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AL Plugin : Jumpdrive Kits 1.5 10/2/08160LV76797
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[Script/software] AP - Overtuning ships, the way of UFJD. Vanilla-friendly toolkit29kurush12267
X3TC: where is the jumpdrive?5Fresshness10769
X3 TC - unfocused jump drive ?13Neil Depledge10739
[TC] Unfocussed Jumpdrive: we seem to be lost, dear25CNiall10513
X3 AP - Where can you buy a jumpdrive?8agleave10478
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[TC] Using Jumpdrive in Terran Space?13Shihan10208
My wingman won't use his jumpdrive!40AjaxDude9959
Where can I find jumpdrives other than Goner Temple and TerraCorp HQ?25scruffpuff9892
Free Jumpdrives anybody??31Brodie9669
ATTENTION - Jumpdrive users!!!!!!!!!20Katwa7727
The Secret Goner JumpDrive Research Installation7wwwolf7556
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Unfocused Jump in AP?1Bill Huntington350
Game freezing on unfocused jump mission - Resolved by XP SP3 Compat mode.2Probe638
Unfocused jump mission freezes2Probe742
[X3:AP] Regaining UFJD in Shady Business1Jimmy C414
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[AP]Probability of a broken gate spawning in a UFJD sector?4uberdude9001638
AP: Goners do not give me new UFJD - why?2vradchuk412
Re-Fueling for Jumpdrive problem.0Birian748
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[X3:AP] UFO in UFJD sector???8rockelino787
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Finished Goner Plot - but have not received UFJD3JJRSC461
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[X3Reunion] Advanced jumpdrive configuration2Ewan123483
x3 albion prelude freezes at unfocused jump1polar_bear_1499
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Why is the AI so horrible with the Jumpdrive?4leos89567
Shady Business & UFJD10Gomezie753
[AP3.0][UFJD] Question8Idleking788
Found... something? In a UFJD sector.22IConquer1476
Unfocussed jump problems - Fixed by running in XP SP3 Compat mode.7Astronoid1180
X3:TP - Jumpdrives5cjoshuav453
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[AP] Unfocused Jump Nividium Yields5Maziou453
Where's my UFJD? What does it look like?3IanFitzJo432
UFJD Error with combi shady biz & breaking grounds - Workaround available.2astreus425
AP 3.0 UFJD Freeze1RoDiCa331
UFJD sectors, how many is there?12paulms1980941
[Spoilers] Shady business, UFJD reducing number of items to gather, is that normal?2MrGr33N554
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[X3AP] Unfocussed Jump Sectors and Abandoned Ships8NeilDingley1198
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Weird AI Jumpdrive issue1[ArZaKoN]266
[TC] UFJD Exploration Ship65150559
Jumpdrive autotrader mod?8Divine Shadow534
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Using the UFJD for engine tunings?9sadron621
[AP] Khaak ships in UFJD sectors?6Eddis1479
How do jumpdrives work?10flopsies604
Any jumpdrive scripts for AP?12Staxed722
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Unknown Un-intractable Object in Unfocused Space27Haruka1641
[MOD] Idea "use once jumpdrive" could use some pointers and help please0Andyrids231
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jumpdrive script in tc2Syr3L276
Supplying Jumpdrives to ships13jbrownos934
Can I get me station supply/sell transports to use jumpdrives?8Wedge598813
Pre-installed jumpdrives not showing up in ship info1Action_Parsnip395
Pandora boxes in UFJD sectors ?13Klord1317
[MD][AP] - get kha'ak back in UFJD sectors5kurush2386
[X3AP] Jumpdrive Seta countdown bug/problem4MrReddiculous649
Where's my unfocussed jumpdrive?52saints01536
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Why are there abandoned stations in UFJD space. X3AP21stoggy1504
Argon Colossus Jumpdrive1rancereya1124
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[X3AP] Anyway to do PHQ/HUB/UFJD plots as a Terran?7incarnyte1329
Destroyed transporter/scanner after using normal jumpdrive3Tenrag807
[X3 AP] Goner plot and Unfocussed jumpdrive13Sirus52453
script to enable PHQ and unfocused jumpdrives for Terrans2Jonzac387
Help, TC goner plot finished but no Unfocussed jumpdrive in my hold2samoja401
Unfocused sector ships4Free Trade Inn493
Why my Express wont use JumpDrive?18The3rdWings1122
AP HQ&UFJD Plots3Coreblimey545
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unfocussed j drive14xseriespadre930
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My HO and UFJD space4nelG3010713
UFJD Autohotkey - Spoiler5castdead753
UFJD, PHQ, Hub for Terran players - any working mod yet?9Sam975311027
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X3AP-2.0 UFJD leaving me out in the void18haines2105
X3 Ap Ufjd5dahonka1603
Unfocussed Jump Drive Help9richbezza932
[AP 2.0] Unfocussed jump freezes game. Fixed by XP SP3 Compat.4ezra-r770
I never noticed the stretch until using my UFJD...3sadron626
X3AP 2.0 -- Starting conditions for hub, ufjd phq.8Kirren1644
AP 2.0 UFJD-hub mission6Free Trade Inn1135
X3 Albion Prelude Terran Commander Jumpdrive20skidz84194836
[TC] Just got the UFJD, have a few questions.5Aeshi603
(ap) Ufjd38pr0nflakes3063
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SWEN, Hangars, Figters, and Jumpdrives4dudeydudett601
JumpDrive help4shadowdef440
jumpdrive availability4medea_dei645
Can you find any neat stuff when using the unfocussed jump drive?16Boringnick1279
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AP: Terran start, jumpdrives, docks, missile boat questions8AL'42667
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advanced jumpdrive clarification8Asmosis805
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Crashing to desktop when useing jumpdrive in the red zone15hardergamer1005
[ TC ] TC tricks in the Unfocused Unknown sector3Bill Huntington488
X3TC - need a reasonably good fighter with room for jumpdrive12156Thelema1367
X3TC - Unfocused Jump Drive Locks Up2whiteraider565
(question) Activate unfocused jumpdrive from script0Shimrod342
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Where can you buy jumpdrives from the Argon Peacekeeper start in AP?10tanner1ie1194
x3 AP where can i buy a jumpdrive6MethosShadow1108
Terran commander jumpdrive supply.15tahrox1689
X3AP jumpdrives question9DarkKlown771270
Changing the jumpdrive sounds?3serialblack561
Advanced jumpdrive configuration issue?2Nicoman35524
Is it possible to loot jumpdrives from ships?18klacoste1348
[TC] Diabolic Unfocussed Jump13saulsdr1200
Salvage Command Suite and Advanced Jumpdrive?1Chrome Enigma513
[TC] Hub plot CLS2 ships not using jumpdrive *possible spoilers*7JCTiger663
JumpDrive capacitor: requests help integrating autojump / autotrader / jump to gate4Phezzan554
how to make ships supplying a base use jumpdrive3alexdefelice412
[FIXED] UFJD / A New Home Plot crashes game2ganjanoof547
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Unfocused Jumpdrive sector respawn2cmdnenad742
Need some help please: unfocussed jump drive is not showing up2gary0515807
Mercury Hauler buying Jumpdrive + Ecells10Firepower01935
!Move.Jump Jumpdrive check editing/Change autojump on all ships in universe14irR4tiOn4L1171
Looking for a mod that makes jumpdrives more avaliable3Meknor531
Unfocused Jumpdrive14walneyite1995
Unfocused jump script?5supergulo931
Locking up on unfocussed jump (Vanilla X3TC - 3.1/steam)3project_mercy912
Problems with "Protect Me" command and Jumpdrives1Jawms484
PHQ and Jumpdrives7sockum1022
[TC] Dirty Trix #3: Jumping multiple ships with one jumpdrive (exploit/spoiler)5glenmcd1052
Unknown Object when using UFJD?8jon_argent1396
[X3 TC] Game crashes hard upon exiting Unfocused Jump (Version 3.1)8MikeT20112106
Buy for best price/jumpdrive2pjensen42488
Where can I find a darned jumpdrive! X3TC2TheGoldElite652
How can I get hired TL's to use their jumpdrive to go further/faster?31EternalSpace2277
X3TC,jumpdrive and ecells13-John-2440
buy ware + jumpdrive not working15grimfear1605
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No more jumpdrive charging40o0o0720
Unknown objects found in Unfocused JD Sector7William19821184
XTC Jumpdrive15Dank74301659
Where is the UFJD1Catalin Paun814
[Request] NPC TLs use jumpdrives!3CaptObvious557
Found a ship when using Unfocused Jumpdrive but cant select it7jbaron19801244
jumpdrive energy consumption script?3Dhamon586
Where to find a jumpdrive4CeaserNic742
unfoccused jumpdrive20Earth Ultimatum IV.1941
homebases and jumpdrive6LIONHEARTUK1496
[TC] Cannot purchase jumpdrive10Chirmaya1605
GAG CLS how to make them use jumpdrive3Sieg06660519
Game freezes after using the UFJD10dlots731460
No Unfocussed jump drive3pweiner715
how to stock jumpdrives and other more exotic equipments?8nap_rz1061
[TC] How do you use the unfocussed jumpdrive?4Heliore800
Unfocussed Jump Scipt!8daimond888