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[MOD] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V1.94 Available 3/9/2011]6374Cadius741878
(LEVELED) - DDRS V2.5 with 55 custom ships and 6 custom shipyards4093DeadlyDa698231
[MOD-TC]Ship Rebalance Mod:Continued v1.10b (27/6/11): Now Discontinued...6047paulwheeler446372
Complete List Of XSP Ships576Alien Tech Inc.380277
[UPDATE] A few SW ships... and a couple of ST ones too [01-11-2009]1651magrathean monkey373056
Capping, stealing, boarding and carjacking ships in X3 Terran Confict - THE HOWTO554delray331071
[MOD] [AP/TC] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V2.01 Hotfixed Available 21/5/2012]1281Cadius311123
[PROGRAM] Ship Manager - Creator & Installer V1.91 : Update 28/02/20071093Cycrow197986
[SHIP] Terran M6 Normandy v1.3 & New Game Start393Tenk189611
[SHIPS]Battlestar Galactica Ships Ver 1.8, with Promotional Video521hawkbs184388
Ship Capture Guide: X2 Version 2 (Updated for 1.4)324Al176013
[SHIPS] 32 BSG Ships in XSP- UPDATE Galactica Guns Fixed See PG 42.682hawkbs162880
X3 Ship Pictorial Guide *Spoiler* Ships & their Pics48Slade_x155599
Source for ships in XSP695tensin137750
[Mod]Battlestar Galactica Ships V1.3[03/09] [New info Last post]897killerog132966
[EXTRA] Star Trek Ships and some StarGate525kris4564131169
[SCRIPT] Capitol Ship Crews V1.31 : Update 24/01/2007415Cycrow128682
Free ships? *SPOILERS*201fairimear127649
Ship/Factory 3D Models and Stats Viewer version (spoiler?) NEW VER. APR 07291Anonymous126783
[Script][V1.3|2.5|1.0] X2-X3//X3-X3-Converter//Copy Ships and Stations408SymTec ltd.126064
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Where is the ship fit forum/post?4sectioneight94
Ships with unique audio tags and other questions3fireanddream104
[X3TC] Return Ship spawned cop turned blue?9lyonhaert109
Where do Terran big ships spawn again?5Bill Huntington126
Kyoto Boarded with Ships inside ??7Bill Huntington153
Staton ships behaviour7Goloburdeaux115
I got my own ship boarded, here's what happened next3fireanddream171
Moving ships from AP to TC?1Ed t'Klr156
XRM Cockpits - Possible to swap a cockpit style on the same ship?1Sammorgan0134
[X3 AP] Abandonned ships3Thrake179
HQ Ship manufacturing rebalance mod?1Krytonic215
Custom new ship issues8Midnightknight270
[MOD]X3:AP Map Generator + Shipyards for HQ0Mechick251
[SHIP] XRM Xenon IX0NighTragE264
Player HQs - Ship Construction Facts and Fictions9Reven348
ship building0garsterj60191
Abandoned Ship Spawner for AP0gibsonles243
some ships won't it install0garsterj60127
Terran cutlass destroyed my ship OOS, but I am Citizen!17mistercat411
ship do not install1garsterj60107
Ship signals not working3Reven192
What ship do you recommend for starting the AP plot?25JohnnyR514
Porting a Ship From XRM to LU9Chokeslam529
X3R Odin class hangar (Created ship)5Reven337
REQUEST - 4 Mass Effect Ships0Bishop Weyland278
Stop Ships from entering specific sectors0MrKincaid239
Ship Device for remembering purchased prices0mattig89ch184
Life Cycle of RRF ships ?3Bill Huntington312
How to add cockpits to XSP ships that don't have them0captainradish230
Balance of Power mission: Tyr battleship captured breaks script?4Ericmor417
Terrans still attacking my ships7bazthebad421
Can a ship be exported from the Plugin Manager?8mglass61382
Border Control Ships as Hunters ??4Bill Huntington413
Question about ships ?6Bill Huntington512
Albion Prelude Final Fury plot, Exterminator ship missing8corny12593
X3TC: Vidar as a personal ship?13KMcr1177
secret ships and items that u search for1davetriplett718
[Mod] [Vanilla X3AP] Half hull for all ships (TShips file)1OwnlyMe262
Lucike Transport Service - issue with ship type2Cassin314
Mod Request: Pirate Spawn All Ships0immortalfrieza505
X3AP Star wars mod with XTRA Ship pack1jshru731
What ship is this ? Video link inside. [Solved]4Dreez607
Looking for Ship porting for dummies6J.I.Gorkij474
(X3AP) Cap ships with highest frontal firepower10J.I.Gorkij740
Hotkey for "Ships" Tab in Property List?1Pind310
Ship killed message in player logbook1Pind340
Ship ID1skywolf33358
Issue With Accidently Transparent Ships0RoverTX297
How to run a task on ship when a certain software is installed?2Pind364
Commands or scripts that allows my ship docked at my factory to dump products?8robotlover808
i cant find a x3 reunion ship editor please help i want to create a big mod with that1Star Fox Zero2711
What's with the names of Xenon ships?10immortalfrieza776
How to hire a merchant ship?1AnAverageN0OB413
Question: Displaying All Ships Hull and Shield0Joelnh358
Where Is This Ship3phantomrock2571
My ship speed is stuck at a certain number, it makes the game unplayabe PLEASE HELP2LegendaryTaco651
Three questions: race rank stagnation, isolating ships, mobile mining in AP26Doktor Teufel1746
A website to download custom ships?? [WRONG SECTION, ALBION PRELUDE]4death12337826
Supply Ship Missions Question2Baddieus494
Script to create ship, creates ships with different specs2FrozenStar459
Finding hidden containers and abandoned ships2Cursed Ghost786
Shortening Ship building times1Imnotarobot702
Strange Ship Sudden Undocking Issue.28Bjazz681978
[X3TC] Do you not get notified when something one-shot kills one of your ships?15Absurdist66761332
a question about selling ships.10risingfish1135
X3 AP can not get any XENON ship to bail14871jena1804
Unable to trade with super-shipyards (resolved)5TechSY730568
Question on Ship Stat Modification5Capt.Elros747
Modded ships not showing up at Terran Shipyards6Fulgrymm844
[X3:AP] Differentiating ship variants10Isotope933
X3AP: Ships only mounting 1 gun per turret facing7gbem1113915
Is there any mod/script to set home base for Capital ships1zdan30401
X3:AP Clone Ship and Dock in one Script2EIAzazel680
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz552
X3TC: Why did my ship become slower? - Resolved, ship hull damage.1amoe448
[LU_Mayhem] Worst possible ship/strip it from any equipment?4Mofakin524
[X-Tension] Cannot anymore capture a ship after 5:00 - RNG at work.20UnknownObject1678
Turrets and NPC ships12immortalfrieza1129
TD class ships?5UnknownObject938
Script get ship class1Norm49491
New Ships from EVE Online - Need Help4kabivel@gmail.com776
[X3:AP] Outfitting my new ships is time consuming7X-Me1319
Ship wont use Jumpdrive automatically, phantom followers - modded1Gamma Rad725
[X3AP] best ships to capture? ships that can not be bought2Space1001026
Reward ship cheat2firefightervf06707
[X3AP] Ship sizes comparison5UnknownObject1347
[X3AP] capturing ship and reputation, how to not lose reputation?7Space100840
if start Argon how equip enemy ship?1Space100477
Setting the current ship command5wraeth596
How to edit the ship name in the editor8Lacy547
[X3AP] suggest me best arms configuration some ships8Space100757
Old player returns and need some help with ships and weapons70lostone19934496
-X3:TC- The most difficult to play on ship of each military (M) class.48frostysh2616
X3:TC, The best weapon configuration for the Best M3-Class ship - Mamba .20frostysh1979
How to defeat those pesky M5 ships16MrFiction1216
Increase zoom-in on X3AP ships, which file to edit?2Hermisky615
X3 albion prelude: Ship won't shoot missiles11Danny200998
X3AP collecting unique ships4MrFiction702
Ships exploding after being claimed - resolved9Waiter827
Need some help getting rid of a docked ai ship in my tm9m0rl0ck646
[X3LU] Ship gallery (WIP)18El.5785
[Help] me create my player ship.3oHmY535
How to change steering for ships in TC?6plynak598
X3AP: HQ building and selling ships3MCOD772
[Observation] Job Placement Sector Flag "Has Shipyard"0RoverTX788
Questions About GoD Engine And Shipyards/Docks/Stations As It Stands In X3 AP2RoverTX418
Bailing / Boarding ship question5Joelnh496
Scan all ships in sector25Irrehaare1064
Dock big ship in player complex?1TinniT389
[X3:AP] Ship crashes when I try to undock2IN_human454
Looking for assistance with TShips.5Zonzo534
CW military ships in xenon sector 1012fireanddream506
Ship Upgrades Question XBTF3xfan82457
Does any Ships carry TS10Trevelvis643
AP - My Ship Randomly Exploded? - Resolved, collision.2Kane Hart284
Modded jobs and tships now all my spaceflies are ufo's plz help9ravayen803
X2 the threat strange behaviour of NPC capships while OOS3Amon25011195
X3AP Boarding Ships Couple5MCOD664
Capital ships won't jump3fireanddream266
Killing every ship in the Universe, exept owned by player0Amon25011088
NPC capships in X2 got stuck24Amon25011343
Capital ships vs M7Ms7fireanddream610
Need Help: Cant buy any factories in Ship Yards3grafgurke414
XeNoN's Ship Showcase (MODDER RESOURCE)2NighTragE625
(TC) Shipyard in Kingdom End Dead10Tymi840
Faster Ships1Trevelvis1116
What Ships can dock on a TL8Trev4elvis690
Why is it when I buy a ship the things on it mysteriously vanish?16Siigari1056
Is it a thing to buy scanners and go scanning ships?14Siigari700
Why are weapons so quiet when flying capital ships?3Syrez843
X3 TC Best setup for OOS Ships5JJRSC726
Operation Final Fury first mission spawned me 30+ Xenon ships11fireanddream760
Looking for .obj ship and station files.3TKup93484
X3 crashes after adding ships to the game12BlackArchon762
[X3TC] Buying modules for other ships?10coldcell702
Ships for all X31Reiper1062
[X3 AP v1.33 bonus pack mod] X3 x3! Every ships and missiles three time fast...!0outtaspace531
mod ships2Riggs0776
Ship No Longer Owned2tgrizzle516
Script to move the player from one ship to another3Esc.Control305
[X3 AP] Mod Every ships more fast! Missiles as well...1outtaspace385
Wondering which Terran ship to get after the Katana [Albion Prelude]4Fenris321559
Request Ship0Lt_Fairace348
What mod lets the player buy a Vahalla at a shipyard?5Fenris321393
Ship Repairs in X2 The Threat - is it even possible4Auriga_Nexus469
Addon: Shipname + Homebase1HashtagMC1397
capping terran fighters and boarding terran ships4Mahadev446
Question regarding Ship Computer Voice5Setty94656
[X3 TC/AP] Accelerating ship repairs8roundowl911
Shipyard and EQ Dock questions5Honved421
Ships in X3R, X3TC and X3AP1Reiper896
Ships Help for X3R, X3TC, X3AP1Reiper336
X3ap Turn off rapid response ships14Cursed Ghost1214
need help - X3:R NPC ships not moving - Resolved by repatching.5bikash1267
HQ filled with race ships who don't trade3Allan F546
Ender's Game ships in X3 AP ?2NighTragE419
[X2] Capturing Race Ships and Relations?2immortalfrieza523
[AP] Creating galaxy - gamecrash & random ships0wesley32304
How do I get value of a ship/station ?3Gqqnbig414
Is there a guide about how to remove / change trails of ships?3Knurrhahn463
Graphical bug in Elite ship firing animation (probably easy to fix)5Delthor743
Mothership mod akin to Homeworld1MickDick658
[X3:AP] Which ship should get engine tunings?11Jimmy C719
[X3:AP] Unaffiliated ship4Jimmy C337
Looking for AP ship list4hisazul355
Need help spawning abandoned ship in MD2hisazul354
I'm looking for new ships and weapons4ShadowOfNone721
One Hell of a Cheat Ship...3CutfloodX856
Playership for all the plots (with some inspiration from firefly :D)24Space Traveller1648
X3R Free Ship Help6Blinx2510551
Ship capping help8Blinx25101263
[TOOL] X3 Ship view1scoutster594
Free ship issue.2Blinx2510974
Transferring a ship from one mod to another32BlackArchon1531
[AP] Importing spreadsheet Tships into the game?1Taro8372
Best UT ship? X3TC v3.210Fraggle Rock1482
[X3AP] Xenon I (and all Xenon cap.ship) boarding tip12foxxbl1719
[AP] Can you actually make Mapping Service ships bail?2ebonbane428
New Over-tuned special ship.. (Albion Prelude Spoiler alert!)3Musicker560
X3 TC: Problem with atf ships (Vanilla Game with Bp)4anakin skywalker556