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Sticky: [X3] A tool to fix your directshow codecs (sound problems and performance)511MadBoris210660
Sticky: [X3] Problems installing the US version? READ THIS!153CBJ107072
[Mod] Unofficial bug (player) fixes 2.7comp * updated 12 Jun*589draffutt93371
Sticky: [X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!1CBJ89980
X3: Bug List & Patch 1.3 Suggestions (Spoilers)712Neonin80946
Sticky: Common problems and resolutions0CBJ68072
Problems with the Ship Installer ?282Cycrow57352
Weird graphical problem after 1.3 patch238WhO_KnOwS36103
Announcement: To EVERYONE reporting a possible bug or error0The_Abyss33661
Functional (non-crash) bug list: Updated 21 Jan 2004 (v1.2)266Reven32099
Terran Plot Problems In Sector M148: Workaround77Xenon_Slayer25643
Problems with the Universal Trader100Chris15015025016
X3 crash problem144vbkev24468
Important plot bug information51CBJ22643
X3:TC Terran Mission Bugged - Eyes and Ears38mpkirk22426
Crashing to desktop problem179veelad22352
HRS 3.2.1 Bugfix Release37holo_doctor21588
[SCR]SectorTakeover 2.5 alpha07, Featureadds and some bugfixes111linus_org21150
Please fix the auto-pilot and the Vanishing ships BUGS.130apricotslice20970
X3AP Billion Barracuda Bug (& other ships) - UPDATE: Solution in
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Error opening video, check your display settings - resolved (removed 'Duet Display')10rihsc102153
CAG problem608murch217
Problem with continuous spinning PROBLEM SOLVED!6Bill Huntington222
X3AP: Error: Check Video Settings4Urik Valkyer184
[Bug Report] X3R Corrupt Saved Games1DhU3M228
X3AP Problem with getting TL pilot to deliver a Station for me (Beginner Question)15cobra mk2495
Problem starting a universe trader - Resolved, shield upgrade necessary.20siddham580
Problem downloading x3-no-steam exe - Resolved by installing game0AkiraR130
Terran Commander Xenon Hub Problem - resolved (TOA links don't qualify)7Xcentric293
Delete this post. did fix the problem :)1guttizz221
language change problem - Will start a new game to resolve it.2Tunis266
X3 Reunion and Daddy chase mission problem.5Hank001481
[X3AP] Problem with in-game graphs3Le Boron Chétif354
Problems starting up X3 TC3JJRSC341
X3TC - Terran Plot - Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong? *Spoiler*13KomitoDnB617
X3 TC install error with Windows 10 - resolved by correct game patching2bandthy445
[X2] Joystick Configuration problems3Aloneknight88596
Abnormal sector insertion speeds on autopilot - bug?16Reven364
[XRM] Flying Nexus Huge Speed Distance HUD problem2Sammorgan0176
X3 AP | XRM Huge Speed Distance HUD problem1Sammorgan0334
X3 Nividium Convoy mission bugged1Nazgren136
[Bug report] X2 Crash after being hailed after buying LFL from Manckossak5Mischkov478
ReadText Error9NighTragE429
Problems with scene files2NighTragE194
Military Base Revamp Bug? "Null" Rewards0Private Hix183
Strange bug...13Joubarbe334
Is my terran plot bugged?(TC) - Resolved, rep needed.6zafo22266
X² The Threat - Fighting Pirate to have better reputation with Paranid Problem.9Cap1o294
Problem with nosteam.exe - Explained: due to LU mod.3Szynszyl495
[TC]Factory Hijack bug4ajime320
[Solved] Changing Sector Names : Old problem, new question...13lostProfitssssArrgh527
Cargo lost bug6pasmon504
A new problem from an OOOLD player... :|16Bertone840
Freight drone/lasertower problem - Spoilers in solution!2bazthebad378
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Periodically reset relations (The Friendly Fire problem)0OwnlyMe348
Version 3.2 bug: Aldrin fighters have wrong gun in back turret.3wwdragon554
XBtF Bug? Teladi TL Albatross busy: "Already has an order"0Ouroboros10337
Bug with CLS ??2gapper4355
What types of scripting errors can crash the game? Now with script that causes crash12TechSY730773
Trivial bug report with !move.military.resupply1TechSY730543
Bug report X3TC Update 3.3 - alt TAB10arnos841528
"Backporting" Vanilla Bug Fixes in Litcube's Universe to vanilla12TechSY7301210
Forum Problem1Joelnh310
Error loading video7Europica897
New boarding bug?11astreus1171
Realtek HD Audio Problem8Mik000141193
Save Game Problem7Sirus5843
[AP] Mining problem3hyena444537
X3 AP with a few mods script problem?1Staja Bepon363
X3AP Corporate Troubles plot bug - reset doesn't fix - Fix coming in update!8SeanO911193
X3AP system rebooting problem - possibly resolved by graphics driver roll back10hydrazombie1237
[Bug] Hope beta fixes software disappearing bug - Probably preinstalled softwares3gbcat803
[Bug] Will there be a fix for obviously bugged missions in X3TC v3.3 after Beta ends?31sizeofbool2711
Bug during shady business "Race against time" - modded game1m_csquare620
Error opening non-native resolution with AA in Win10 - Resolved by Win7 compat mode.7RustInPieces1233
Issues with Starting TC/AP on steam error correcting a missing file10G0L1AD1378
X3AP, Bugged J key/seta - Resolved by reinstall3joseph99804
Problems with CAG and other traders10Daaki2305
steering with mouse problems X2 the threat PS/21j_garrett1230
[X3R v2.5] Plot Bugged?4Cursed Ghost825
HQ problems and questions8Fnord Lightbringer1250
Two monitor set up and mouse pointer problem1Europica613
[Solved by OS compatibility mode] [X3R] Audio music problem with Windows 103-=SiR KiLLaLoT=-1702
Problem with traders with their escorts circling with no destination15SlayerAIM1255
X3-AP Problem with excursion into the planetary atmosphere?!13dadmod1571
[X3AP] The disappearing initial main plot bug - how to reproduce0glenmcd360
Problem with the Paranid13m0rl0ck1056
GOG x3tc bonus pack problems3m0rl0ck735
XTC Gamepad Problem2TheBlackSun615
ap loose ends xperimental shuttle possible bug possiple buggered up plot21nick01uk1629
Problem with Race Notoriety - XTC mod1JBolho466
The problem with the construction of complex kit9waren77761
X3AP Trade Rank Problem2pheonixx658
X3AP Trade Rank Problem - Heavily modded game3pheonixx690
Problem with autosaving6Pavel Zejda1871
Bonus pack bug.2DuhVir394
AP - problem building iron mine in Megnir ?9dadmod614
Problems connecting flail missile fabs7Cursed Ghost800
The ´no voicing´ problem3wzzl598
Stuck at Terran Plot... bug?1NiAypa464
[x2 1.4 EU Windows 8.1] Graphic Resolution/Game Starter Problem4Der-Fussel1464
Problems renaming wares named {}Unused{}2Pind401
Missile Barrage Bug?3CerebralAbrasion494
Goner Plot problem?4steelwing_2436
Carrier docking problem5fireanddream418
X3TC Goner Plot Bug (STEAM game version)20rockelino1401
[X3AP] Poisoned Paranid Bugs - Workaround available2Avaricia561
[AP]so, the infamous the-longer-you-fly-the-slower-you-get problem - resolved1fireanddream718
Contol map problem1Red Kite Rising338
X3AP Wing's Patrol Problem1R3d_X502
X3TC freeze problem3Neon Torrall926
X3R installation problems - AV quarantine issue18Buck_Rogers2632
[X3TC for Linux] Problems with some Apricot mods3steelwing_2428
need advice with factory complex problem please11Mahadev920
[X3AP]Xperimental shuttle plot bug3killerdude8677
X3ap minor bug1Cursed Ghost413
[X3TC/AP] Bug with ware transfer stepping when selling resources to NPC5MarvinTheMartian573
Redownloaded and Reinstalled; Registration Problems.1DrakuzDarkSith1292
Having problem with DBOX0DrUnK3nFuN298
Bug in Shady Business?3Mafro632
Station Build problem13wolfee587
Graphical bug in Elite ship firing animation (probably easy to fix)5Delthor768
2 Q's: CLS problem and placing lasertowers26wolfee1146
Barren Shores: Terran Silicon Mine L problems15wolfee928
AI error or what?2astreus308
problem with X3 editor1the old one294
Problem about cockpit mod - resolved2Milite Ignoto454
War Sectors Problem21Bill Huntington1231
Problems with mouse control and hotkeys - resolved.4SkyJon1270
HUB Plot, align first gate problems, help!3wolfee443
X3 TC: Problem with atf ships (Vanilla Game with Bp)4anakin skywalker570
No voice and music problem (Windows N series) - Fixed by WMP install2Nicky21651
How do Menu Callbacks work and how to debug them?6NoxMortem435
Problem with 'Message from Unknown' X3AP - resolved - [] issue.3jetspo719
CLS problem X3 TC4wolfee336
[bug X3ap] Multiple Passenger Transport6NOO3TASTIC1002
SOLVED—X2: The Threat Audio Problem (with CAVEAT)15Tolwyn3512
X-Superbox Registration problem - All fixed.9NOO3TASTIC704
(X3AP) Problem with Sector(s) Patrol Mission6NOO3TASTIC918
X3 Reunion - player stats problem3siddham368
Problem with Terran Mission 5 (X3:TC)6Waervyn703
"Error Opening video. Check your Display" - Resolved by driver update and codec clean5kjnapalm765
nyanas hideout mission problem - workaround found4salde3861339
Terran mission, unsolvable bug?2jackmion719
Bug made me rich1wydavies530
xtc2.2 problem help please4naturecat775
X3 AP Stock exchange question/possible bug ?4Cursed Ghost436
Albion Prelude below minimum price bug4glenmcd1145
Server Problems with EGOSOFT?4Sabrina Bergin556
X3TC DVD Installation issue - application error? - Fixed by patching game3larry1202760
[X3TC] Atreus HQ Missions Bugged?0Grape466
X3TC Graphical problems - resolved by graphics driver and apu BIOS update.5jaega1941
complex problem3LJG1245400
Error Opening Video - Fixed by rolling back Intel graphics driver3123bountyhunter869
Weird problem with clean installation of AP steam edition - resolved2Michallesio463
Programmers! Need your help with "unexpected text" error in X-Studio.8redagent386
Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error1elbert67937
Problems handing over data from one script to another using script calls2siboneyr881
X3 Reunion 2.0 Installation Error SOLVED - Installshield Failure Windows 87Figureoflife1575
X3ap Readtext Errors - resolved by clean reinstall12bobt974
Bug at Unholy Traitor start?2astreus378
X3AP XRM - Corporation Trouble - Bug at Share Recovery #5 - workaround?4miraculix2501018
X3AP XRM - Corporation Trouble - Bug at Share Recovery #5 - workaround?1miraculix250390
Weapons grouping on Springblossom Bugged? X3:TC Vanilla (Working as intended)10ZZ555799
X3TC - joystick problems - resolved by calibration4Lea Flamma385
bug? or maybe i am doing something wrong?5zwzw440
[AP] SEWN from bonus pack problem8Sorkvild605
Sector trader problem4Hologram3380
X3 R,TC,AP Bug Report, Corvette BUG On take off on almost all stations8Ruut620
[X3AP] [Bug] Local Stock Markets inaccessible from sector Perpetual Sin2Koruth489
X3TC 3.1 Bugged AI ships when captured query.1The Iron Duke344
AP problem with plot7mc74637
AP: Universal traders problem4mc74525
I found a very disturbing bug7tornar730
X3 AP: CAG Problem / e.cells supply8mc74722
HUB mission bug?3Sargatanus742
X3TC: CTD "Exiting because of unrecoverable error."22Chillkroete-1499
[X3:AP] Bug with "shady business" plot ( spoiler spotted )5GGRei1219
Problem installing x2 the threat on win 72Necronlord11056
X3AP - Old problem, looking for a new solution.3Drone_101433
X2 plot bugs?11Village!diot444
Problem with commanding a ship by script4madhax47388
The Hub Problems16Cursed Ghost1059
String and class name problem3NewtSoup292
X3TC Betty problem3emk2z646
X3TC ALWAYS freezes when around Xenon/Terran(new) capitals, *proven vanilla problem*29darqen272215
the save-game problem guy, again1DerKnuspermann476
X3AP Savegame Problem - Modified saves.5DerKnuspermann530
X3R - Many errors right at the start7Grandcheapskate1696
Aldrin Jump Bug?11The Iron Duke805
Load Game Problem On New Pc12Zfast4y0u423
r9 290 x3:AP problem6Gundersanne669
Installing AP again - problems14Scoob780
Problem Turning Over Control of "L" in main quest3jkvantuyl526
Problem starting A New Home plot16Stargazzer811871
Two Problems with CAG Software8greyhand579
[Coding] Very strange bug concerning new ships2Joubarbe258
X3AP: errors on installing X-Studio for a Steam X3AP3Browser_ice386
x3.exe has encountered a problem3crazycanadian1136
X-Tension: TS driving bug - workaround on upgrading tunings6ksyon1162