scum1631
Boron Mine Dislikes Me. Makes me sad.10bonalste965
Peace loving Borons ?13brattbags011467
[TC] boron and argon scteors6froger967
Boron shipyard bug2Marcin626674
[TC] Boron Ion Weapons2Claizen703
[TC] Boron Orca crashes on launch from shipyard - HELP!4GryphonAscendant975
[TC] The Hub - anoying boron17Majinmaster6661955
Goddamit idiot Borons!!!12kikithemad931588
2.6 + Hyperion Vanguaqrd in Boron Shipyard2PQTaggart1132
[TC] Can some one tell me where is the boron scientist in aldrin...PLZ!!!2nflszhu643
[X3TC] Supply Command Software/Transporter Device if enemy with Argon/Boron/Terran7ThisIsHarsh2958
[TC] Argon/Boron stranglehold on jumpdrive tech...7Dieu_Le_Fera1179
[TC] Boronen (HUB) Plot startet nicht10lord yu1311
[TC] Boron personal ad8bigargon1232
Thats it... I'm declaring war on the Boron.13philip_hughes1373
Boron Special Forces1Jeraal496
[TC] Help with paranid and boron rep4xoham851
Boron Angel the mine deliverer2XanII676
[TC] Bloodythirst Borons (Atreus Assassinations)7Luisedgm1169
3X-TC Boron M7 Thresher14mwecom2538
War against the borons need help3Captain CAVEMAN!!!877
[TC] Losing Boron rep and nothing to do about it4Dirk-Jan911
[TC] Are the fastest ships in the game Boron made?18Ratlaw2806
Is there anywhere you can buy a Boron Angel?18Greyhawk11948
[TC] Split invasion of Boron space thwarted by Teladi...12RandomBandit1765
[TC] boron parts falling out9fairywhipper1827
Gain Split Reputation by killing Boron X3TC9Diablos5026
Boring Boron start - Average??24Greyhawk12359
[TC] Boron Chip plant ??3eltano843
[TC] A curious question about a missing boron Colossus after start playing for 5 hrs8darkangel7111397
I have no idea what I did to piss Boron off...7garv2221094
Hyperion trapped in Boron shipyard (Queens R)3Bobucles1269
[TC] Self-Righteous Boron10alexdefelice1568
[TC] Boron, always missing something.16juanitierno1971
[TC] Mr. Reeves and his aggression/Racism towards the Borons43Mr. Reeves4346
Why the Boron ATTACK me?12Apocholypse1588
[TC] Need some love from the Boron3Koruth852
X3TC: Cannot start as Boron?6Thorgald3001
Is Boron Heavy Hydra price wrong?15Druitt2714
Getting Boron marines8kurush1367
Rep with Boron5Rhadamant958
Cant sector trade in Boron space?13yogs1786
Hostile Boron EQD23Technojerk362252
[TC] Funny thing with a certain Boron Dolphin4BeidAmmikon1131
Flak Artillery Array on my Boron thresher10Gus man B2582
[TC] boron plot4SDemun1167
[TC] Boron Names...(just a thought)11RandomBandit2199
That Boron likes to talk in person2Paranoid661006
Boron furniture transporter?38Chealec3741
[TC] Unforgiving Boron9Exarch421233
Boron Marines. Where to find them?13chelo_boga1798
Old Man's Adventures... My new favorite ship = Boron Skate.2yourpowersareweakoldman875
[TC] hanger of the boron orca6jorit1266
Electronic Warfare: Covert Ops, Recon. AKA: An excuse to buff Boron.9yourpowersareweakoldman1382
[TC] Stuck with a Boron Solar Power Plant6Jallard2012
How do I get Boron Marines?23jannix2617
X3R Boron Race Relations6Gareth20501139
[X3:TC] Capping a Boron Angel (TP)?2Datalinks1802
(X3TC) Boring Boron start - how to get started without doing missions?6ThisIsHarsh3780
Spray shop for Boron ships...available in TC?2unknown1884
[TC] Best Boron Pirate Sector3acook59952
[TC] Attacked by boron for doing their first company mission. Hmpf.12Algoran1331
X3TC - Boron Laser tower keeps attacking my ships22palenaka4029
X3:TC 2.1 Top ranks stuck at 4% - Boron & Teladi4Baddieus1161
Boron Dolphin XL power-uped?2arcana75762
X3R - Tips on raising Boron Reputation13palenaka2088
Boron Thresher Armament ?27MBely54075
Is the Boron Solar Power Plant XL model bugged after 2.1?0ragamer860
adding hanger space to the m2 boron ray?16Dinoff2458
(X3:TC) Very high Boron rank, although some dislike me4thunderai1213
Borons really need to invest in some combat lessons for their captains1chelo_boga677