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[Scripts] Apricot Mapping Service Scripts, MD and mini-mods [APv2.5.1/TCv3]925apricotslice273132
Tips'n'tricks to get more FPS - research for a sticky!341esd226062
Apricot Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3.124apricotslice181186
[TC] [Walkthrough/Guide] A Slice of X ---- Terran, Fury, Hub, Goner, HQ, Aldrin Complete.82apricotslice171375
[script] Universe Explorers v2.4.0: Update Sep 52187ate9tin11s112372
Homeworld 2 mod 5 new ships and more145XDV_3195106630
[Bonus Plugin] Explorer Software61moggy2105755
[Mod] Apricot Mapping Service Mod v1.3 for APv3.1 / v2.14 (For TCv3).443apricotslice78258
[SCRIPT] Auto explore v1.2 + Deploy Satellite Network replacement v1.1 [2009-07-19]119ThisIsHarsh76023
[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Hephaistos Corp. - Station building service136jlehtone74893
[SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.9.8.12] [03/23/14] Galaxy Explorer582gnasirator73800
[Script] Ship Hijacker v1.1 by Nividium 05/01/09121Nividium69995
[Bonus Plugin] Remote Transporter Device20moggy266472
[SCRIPT] X3 TC / AP / XRM / XTC Universe Colored Map Version 3.1 dd 17-dec-201398qwizzie66065
[SCRIPT] Nividium Mines V1.00 : Update 28/11/200684Cycrow61610
[MOD] Lower Poly Asteroids v2.04: Less Fat, More FPS [UPDATED 03.05.07]96halo11235854282
[Script] Cargo Delivery Service V1.04 07/01/06 (July 1)75klaatu54074
[Script] Universe Explorers v1.0.1: Update Apr. 161877ate9tin11s49430
An illustrated guide to boarding a Boreas using an M7M60Orion163248982
[SCR][TC+AP] Hephaistos Corp. Station building service (beta 0.73) [Update: 06.01.17]106X2-Illuminatus48454
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I am experiencing more frequent crashes.8Brinnie161
need help. x3ap: where to get nividium?14johnhirix489
Impossible to restore saved game (from 3.4) - Modded save5astari289
[AP] Struggling with Nividium collection for PHQ14modernrocko469
X3R and later X3TC - Starting out advice please9orangeslices509
more modern x games8lucky2539566
When mouse speed exceeds lightspeed.. [Razer DeathAdder mouse user advice thread]2Musicker340
Any Benefit with the License ?3Bill Huntington404
X3AP: Solar Plants Cost more money than the goods they produce - modded, resolved3DuckSoup288
[X3TC] Mining Nividium4amoe775
X3 Nividium Convoy mission bugged1Nazgren138
Station ambient sounds, voices, alerts...2vrod230
novice at this script and moding Help!2Cabal50444
X3: how to ditch the police31Heemskerk1198
[TC]Patriarch's Retreat map lore2ajime319
Ship Device for remembering purchased prices0mattig89ch217
Missile Advice needed11Bill Huntington541
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Station Advertising 1.8 (attract more traders)4OwnlyMe766
Lucike Transport Service - issue with ship type2Cassin355
Setting hub commodity prices to build up stock through attracting sellers12mjwraw977
Non-Steam X3AP: Argon Marines only ever use one voicetype2xenon1282545
X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing5zarrazee621
X3TC: Easiest way to transfer my ore to my hub - Hub plot7mjwraw667
Cannot untoggle POV Hat, Throttle, or Rudder use from the Input device menu3Scout890685
New to X Universe wants to find some lore6mrtaufner733
What a battle! Advice on Combat please.34-John-2410
Question on M7 turret gun choices - AP9dadmod761
Old Timer coming back for one more run8Vertigem PT864
X3TC/AP - No voice, other audio OK - Solved (twice): Win x N needs Media Feature Pack14Cipher2211715
BTF - Lose Details after completing tutorial - resolved by graphics device setting8junglelove662
Player HQ modding-Help/advice needed XTC AP18zdan301263
[X-Tension] Cannot anymore capture a ship after 5:00 - RNG at work.20UnknownObject1752
AP: M7M advice15krmenadla1943
A nice little earner sector trader advice needed26Nuvibe2632
How do I restore default TFactories.pck?1RustInPieces312
Lore Question22UnknownObject2913
A bit more help about external docking modifications?4palzxc724
About Terran Rapid Response Claymores?2palzxc493
Change the voice from the Bitching Betty?8gradash786
Theoretical question about defense8occ421108
"Sell ware for best price" Question2stardustxx649
A question about explorers2TheHammer677
Help! buying advice please!14Garbagehauler769
[X3LU] Soundtrack advice - new start4technocr8623
[Script] X3VoiceControl2Sameh480
[X3R] Advice on raising reputation16siddham1503
AP laser autoswitch actually considers more than range?1fireanddream479
So, nice joke...7LTerSlash826
Plugin Manager: in modified mode, where are the vanilla saves stored?1AL'42407
Never played X (TC) before7Trevelvis570
weapon choices and turret auto switch questions4fireanddream460
Boreas insufficient cargo space for most powerful load out16Cursed Ghost1217
Yaki advice, among other things!10Grail89787
G940 system shows as 3 separate devices - Any Win10 tips to combine use of inputs?3brettt7771419
Sudden loss of voice in X3: TC and X3: AP4Annastasya799
AI missile firing choice - resolved5fireanddream421
AMD R9 series card with 5 FPS in menus - Resolved using core affinity.2morallo488
need advice with factory complex problem please11Mahadev922
X3 (all X3) Win10 No sound FX or voices - surroundsound issue.6Cuna871
Avarice sale in X3 reunion6truckie024726
[X3 AP] Mod Every ships more fast! Missiles as well...1outtaspace415
Busy day at the office6MarvinTheMartian708
advice ... [X3AP BP SEWN questions]5PhantomKnight4420500
[X3TC] Sectors using Silicon8The NME391
Question regarding Ship Computer Voice5Setty94700
[X3AP] Mining choices ?5PerfectStranger721
1 more qustion.... ;)6PhantomKnight4420695
[AP] Which sectors are safe to build in before starting the war?6drowningfly773
No Voices, Windows 10 (N edition) - resolved with MS codec download.9memolipd1345
Blood Stained Letter Exploit - has anybody found this before?2Allan F584
You press a key and it gets repeated forever.4Fraggle Rock443
[SCRIPT] Orbital Weapon Platform Transport Service 1.12Mycu1301
Addon: Explore Universe0HashtagMC1492
Barren Shores: Terran Silicon Mine L problems15wolfee930
How to change prices for wares?6MickDick587
The words you least want to hear, even more than "Game over"....23RegisterMe1434
Choices in the Argon Defender Plot ?3Bill Huntington458
Never boarded before, killing Carracks in Goner Plot...12wolfee1131
Voice chat group(s)1SkyJon422
Complex price setting...AGAIN4wolfee426
[AP] Can you actually make Mapping Service ships bail?2ebonbane434
No voice and music problem (Windows N series) - Fixed by WMP install2Nicky21651
[Plugin][LU] Galactic News Service - LU Edition17solarahawk9482
Beginner questions on scripting and some practices28NoxMortem955
X3R 2.0 DVD Won't Even Open in File Explorer - damaged DVD.3mesocyclone741031
NPC voices dont work - workaround with speaker layput setting.5pyronac792
Choices, choices, choices~ Give me your opinon.9weltall2731
Input Device stuck as 'Valve Streaming Gamepad', cannot use Joystick - Self-corrected1Jimbodoken494
Jump Gates Lore2Tamina380
Duplicate weapons with colored circles - modded game.1pgfujg418
Creating my first ingame model. Some advice please.11druid1404
XRM Mod AP - Restore vanilla sound effects?0ganon23288
Help with mining Ore4tasman1968607
Albion Prelude below minimum price bug4glenmcd1150
X3AP What's your missile(s) of choice?17Fenris3211702
Need help - Ordering ships to collect ware and sell according to best price.5bionoman618
[X3TC] Ships fly farther for bad price with remote Buy/Sell Ware for Best Price2Kondratev451
explorer command software6dannyxx30636
X3 Reunion: Old Retail Saves Crashes Before Being Loaded in Steam2Daiko Tatsumoto1018
What is the best way to auto-explore and place satellites for network10Timmy_BB860
Average price of deployed Lasertower/Satellites/Jump beacon/etc2memeics423
[X3TC] Some Advice Needed...38Grape1852
Lost voice after installing XRM 1.30 on Mac Pro1bci426
(AP) Help a Novice with Panther & Python Loadouts16Shaggy420622
[X3AP] So good to be back! + advice please5Ezephkiel473
very 1st PT advice18PaladinMJ779
First station advice15Xerphiel1113
Satellite and turret Service (SGS) - Question1fiby579
Avarice in AP7Bill Huntington628
need logistics advice2onlymeme285
Boreas Loadout2Cursed Ghost345
X-Tension, Ship models with different prices.2Maedroth317
Voice Attack1Kentcol386
How to get voices back? - Now loaded earlier save.2Retiredman439
[Q]Editing "3.01 Generic Missions.xml" to spawn more generic missions10RoverTX699
Egosoft: consider re-releasing X3AP optimized for multi-core, 64-bit CPUs?15Valtarien1190
terrain conflict voices8oreeater370
[REQUEST]A mod that can sort cargo bay content by type/size/price?1Saturn V423
X3TC CTD - Happening more frequently as I progress - Fixed by Steam verify.4shaka574
Is there a more efficent way of editing Tship information? X3AP15monkeybtm6505
X3AP-- Your "Go To" M3s Of Choice?18Monkeyfister1730
[MOD] Colored Army Grades for X3TC0PSCO1883
[X3TC] Stagnant game. Advice needed.6RuubZ843
X3TC - Voice control using AutoHotKey Scripts - Dragon, CHP & VLC - Run Hid- SOLVED1XForumShadow470
How have I never played this game before now?!34Geek.Verve1333
Some advice on commonwealth wars4Nemesis_87361
x3AP: Space Weed isnt selling anymore!4Gersidi543
[script] Universe Explorers v2.4.2 b5 - now with Mk3 Blacklist integration0boran_blok439
[X3:AP] Worth repairing Aran before capture?8Jimmy C781
[Code] Get a station price3Joubarbe235
Does such a mod exist? Station price list3Falcrack438
[Seeking Advice] Periodically dump market data to file.3ejk434
Advice on mods29kaistern1186
X3:AP freeze when docking in Argon Prime and one more issue - resolved by codec clean5dlich1026
[Seeking Advice] Dug too deeply & too greedily. Restarting from scratch and need help5Overwatch696
[X3AP] Rookie looking for advice on starting with industry4Alexium496
[X3:AP] Stations that buy illegal products for more than average18Xtynct842
[X3:AP] Trapped in Ore Belt by pirates8razorrozar708
[X3TC] Where to store vast quantities of stuff12travelboyuk751
X3AP: CLS2 not buying nor waiting for the targeted price, just docks/undocks9Browser_ice850
I have some lore questions... [X3AP]16WiccanWitcher1263
X3TC Barren Shores Complex Question25Cayo1241232
[SCR] [AP] PAMO (Police And Military Orders) Beta 0.9 (Updated 07-06-2014)0Larxyz386
Need some advice please4Nemesis_87301
No docking at core sectors, how to?4Taro8413
MOD/Script Request: The Hub Max Internal Storage Increase more then 5k?5BrianManeke552
X3TC Dual moniters, multi core proc, and RAM tweaks?5Thom293759
AP Shady Business (more questions)1lexraider284
[HELP] Novice modder needs help4Black_hole_suN330
Larger or more legible font - workaround found4jart513
Scanning for Nividium7bjsmith02607
Wow! X2 benchmark 71.3 fps on my Toshiba Encore Win8.1 tablet6pixel540
Novice Modding Question11scbfromnc787
Starting a new game after a long break.. Need some advice.7Arlex436
How do I see the price I paid for an item in my hold?19oddible587
Making XRM voices work on OSX1projix565
Orders Being Ignored (solved - full of cargo)5djstreaky549
X3AP MAC App Store Version No Longer Available1thecowinheat327
X3AP: blueprint before PHQ4jlehtone789
Good practice targets to train fighting skills of marines?20Martinez901531
Finished X2; starting X3 Reunion; any advice?21siddham1122
More CLS Issues, go figure (Spoilers) TC5JJRSC326
[XT] Owned TL - how to deploy an ore mine?4Curunauth470
[X3AP] Wired problem when M6 has shield more than 1GJ3Hermisky482
Boresight mode3Ronin677479
Editing SPK files? SPKExplorer errors1squshy7441
Buy ware for best price - Huh ?12apricotslice902
Lost my Argon Police License21JJRSC937
Back to X3TC after a few years - mod advice13Boooster678
How to make sector backgrounds more colorful/bright?0xxx73622
Help me by the choice of my M6 Playership18MoNsTaZ1412
Reunion Revisited (Nividium for Bala Gi mission)1lexraider457
X3TC- Utter frustration: no voice - Fixed by codec clean up.7LJ1234
Went back to playing stock game, jsut more fun to start with.36Tasogie1384
This game impresses me more an more every day.15Tasogie596
[X3TC] Advice for a newbie please10KeithMcRae745
Question on having NPC ships fly patrol an explore for you while others fly as wing.8Tasogie403
[Idea][Questions] Making raiding Xenon sectors more rewarding.5RoverTX734
X3AP can you build an ore mine - power plant complex?12nospammdi517
Could use some Advice on my Mining magnate Empire (to be)2Tasogie285