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mobile mining not working yet !146heg0b020997
[SCR] [X3AP] Drone Mining and Trading System v1.2.2 [UPDATED 11/08/2014]113zanzal20638
Mining Asteroids is a joke! READ THIS64Scott Unangst17465
1.4 Mobile Mining64Verärgert14419
[WIP] XaiCorp. Automining *Betatesters required*54moggy210988
Mining Nividium with the latest patch.20Wedlor10430
Automated Mobile Mining Trade in X3TC.8DikiDino9350
Mobile Mining issue52Cheeze It9236
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Could use some Advice on my Mining magnate Empire (to be)2Tasogie285
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Does Mobile Mining "Clean" A Sector Of Rock Debris? Con't Questions...48Monkeyfister2031
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mobile mining in X3:AP. possible to mine out all available?9Deathtoll666721
Ice Mining4X-Tie494
Which TC Start is best if your interest is more on Trading and Mining8nicky43551
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Script Request : Mine Minerals Repeat Cycle MMRC2SpaceAcid434
X3TC Request Script: Mine Minerals Repeat Cycle MMRC6SpaceAcid510
Mining - script/mod needed. [AP]1Hyde911276
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Mobile Mining14prastagus2717
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Mining, Cag, UT9Relicalchaos520
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[TC] Mobile Mining4Dank7430530
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Remote mining, how many ships!!5SIMON POPPLEWELL497
Starting remote mining, CLS question.12SIMON POPPLEWELL855
niv mining10levvol1011
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