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FAQ: Rankings and statistics182CBJ100684
X3 Race rank list39x2newbie182038
[SCR] Numeric Race Rank Titles, Notoriety list with point values48Gazz58694
[MD] Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki [V1.03][09/21/2011]71Commander SAMU27925
[SCRIPT] Display Ranks : v 0.5 (beta) : 22Jun0961Carlo the Curious26081
[SCR] No notoriety loss from hitting jumpgates15Gazz23988
Notoriety Formula and Standings (updated Jan 4)25AalaarDB19302
Argon Rank!! It's been said before, but it's worth saying again!!30Shadow008018754
Goner rankings57greenday_dude17893
Fwiw, new race rank chart with point system (xls & pdf available)53fud17889
[Script] Numeric Race Rank Titles, Notoriety list with point values14Gazz16280
[X3TC] Notoriety/Race reputation16Carlo the Curious14281
Need script for notoriety. X317bates77713734
[Script/MD] Organic Notoriety - v1.21a - 27Nov201047h2o.Ava13468
Fastest way to increases ranks ?28haab12313
Hot tip - Increase your rank selling Khaak weapons25Circumcisor11501
X3TC: Ranking too easy?40random5011326
How to leave your game running and NOT lose rankings.36RustiSwordz10229
goner rankings40BOBA FETT10161
X3:Terran Conflict trade rank question13Lord Bane8754
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Trade/fight rank hack?8Ed t'Klr376
Can someone point me in the direction of how to rank up in AP for traders?12Leoten406
XBTF -> X-Tension passive rank progression2professen497
Three questions: race rank stagnation, isolating ships, mobile mining in AP26Doktor Teufel1759
XT Ranks Not Increasing12FrancisV942
Need Help, can't find a script to change my notoriety, I know there is one, but can't3chaosdaemon466
Getting to X-Treme Trade Rank12JJRSC887
[Script question]How to change race notoriety?5Zaitsev515
Reputation Rank Change Log Entry3Joelnh299
Problem with Race Notoriety - XTC mod1JBolho455
X3AP Trade Rank Problem2pheonixx616
X3AP Trade Rank Problem - Heavily modded game3pheonixx667
notoriety Questions - resolved2fireanddream342
Who got X-TREME fighter rank?9astreus1199
teladi wares - no notoriety required to trade3adriancos526
AP: Conflicting Info .. Trade rank and missions3Gersidi537
[AP]X3 AP 3.1 how to check cooperations' reputation/rank without MOD/script?14tikael20121347
Race ranks and notoriety11Psirus490
AP: Enemy Cap ships and Combat Rank4Gersidi356
Lasertowers increase fighting rank?4Araknis497
X3AP - Trader Rank not increasing, no matter what - modded game.2zombienerd832
[X3:TC] Enemy spawns depend on combat rank and...?3Zeebie492
X-Treme Fighting Rank - How?13Bill Huntington779
returning to the ranks9Eeon536
X3TC: Teladi Race Rank Dropping Like a Brick3JJRSC375
Is it possible to LOCK relations/notoriety4CaalDarkstar549
[X2] Mission giver says my rank is too low?!3chrismokvack369
X3AP How to increase my fight rank?3nospammdi382
X3TC - Is it possible to befriend an enemy race if at rank -5?5Maliex677
[X3TC/AP] Abandoned Ship Mission size/class trigger (Race Rep or Trade Rank) query4Solomon Short368
After Shady Business & Highest Goner Rank WHATS NEXT!0phantomrock2341
X3AP Notoriety issue: How do you lock the notoriety/relations of a race to friendly?9LEO_zinc768
[TC] Odd fight rank distribution3nponoBegHuk233
Slow down fight rank advancement - AP1rujikin368
XU Forum Quest - Round 42 (Now includes results, final rankings and Winners)33Alan Phipps4348
UT rank list X3-R0MAD_COMMANDER206
Can't find Corporation ranks in Game/Pilot Information3khazim553
M5 Maruader: Tormented Assassin Race and Combat Ranks5brownthomasw586
X3:Reunion improving race notoriety without being able to dock to stations.7dogboy122579
Trading influence on race and economic ranks17Old Drullo321790
station build missions and GREAT jumps in notoriety!11Deathtoll666809
[Prlblem]Rank 4 with argon, and they still red?4cryptonite1413
AP as Argon - improving rank with terrans?8eugene123776
Share recovery rank 8 [Spoilers]8castdead530
how to gain terran rank x3ap4Plärr Jörgenson631
Raising pirate rank. AP/XRM2jestor00702
Where's the bad guys? Fight rank question.11Darth_Wayner698
Ships that don't require Notoriety.15Clock_Work1001
X3AP Yaki and Pirate Ranks0Centurion2008526
[TC] Rank loss for cap ship slaughter8Elleron596
Any near-rank up X-Treme save files for achievement?8sadron724
Going for the X-treme ranks (AP) Can you guide me?14aXeldk938
Notoriety Mod2Griperrr360
My Teladi Rank appears to be broken.7snowman001682
Fight Rank Boost Appears to be Variable1Tohron377
Huge/unjustified notoriety increases (glitch?)5glenmcd477
TC - I think my trade rank is broken...15sadron687
Does completing combat missions also affect your fight rank?5sadron361
Sector Traders Ranks2zigelmind280
Race Rank Question4The Iron Duke325
Fight rank and gamma kyon emitters7pref797
[X3AP] Question about trade rank farming.11Ailour904
(AP) Raise that fight rank!24SilusCrow1262
Faction / Corporation Rank display ?3Toutidom442
X3TC - specific rank thresholds for docking privilege or getting shot at?6Idgy466
Ranks and Money... o what a newbie. =D10slither666690
X3 AP UT Keep taking Courses at Rank 254RoverTX372
Fight Rank suggestions7Hardscript501
Trade rank troubles.2imortalvalk297
rank progression script/mod?3npite347
Anyone know how Fight Rank is earned?6Bothersome511
Reset final fury rank0Mauzen282
[X3:AP] How to raise Terran notoriety?3Aerowind995
QUESTION - Kills per fight rank type ?8dertien673
[TC] Fight rank loss3joefitts63355
[SCR][TC/AP] Automatic Rank Variation Checker [v13a - 11/09/2012]4Juggernaut933023
AP Bad notoriety effects - is there a table?0brucewarren356
[REQ]Fighter names and ranks2poeticdreamer577
[MOD][AP]New Race Ranks0vukica2788
X3TC/AP All my race ranks are high, but some stations are still enemies?8wileycoyote871006
MOD REQUEST - AP - Display yaki, pirates ranks3Gorium593
[MD Script][TC/AP] Military fight rank6vukica2575
Notoriety argon missions11Daisai520
Heavy shield notoriety to buy is broken in Teladi stations3glenmcd296
[AP] ATF rank hints (& blatant brag)0Neil Depledge451
[TC] ATF Rank3TTD449
What determines whether you lose notoriety or not from failed missions? (X3:AP)3OtterMan79399
How to get ATF rank up in [AP]?8Id13744
Increasing your rank in Paranid and Split0Scartha4040510
[X3TC] raising negative rank quick?10alfagamma811063
[X3AP] How does notoriety with pirates work?4Mrreg1071
Pirate rank AP?1shea566
Notoriety increase script2p3x1187467
ATF Rank status.4chanelit570
x3tc race rank2Piece_of_lemon428
[AP] Ranks , Reputation and future ahead8Arialth677
Patch to combine Terran and ATF notoriety for Albion Prelude9shea696
What combat rank do you start needing to have a fleet?22Vagrant Storm1490
Guide to raise Race Rank with any race, ATF and Terran included1seanwt758
X3AP lost Argon rank destroying Terran station in Circle of Labour3Mike Roberts653
[AP] (Relatively) easy way to get fight Rank2Mayhem93444
Request rank cheat2bulgaria392
What does the [L] mean next to Race rank?2redminer9999669
Argon ranking4morallo588
AP - Terran and ATF ranking problems - help please.17chanelit919
Max Terran Rank for AP Plot?1EnderIII374
[TC] terran rank help7chriscyco69633
fight rank, combat missions, and type of enemies7nap_rz596
Trade Rank1EspritFort415
[AP] Race rankings took a beating9lt_wentoncha784
X3AP Split Fight Rank Enlisted?8Frostnads2150
[AP] My Race & Fight Rank Keep Decreasing!!6DrHarvey12679
Terran ranking......?3Klord441
[AP] REQ: Combat Rank cheat/mod0swatti393
[X3TC] Questions about combat/trade/race/corp rankings. (tl;dr at bottom of post)6Alatar13132520
[TC] How do I check my various Race Ranks (Notoriety)?4nukewarm465
New stations faction ranking2Bhruic242
[REQ] - Gain Combat Rank from AI Ships3mib666007517
Does your non-player ships give you combat rank?4mib666007556
What does the [L] mean next to your race rank?4Sovereign108604
AP Marines Fight Rank Increase Rate8Raize670
Can't get fighter rank because enemy keeps self-destructing!5Slonor761
Does combat rank influence Xenon bailing chance?3Shiro Ichida563
[TC] Corporation Ranks3Cipry434
Questions about ranking and Sector Traders11Meum748
How do you see the ranks of your Sector/Uni traders?1xCLAVEx259
ATF rank1Ripskar435
Stop fight rank drop?4jamafish386
Trade Rank0dr1zzt05455
The rank grind is INSANE! (X3R) TC here I come?7Prophet1721
Player race ranks and world politics3Tinky495
Rank for buying Terran gear, Getting marines back from an outpost?18Palladin8881176
Freighter pilot ranks4Palladin888578
TC- Raising Combat Rank5deca.death506
Corporations: "Unlimited" amount of Rank 4 and 7 rewards possible?4Lelouch589
race ranks5cattafett645
SETA and declinign Fight rank11dryfus3368893
What are the race ranks for the Poisoned Paranid start?8InFlamesForEver780
If i commit crimes in Terran space will my ATF rank go down5Sieg06660808
X3TC: Mysterious ranking - solved0kaburo538
What fight rank to effectively capture ships? (BoP Question as well...)1Nagittchi475
TC, Assassination mission and fight rank.1Aro390
Trade and Fighting rank incarse1Nomad548469
TC Puzzle: Achieving without raising trade or fight rank14glenmcd1495
Ranks & Rewards2pablodalk707
Trade Rank23ajmthefalconer1553
Titles and ranks3Hardscript638
Combat Rank Deficiency? Error? Anyone?3Samassassin571
Change Terran Access Rank via script?16Gravitycontrol1225
Weapon drops and fighting rank8brattbags01905
New Terran plot where you can get the highest ATF rank and access to ATF Cap ships35STL_fpagsc2702
Combat Rank and Trading Rank resetting at startup! Wth?!6Crimson001687
My rank keeps going down to fighter chief when I startup! Wth?3Crimson001592
a real chalenge at higher fight ranks?24unknown11885
Trade rank question2CeaserNic563
BBS articles, 'ranking' and 'article' tags2mr.bear1379
Pirates and Teladi ranking.10greypanther1174
Crazy Glitch--..--Paranid-Split ranks are switched25billinauburn2608
Corporation ranks16ganjanoof1497
Trade rank vs Combat rank29ThailandExpress2130
Telling your rank with each race.3speedracer4100611
What Split rank for total access?3DerekBaker719
Pirate ranks6Dogbite934
[X3 R] Rank points8The NME901
[X3R] Benefit to race rank 18jackmcbarn966
Ranks - L next to them?10DeathXI1102
Does fighter Rank iincrease while in a carrier if..............4Sieg06660783
SEAT wont drop my Fight rank8cattafett1021
Does your trading rank increase when using sector/universe trader?7Matthew941213
Help me on that Trade Rank.16ComedianGR1741
Station race rank requirements5Spychotic761
argon ranks and pirate sector2chrissy4nicole856
Marine fight rank levelling12Neil Depledge1672
Raising combat rank as fast as possible12XanII1509
What rank do you have be to buy Terran M1 & M26Dogbite1149
Problems with notoriety6nuttyprot782
Terran Notoriety (How to increase it) -- I completed the missions alrdy6sthakker3851
Easy way to get notoriety up?35Vortexz2751
Captain Rank ???8i64man858
whats up with the ranking stats10mangar1295