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Sector and Universe Trader Guide - Contains Minor Spoilers UPDATED 22nd October 2007111WillWilk403804
Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3)79FyreByrd254831
[SCR] Economy and Supply Trader [2009-10-12 X3TC 3.2.05]650wyvern11249481
[BONUS Plug-In] Trade Command Software MK3295ticaki157680
[S][03.06.08][1.2] Fight Command Software MK3445X-Freak Cartman141011
Newbie Guide to Making Money Through Trading128Creston133170
[S] [02.03.08] [X3 3.3.04] Economy and Supply Trader (Trade MK3 II)288Lucike119052
[SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.8.9.7_fixed] [05/09/2013] MK3 Improvement Reloaded917gnasirator108326
[Script] Satilite Limited MK3 Universal Trader, ready for download.249Zzyn103118
[Script] Update 17.12.06 V1.26 Station trader, automated supply/trade for stations374Naffarin78755
Trade Command Software MK3 - Technical Datasheet (Readme and Info)52SymTec ltd.75607
[SCR] [v1.7.3] [04/27/2012] MK3 Improvement Reloaded283gnasirator71459
[SCR] OK Traders v1.7.1 (04-12-14)418Shimrod62248
[SCRIPT] Autotrader Sector Lock 1.0 . . . . . . . . { UPDATED 2007/05/30 }80halo11235855281
[AL Plugin] EJon-Tech/MarCon Ind. 'Trading Plugin' (1.2 German Aug 9 2010)209EmperorJon52297
Is there an X3TC Trade MK3 noob guide? If not, wanna volunteer?11perkint51283
[X3AP Bonus Plugin] Trade MK3 Blacklist Manager42jlehtone37793
[SCRIPT] MK3 Trading Log (plus MK3 Technical Datasheet)41SymTec ltd.37309
[SCRIPT] Trading Distribution Network V1.01 : Update 04/10/200677Cycrow36636
[SCRIPT] Local Trader Mk3 update52moggy235681
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Keeping a certain amount of energy cells in the freight of MK3 traders10Cheker32168
Any interesting new Trading strategies?9minderbinder77469
Economy and supply trader issues.1Docmasters123263
X3AP Alternate trading solution9J.I.Gorkij511
Problem starting a universe trader - Resolved, shield upgrade necessary.20siddham750
Can someone point me in the direction of how to rank up in AP for traders?12Leoten500
Trading Ideas/Schemes for the Hub (TC)2JJRSC266
Using Hyperions as Traders ?14Bill Huntington904
Trading in X2-The Threat5Dempsey24603
X3AP Universe traders6hartza76383
owning trading station & equipment dock useless?10Olterin69
Suicidal traders in X3. Let's not have them in X4, ok?6Sorkvild542
Sector Traders Stopping - Unable to sell wares.9InFi[D]eL424
X2 - Fight Command Mk3 needed9oceanway1210
[AP] Extend jump time or make combat break it? Add JD to traders?2soulmata392
[SCRIPT] [TC/AP] Station Advertising 1.8 (attract more traders)4OwnlyMe775
Trading and the war30-John-2099
Universe traders asking for Fight Command Software [X3TC]22amoe1402
Elite-like trading - TC (or AP, whatevs)8JJRSC703
The Argon war-trader139RAVEN.myst4766
Universal Trading..3Gargog571
A nice little earner sector trader advice needed26Nuvibe2645
How to keep Universe Traders alive?21pagulhan2389
[X3R] Mk3 traders are not showing a destination3LowkeeDragon331188
Looking to Mod Hyperions to use as Sector/Universal traders.6Kris_Fox1661
Problems with CAG and other traders10Daaki2327
Problem with traders with their escorts circling with no destination15SlayerAIM1262
Trading Station Wares8neojesus13672
[X3AP] Hidden resources trading8roundowl850
System Traders In AP4rmpow753
[X3:AP] Trading Halp Please - holes in resource chain everywhere36Motorsheep2492
player owned equipment dock and trading station function9tearing1182
x3ap universe traders9tearing793
XTC CLS 2 Trader Question4JJRSC402
CLS trader kept buying 0 ware - resolved again!2fireanddream363
Can't access the credit my universal trader makes (Resolved)0Ramlatus1195
Trading Network14Irrehaare621
Trading in TC13Clueless=Pilot869
traders with docking computer - resolved2Quiyy Gunn386
X3 TC - cls / cag trading combo?7minderbinder77817
Trading port question3Cursed Ghost240
X3:TC My traders only buying from my complexs8Mr Morita817
Imprison Pirates on Trading Stations mod3Eightbal1510
[X3TC] Universe Traders and HQ15UnknownObject1006
Trading Algorithm (help).5ylio539
Best way to automate sector/local trading for a specific commodity10Yosharian655
[AP] My UTs are ignoring "Intermediate Product Trading" settings in my complexes5StJude475
Help me understand Sector/Local/Universal Traders26Yosharian1240
X3:R Building Trading stations2Hickabooboo279
[X3TC] Two traders walk into an SPP ...14Dovakiin1058
X3R Steam Version, trouble with CLS and Trading7hbchrist379
[TC] Bone 'Idle' station traders12Crustyfur934
X3TC - How much money do my universe traders bring in?9Symont1157
drones and traders7sithneverdiealone527
Trading Ships13Ben Gunn542
Make script created trading stations "sell" (i.e lose goods with time)1M4lInX255239
X3 Reunion: Trading in Argon Space6Buckleup739
Crshes due to manual trading2Nonor64409
X3 Reunion+Xtended........can't turn sector trader to local trader6cosgrove1982591
X3 Reunion+Xtended........can't turn sector trader to local trader2cosgrove19821237
X3:AP MK3 vs CAG16MrFiction1397
How to script leveling a trader to 255Sinfulace304
MK3 sector/universe trader glitch1Cursed Ghost250
[X3:AP] Do Universe Traders/CAG's/CLS's etc, use Jump Beacons?2KaRsKiN480
X3TC. Traders refuse to work?7The Iron Duke444
Sector trader problem4Hologram3383
Automated Traders question1elmarko98316
AP: Universal traders problem4mc74529
On player station to station trading...7jamieren640
Factory Traders wont trade bpnus plug in - LU questions misplaced3XOOR458
is possible play to X3:AP without focus in trading?7tornar632
Universe trader stuck at player owned station1Vector_Gorgoth489
X3AP Universe trader help7Nehlis761
Trader to buy specific goods4Ronin677537
[TC] Sector Trader not making any trades10Idgy558
Do our Traders only trade with discovered/uncovered stations?5Bill Huntington424
Best Trading Station/EQ Dock X3AP3Psirus533
[X3AP] Trader violated CAG blacklist6Perseus1986372
[Script][LU] Mk3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded (v0.6.1b) 2014-10-2990Raaaak25800
X3TC: Sector Trader Current Order Set to None3THE_WESTi583
Some Noob Questions - Trading Blacklists & Stations5neepster609
Does CLS software interfere with non-CLS sector traders?19Geek.Verve1162
[script] Universe Explorers v2.4.2 b5 - now with Mk3 Blacklist integration0boran_blok441
[X3TC] Finding sector trader information11Zeebie732
X3AP - Trader Rank not increasing, no matter what - modded game.2zombienerd845
[X3R] Player Owned Trading Station and CaG8TycHouse774
[X3:TC] Trading help for a noob?29911MU51C403
CAG, CLS & Trading station question.9Cerezoss683
[X3AP] Any way to encourage early energy trading?3phoenix-it460
MK3 lost in Terran sectors7Cancuino584
Which command for auto trading (supply a station) ?1Joubarbe437
X3AP: Trading station consumption rates2Quinch373
Question on Mk3 / CAG pilots10usfwoody491
Universe Trader16Kessica811
Universe Traders always stop trading? X3AP11microtogo1027
Little questions about the mk3 trader software9Symont444
X3TC trading route2stumke463
estables a trading route0stumke1253
Can I play AP without trading?7JohnnyR496
Will this Argon High-Tech Trader ever bail?6IanFitzJo472
X3TC Freighters and Trading30CHL811730
Auto trader questions (ST/UT/CLS/CAG)?15oddible702
Trading Software Mk1 & 2 questions35oddible1305
Has X-Tension Trading Reputation Changed?1Wimle283
Sector trading and minimum jump range.3stevee620322
Pilot transfer / traders3Ronin677311
Sector Trading trouble2Ronin677333
Long time without a "trading" game X3AP12BankruptAssasin732
An alternate approach to sector trading622alphajr503
How to double the number of traders?5ls612420
Hub trading and UT's question2stimpy61328
Issue with trading commands.1RevanDucayne146
x3:AP best sector for setting up a sector trader?11dogboy1221728
universal trader always going standby (trade software mk3)22dmk1813
X2 Sector Trader - universe trader2Grettal2065
X3R - Universal Trader4Bryl346
X3TC E-Cells and Trading Questions :)11Lea Flamma345
Question on using the command scripts like trading one an Carrier etc....2Tasogie310
X3:TC: Sector traders - Auto jumping set to 0 or 1?5Myrrdin395
[X3:TC] IBL trading2mjwraw374
[SCR] [X3AP] Drone Mining and Trading System v1.2.2 [UPDATED 11/08/2014]113zanzal20730
X3AP: Some questions on Sector and Universe Traders41nospammdi1462
Is the trade Mk3 supposed to be 3 million ?4Kreiss338
Trade Software MK3 Sales Report3jondonnis485
Problems with sector/universe trader4sinsaint370
[X2] Universe Trader2sMull325
[SCR][AP][BETA][1.1]MK3 Adv Sat Whitelist2RoverTX246
[Q] Modifying MK3 Blacklist Behavior6RoverTX291
MK3 Trader buys 0 Units3iuiz254
Trade Command System Mk3 - Constant idle Captain11Sokar408458
Trade System Mk3 - Can it be purchased in Boron space?1Sokar408279
Manual trading freezes - known issue1lothos288
Trader MK3 - Question4FlyMario445
Ai trader buy price and behaviour1The Draf329
[X3AP] Early Game Trading: Duke's Domain is Insane!9OniGanon1198
[X3 AP] Sector Trader help10Plasmaball661
X3TC Traders not trading6bixxi3520
Local Trader script for X3:TC ?3mjwraw428
Sakuya's Question Corner (currently asking 1.5M Sector Trader vs Small Complex)68SakuyaFM3910
X3TC trading : is it better to pilot or command ?13tatann598
MK3 UTs still flying into blacklisted sectors9Leded685
Trying to follow sample trading run from manual.... can't.8TheDoctor46469
Mk3 traders7Jacob Valance312
Can I Stop My UT's Trading in Terran Sectors? (X3 TC 3.2)2Fraggle Rock293
Do satellite networks in any way help Local/Universe Traders?15rabcor1111
An automatic Stock exchange trader?2Jacob Valance469
[X3AP] Problem with CAG traders not jumping.8Censor507
Trading Stations & Space Equipment Docks questions17testpilot_bg768
X3tc sector trader help5Maxdamaged316
reduce NPC traders?2djhoerauf274
X3 AP - Advanced Trading3x5thElement511
Universal Trader ship got destroyed but pilot lived any way to give him a new ship?6Blade18711
Sector trading. What is going on?9Unknnnnn463
Sector trader question5erevo401
[Solved] "find station" command works strange with parameter "trader"1Gqqnbig417
[X3R]Seek Script: Factory Trading with Jumping1Gqqnbig297
CLS, Cag, MK3 takings5BankruptAssasin449
Steam trading cards for X?0Helios01244
MK 3 Trader Problem [X3 Ap]18BurningMan1621
X3:AP Corporation HQ and Purchasable trading / equipment docks5Dezonus1785
[X3R] Why do my Argon Trading Stations have no products?4Gqqnbig834
Automated Traders24thelebk1170
X3:TC Help with trading please!7Silzter568
Trading Extension Broken?7thelebk433
Good sector trader training spots?11IConquer545
Universe Trader Problems9CKYRules702
X3:Reunion, my sector trader isn't working.5dogboy122358
X3AP Universe Traders not upgrading their ships - Working as Intended3wydavies434
[AP] How to increase Terran standing with trading?6Naltharial692
CAG and trading port homebases9Quinch439
[X3R] Can't engage Universe Trader4Jimmy C308
[X3:R] A bit of confusion with traders.2Fatekeeper260
Trading influence on race and economic ranks17Old Drullo321797
Open Loops - But stations trading with each other2BankruptAssasin357
Trading mk3.... Standby?10niytiy436
TC: Quick Logistics Trader Question...3AA0154308
Good places for Trading command software MK3?12niytiy685
Best Trader14Sieg06660569
TC: Trader Question - Does size matter vs. How fast you can go?10AA0154853
Success with CAG traders?7willyshop480