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[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commercial Agent (CAG)350jlehtone263336
[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commodity Logistics Software MK1 (CLS1)106jlehtone118232
[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Commodity Logistics Software MK2 (CLS2)77jlehtone116645
[X3T] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots in Terran Conflict101Kor'ah83391
[BONUS ADD-ON] SMS / Station Management System V3.1a109ticaki60377
[X3] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots43Kor'ah52387
Trapper Tim's Guide to CLS 2124Timsup2nothin44493
[BONUS ADD-ON] SDS Station Delivery Service131ticaki41162
[TC - Guide] An Idiots Guide to CLS66Kirlack25245
[REQUEST] BPH / Factory Trader Script / CAG78UK_lawman14644
BPH Script Rocks!96giskard14237
Refueling TL's with CLS257Storm66613959
CAG is on continuous standby (Not Trading At All)18jaguarskx11184
CAG and CLS uses38thebigJ_A11152
Basic SDS Loop Guide37Adonne10700
Bug with the BPH script76fchopin9881
Building a CLS energy grid46Timsup2nothin9734
[X3TC] [SOLVED] CAG on Standby?21Harmonizer9014
(X3:TC) CLS and CAG quesitons27BigMistake8774
Advanced SDS Script Beta50TSM8256
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Will a CAG buy a jumpdrive17Codejnki812
CAG problem608murch364
[X3TC] CLS1 bought drones, but doesn't do the run1seePyou243
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bonus pack CLS compatibility latest version? - Resolved by correct patching7freiman17462
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CLS and CAG levels10Trevelvis436
Quick CLS2 question2Alexeiy183
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Looking for ASDS0Reven665
[X3AP] CLS2 freighter not refuelling and trade competition29LSFKing932
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Bug with CLS ??2gapper4359
Huge issues with my CAG's.7Dreez902
How to add CLS2 software to Terran docks?2JDCollie540
[resolved] Sudden CLS2 odd behavior1Browser_ice351
Training CLS with purpose and for profit4Timsup2nothin642
CLS 1 question11Timsup2nothin715
X3AP Make CAGS only trade with my stations plus other CAG questions.7Sicnarf807
[X3:AP] Anywhere to start CLS/CAG pilots with experience other than Herrons Nebula?9Sinxar1098
Problems with CAG and other traders10Daaki2338
How does CLS Work, pls?7trethil1092
CAG not selling product8firefightervf06544
[X3AP] CLS2 Fab Supply5NZ-Jaded588
[AP] CLS between TLs17Irrehaare730
CLS minimum jump range = 0 not working?1fireanddream348
Seeking guidance: Argon Prime area and a CLS2 Monopoly in X3TC (3.2 Vanilla)25Mordain2363
[X3:TC] CAG intermittently idle for long periods4Last_Jedi_Standing726
XTC CLS 2 Trader Question4JJRSC410
XTC - CLS 2 Difficulties8JJRSC661
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X3TC vanilla CLS2 refuses to do anything13flashcactus845
Regulating sale - CLS?4Irrehaare556
[X3TC] Help with Dragonfly complex CAG seller setup2Munimentum410
Quick CLS Question2BankruptAssasin575
X3AP: How do I make CAGs trade only with my complexes?1|-|Mohawk|-|308
[X3:AP] Could use some help fine-tuning CAG39Jimmy C2017
2 Q's: CLS problem and placing lasertowers26wolfee1150
An enquiry in to CLS driven distribution4sithneverdiealone349
X3AP CAG Stuck on Idle0Srbin396
[X3TC] How to make CLS pilot automatically refill his jumpdrive energy supply?15chrismokvack1296
X2 The Threat. Bonus Pack CLS Mk1 Question9Achedb0b2259
CLS problem X3 TC4wolfee339
How to sell station products efficiently (CAG or CLS or what?)11cappyredcoat557
CLS Not working7BankruptAssasin444
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Stock Exchanges are Linked! and CLS2 vs. the game's decision engine...Round 12egosoftuserdude478
CLS Puzzlement3GlassDeviant422
[TC] All CAG and CLS gone Idle / Standby - sorted itself out2Crustyfur367
[X3:AP] Taking the guesswork out of CLS/CAG6Jimmy C484
Small CLS driven businesses6Timsup2nothin804
X3:AP MK3 vs CAG16MrFiction1411
[X3:AP] Do Universe Traders/CAG's/CLS's etc, use Jump Beacons?2KaRsKiN483
CAG on standby0XOOR263
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CLS to buy Marines? Possible?4Gersidi354
[X3TC] How can I make my CLS Logistician deliver to my ships in X347?2IanFitzJo250
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Question about CAG/CLS9Tairaa664
[X3AP] CLS2 Observation9NewtSoup509
Does CLS software interfere with non-CLS sector traders?19Geek.Verve1165
X3AP: why is CAG sometimes blanking out the homebase field ?1Browser_ice313
[X3AP] CLS Trouble25NewtSoup655
Trapper Tim's CAG synthesis25Timsup2nothin1639
[X3R] Using CLS to befriend pirates?3chrismokvack638
X3AP: safer to sell illegal goods in commercial statiosn then using CAG/CLS ?4Browser_ice365
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CAG, CLS & Trading station question.9Cerezoss684
Two Problems with CAG Software8greyhand581
X3AP: CLS2 not buying nor waiting for the targeted price, just docks/undocks9Browser_ice857
X3TC CLS/Complex Support8Cayo124574
Interesting/Useful CLS setups.12usfwoody749
X3AP: CLS2 not possible between TL and TS if not docked ?2Browser_ice344
CLS w/ jump beacons2Black_Vega315
Need help on CLS2 setup.6usfwoody329
Question on Mk3 / CAG pilots10usfwoody492
X3AP: can I CLS2 a TL with drones/ships to go through all my stations ?7Browser_ice644
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Auto trader questions (ST/UT/CLS/CAG)?15oddible703
ST/UT & CAG & CLS Questions50oddible1133
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Complexes vs CLS/CAG in AP.5Wheem511
What is the difference between CLS 1 and 2?2mouser9169391
More CLS Issues, go figure (Spoilers) TC5JJRSC330
[X3AP] Unified Sector Blacklist for ST/UTs, CAGs, and CLS?4Misaniovent573
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X3TC CLS Settings6mwp5160354
X3:TC CLS and Jumpdrives2Lortex87297
The CLS-PHQ-Dockware Manager Dilemma2FischAP527
[X3TC] CAG not selling9mtlmaks751
can you have more than 1 CAG representing a station?5nospammdi246
X3TC: CAG or CLS MK2 for my Heavy Missile Complex?17rockelino1007
Help with CAG and logistics.6Jingai346
[X3:TC] CLS pilots sing jumpdrive - how ?5mjwraw515
CAG / CLS Question for TC gah6JJRSC293
Is there CLS or CAG in Vanilla X3TC?3JJRSC209
[X3AP] CLS 1 Suppliers not added3Austinners244
[X3AP] CLS on standby, could use some help9Ailour473
CLS doing my nut in13jondonnis622
CAG not working for me..6Kimmy285
[X3TC] CLS won't wait at station5Jimmy C283
X3AP XRM 1.30 CAG Standby2DaWilko574
CAG on standby HEEELPPPP1Wrymn227
TC CLS slowdown?4bandarlog253
CLS1 as a resource distribution equalizer?10CTHM572
In need of CLS/CAG help PLEASE!20bebop1225927
Quick reference for CLS1/2/CAG?2hourheroyes289
CAGs don't sell silicon wafers in complex16Darth_Wayner736
[AP]CLS, and other things2IronMask314
[x3:ap] how do you set CLS to refuel your specified ships?7firestorm79600
X3:AP - CLS Software location3NewtSoup384
CLS2 Fun with the Yaki23Masochisto1437
[X3AP] Problem with CAG traders not jumping.8Censor509
[X3AP] CAGs selling intermediates4marcellius270
[X3TC] CLS & Unloading Mammoth Supply Vessel15Crustyfur977
CAG always selling intermediate products2marcellius227
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Aldrin CLS on standby7ClashPDG544
CLS won't dump at TL7ClashPDG551
[X3:AP] CLS MK1/MK2 Non argon station?9elektrohawk795
What Happens if You Run into an Astronaut without CLS installed? X3 TC 3.28Fraggle Rock483
CAG not working?0jasdog216
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X3TC: CLS, how can I select a handful specific NPC stations to trade?1Zaijka252
CAG newbie problem3baldysm361
CLS Query8McKenna-x2source340
Lotan for CAG/CLS/UL?4stoudtlr363
CLS, Cag, MK3 takings5BankruptAssasin450
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CLS help - many stations feeding one station, ware distribution, etc6ScytheBlade1346
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CLS Pilot's knowledge base...warning: spoiler within, even an exploit IMO3Timsup2nothin379
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CAG/CLS- Bonus pack-stupid me2Rockstar255
Slight CAG Problem6Grape213
TC: CLS clarification1AA0154175
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CAG and Legacy Factory Troubles1Ruger254
Unclear on the benefit of CAG/CLS16Maziou605
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CLS II quick supply question11dno101382
[CLS/CAG] Confused about "manual input UP TO"17FuryFlex757
CAG bug1Skumleren319
playing X3AP on steam. need help installing CLS.11Deathtoll666456
CLS2 - Question for the more experienced players30RayF1682
X3:AP CLS pilot not carrying out orders5cscottydont443
CAG not returning to homebase0markwalker86185
Question About CLS24Stryke11484
Question on CLS X3AP2Rupert Hound337
[X3TC] CLS not refueling jump energy6lumbrius2108
Supplying the HQ (AP)- CAGS or CLS?6Sovereign01725
Pure CLS vs. Mixed Traders: How to setup the test24Alacard1987
CAG best buys and best sells locator1Codejnki275
CLS on standby1Vector_Gorgoth229