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Sticky: [X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!1CBJ90014
[SCR] OOS Combat Rebalance (alpha 0.32 - 06.08.10)312Gazz80405
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Mods (TC) found to work with Albion Prelude... LIST UPDATED: Jan 22, 201238Malakie48727
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OOS Combat Resolution (Was: OOS Missile firing test.)129jlehtone37288
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Nemisis & Hydra-Best OOS M6s (proof!!)93twilight_echoes27753
Terran Plot Problems In Sector M148: Workaround77Xenon_Slayer25649
[MD] ISS - Industrial Special Service V1.0.1 [18-03-2009]17Alex Vanderbilt22653
OOS combat - how SHOULD it work?159Gazz21830
[AP][MISSIONS]Mission briefing fix for stock missions, vanilla-friendly71kurush21703
[SCRIPT] Combat Tractor v1.30 [Updated 29/09/06] (M6 in sector survival kit)35Bunny20174
WHAT IS THE NEXT BIG THING? ...and WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ,or not like IN IT216christina one dash one19867
[Mod] OOS Rebalance v2 (v2.10 - 04.06.11)88Gazz19082
Destroyer was destroyed in sector 'Yeah Right!' by pirate..86CommChe18744
Mining Asteroids is a joke! READ THIS64Scott Unangst17465
[MISSION] "Real" Invasion Defence37Mysterial17450
[X3AP] Best IS M6 and M349SnappedManX616654
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[X3AP] Jerky motion in sector map1amoe59
[X3TC] Using CLS2 to distribute wares in sector7amoe474
X2 - getting all docked ships on an Elephant to dock at a Shipyard OOS4Syn3rgy389
[X3TC] IS vs OOS boarding. Does it make a difference?4lyonhaert471
Improving the Q's OOS performance7Reven255
Out-of-sector combat mechanics3Reven249
Terran cutlass destroyed my ship OOS, but I am Citizen!17mistercat597
Does the game cheat out-of-sector?5Reven282
Best weapons for falcons OOS3AL'42578
Different AI spam process when player satellite in sector?11astreus1229
X3TC, question regarding OOS Combat4Alexeiy855
Scan all ships in sector25Irrehaare1095
X3TC complex lag OOS?5MrFiction852
X2 the threat strange behaviour of NPC capships while OOS3Amon25011255
X3 TC Best setup for OOS Ships5JJRSC773
[X3:AP] Tackling the last part of Shady Business from OOS5Jimmy C1035
[X3AP] Skirnir in OOS role3RainerPrem518
What should I know about mission director? (Yes, it IS the issue!)25Space Traveller2683
Xenon Q OOS fix for x3tc?2Eightbal1520
CIG vs ISR9Bill Huntington973
[FIX TO X3AP VANILLA ISSUE] Wrong Text-ID display in generic missions3darkangel666782
Yes I DID go through the forums first. [X3AP Large complex IS lag]4your.homeseller855
[X3AP/TC] OOS mining speed4Old Drullo321577
[AP]OOS combat: ISR vs CIG, CIG vs IPG, PRG vs PAC?12Etheron1048
TC & AP OOS9johneh77753
[X2] music in sectors in mono6Marcybiskup1666
[X3:AP] Overlapping asteroids. What IS this?12Jimmy C1470
AP: OOS Fleet Turret settings ...13Gersidi941
X3AP Best OOS Defense Ship?15riceygringo1781
[X3AP] CTDs when in IS combat - fixed by verify6willypokorny662
HEPT, CIG or ISR ?6Cursed Ghost1038
X3AP-- Dragon And Hyperion Vanguard As OOS Defense?27Monkeyfister2250
Loadouts for my OOS Fleet: AP5Gersidi615
X3TC Weapons IS/OOS Question10Cayo124933
ISR vs CIG8Cursed Ghost685
X3AP- OOS Sector defense tips?2Nehlis560
QUESTION - How to create effective carrier for IS and OOS combat?7noname159851
{X3TC} ISR or CIG for overtuned Hyperion Vanguard11Kelvhan Amaratharr1112
[TC] Out Of Sector - Combat Mechanics3Lea Flamma439
[X3AP] Cost Effective OOS Defense?36OniGanon2269
Find calls for a script? (Albion Prelude War sector OOS attacks)3Psycho0124412
[MOD X3AP] PwnMi - Trade Fight Build Hack [DISCONTINUED]12zanzal2178
Did out of sector combat ever get fixed?7Gregster6356
Which matters most in OOS combat: shield or hull DPS?9Valtarien829
Did the Xenon J (or carriers in general) get a OOS combat buff? (X3:ap)2Hexdom394
OOS Manual Trades6dzilla77360
IS the CD-KEY Required for Super-Box?10littlebuster2008797
X3TC v3.2 OOS Combat System Changed or not?13giva0071592
x3:ap CIG vs ISR16firestorm792796
OOS defense force11McKenna-x2source821
OOS Mineral Scanning question10Mousse9655
OOS combat rule of Reunion1Gqqnbig487
OOS, Lasertowers, and reputation.6IConquer719
Using a TM for OOS defense force?13brownthomasw997
How big IS it?1CPT_Peterson588
(TC) OOS Patrols missing from game when I reload the game.3The Rogue Trader331
NPCs dropping crates when OOS3memia302
[X3TC] Xenon K useful OOS?5Scott C.442
AP CIG vs ISR on Hyperion45Dis Astranagant2809
To see ware prices when out of sector...3Flybye342
How does OOS combat happen in X3 TC/AP - the latest state ?10unity1001008
OOS Defense for Harmony of Perpetuity9Stryke111038
(AP) Remote controlled fleets of M2s, in-sector.13Earth Ultimatum IV.867
Fix for OOS exploration?3Braekyn506
[TC] In-sector autopilot bugged for some ships5Reido381
[X3AP] OOS Patrols Keep Targeting Blue Pirates2Simoom541
[X3AP] Kyoto VS Megalodon for OOS Defense. (Also, are M6 escorts even worth it?)22Simoom3187
[X3AP] OOS Laser Tower question6Simoom1178
[X3AP] SEWN and OOS Patrol Ships Friend/Foe Issue.4Simoom358
[X3AP] I see they haven't fixed the OOS combat issues with the Xenon Q...35Simoom2264
[TC] OOS Ammo Usage6Fluff470
How do I access the aldrin sector in the Terran Plot on X3AP?3FastKatana766
Need some one smart (MOD WISE)2Tacticalhl283
Scan THIS you scummy pirates!12Timsup2nothin990
Ships Faster in OOS?9estevesbk360
Is ISR useful?8PromX728
OOS M2 patrol: Megalodon?13bps18041010
[Request] Permanently Destroy All Asteroids in Sector11ptb_ptb748
Station building OOS5kolimbo531
X3TC, Is the Teladi Phoenix bugged OOS?6Zaijka872
[XTC][MISSION]Terran Escort, I don't think this is right?1spoidz472
OOS Q Defense (Albion Prelude)14lordsloth1340
[AP]Need some Ideas: Making Fighters survive OOS8Cronos988604
[TC] Should I bother with the Aldrin sector?17joefitts632234
Out of sector combat...what is the big deal ??24Klord1261
Massive IS Rep Loss in Magnir - Complex Hub Collisions16praypold1152
OOS in X3TC and in X3AP?10bluenog1431405
IS it possible/how do I?6Turnus429
[X3AP] ship always exploding when exiting IS a Kyoto in Springblossom1vahadar314
My complex was destroyed OOS by three pirate fighters...? (TC)4Shogouki702
[X3AP] Cannot view Stock Exchanges from Perpetual Sin sector - Confirmed vanilla bug.2ajax34i952
Removing IS fog, dust, clouds0Sadiedog408
IS it possible to maipulate the market by building more factories?11Russia20121143
IS it a good strategy to try to build factories to use as forward outposts?3Russia2012580
X3:AP Tarran-Argon War Sectors OOS Combat3UrbanAvalon3257
X3AP - Aran explode to Undock at PHQ - Workaround by being OOS.4vwcd1155
X3:AP Terran attacking my assets when I'm OOS.19Vantharas3483
Poll: X3TC. THE HUB MISSION How Long Did You Take to Complete It?27ThommoHawk2023
How to calculate OOS combat?17Zaijka743
Anyone know which script this is? Enemies seen in sector..1rafezetter455
Aldrin Sector, Customs Mode?1niytiy407
AP OOS combat question1shadowdef301
how does OOS combat really work???21p00fer784
M7M Scripting for OOS Combat5TestUnknown639
[LIST] Streamlining X3 with ease of use modifications119Teleth13221
IS strangeness AP4KextV8444
(MOD - MISSIONS) TSOG AP - Terran only missions for AP (V1.0 - Released, 10/4/2012)14TEKing664643
X3AP 2.0 Combat IS and OOS8TestUnknown1519
[AP] Miners losing Hull OOS4Dagdamus410
X3AP Collect Minerals in Sector7dwcalex1330
Collect wares in sector?6arnak391
[AP]2.0 OOS War Zone glitch?15Frostnads907
[AP] Non-M7M/M8 missile fire broken OOS?3em3e3768
Turret auto switch ignores ammo based weapons OOS3TiGGs515
[Noob Question] IS & OOS Combat - Can someone please explain this for me?7SanguineHaze713
War zone OOS destruction, please patch it out17delray2088
(AP) OOS sector patrol1rj35267b361
[X3AP] Missiles are not being fired OOS0yau324
Quick wares in sector question1Bakus201
[TC][MAP]Is there any source for XTC map AS ACTUAL IN GAME DISPLAY? -SOLVED-0spoidz585
"All drones in sector, attack shields"?7Winter Dragon1073
[X3AP]Question for OOS sector defence against Terren @ war zones and other questions2lordmuck783
How do I transfer cargo from a TS to a TL while OOS mining?5SyberSmoke547
[TC] How would I go about outfitting a ship for OOS combat?6Aeshi583
OOS Weapon Damage0Litcube320
[X3TC] How do the CIG, ISR & IPG compare to each other?6Aeshi1656
X3AP; OOS instant win10gezgin2k1141
OOS Defence Issue5cheakytoast369
X3AP OOS Defense Force16GameDrifter3509
Looking for a script to restrict trade ships from certain sectors..2Phier327
[AP]OOS initial contact help7lt_wentoncha632
[AP] Hostile Guard Pirates in Sectors - Can you turn them friendly?3Nagittchi423
How to get player property in sector in script?3tentagon600
what exactly different with OOS in AP?27nap_rz3048
[Problem] Max number of ships in sector?2edwardecl376
[X3TC] OOS Combat - Wares?3Morkonan444
[AP] close support in ISB, viable/usable?2AshToDust382
[TC] [Guide] how to figure out what to put on ships that are going to fight OOS22Catra2042
[TC] Ships not moving in sector view on seta3Big Bad Orca336
[AP] Getting 'Collect Rocks in Sector' to work:5Gloomheart478
[AP] Plasma Burst Generator WAY overpowered in OOS battles34swatti4502
[AP Bug] Terran OOS Behavior11ChristensenCT1044
Fun & Games with OOS Combat12Xander Cade856
X3 AP station attacked OOS3Damillio837
[AP] Mine and Trade minerals OOS not working?21knightdriver3533836
[TC] Extraordinarily PISSED OFF - Screwed again on DiD15tatakau1189
[AP - Bug Report] Player Ships ejected from sector map on entry IS in Albion3Spychotic408
(question) AP OOS laser selection5Shimrod626
Scan all asteroids in sector how does it work? APrelude10Jezmond401034
Drone Carriers for OOSC in AP0ConCorDian497
X3 AP - New OOS Battle Code51Eskymak8213
Yet another quick OOS question - Mining2BryanNeff454
Best weapon for trade ships OOS25BryanNeff1437
Advice on OOS long term sector defense19BryanNeff1017
collect wares in sector1Skillzfire292
best OOS blockade ship command?4jamafish438
Question about Savage Spur OOS Defense9RoverTX997
X3TC M7M OOS combat?11jamafish1395
OOS building2jamafish424
OOS fighters for a Panther14StarSword762
I Can't figure out how use use the money script. PLEASE ASSIST!6Pilot_Zeques584
Lasertower OOS combat3jamafish594
Friendly fire OOS?9Automatic Jack644
Laser towers useless OOS?17Skillzfire1384
Automated Complex Construction even when OOS ?3TTD471
OOS Weaponry for a Shrike14StarSword847
Aldrin Station will not let me dock in sector....9Masochisto755
NOOOO DIS NOT POSIBLE!! (rant)10Skillzfire1289
Two questions concerning OOS Patrols and a weapon.5The Rogue Trader494
Cheap OOS Defender against Pirates31Sieg066602113
Best OOS defense ship18McKenna-x2source2049
Improving FPS with complexes in sector?11Pirate hater1057
Looking for a mod to remove in sector fog?2Greyhawk1557
OOS combat...7Turiko638
Behold!! X1- BTF German Walkthrough TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH!!!!!!1Volyren588
OOS Patrol M6 - Worth it?6(/\)arped933
Best carrier based ship for IS?23Nagittchi1962
Spitfyres won't dock on my Griffon IS7ninja_zombie_jesus947
[X3TC] Couple of basic OOS defence questions9MarvinTheMartian1360