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Has anybody got Hyperion 236.7 m/s in X3TC 3.0?25vradchuk19012
Hyperion Vanguard - capturing27Relief18973
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The mission where you need to tow the Hyperion...72Nid Xen17361
Stuck on Bala Gi Missions57andman16479
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Hyperion weapons loadout?41stonyclaws12435
Hyperion, M7 frigate or M6 plus?40Everyones Antihero11984
Hyperion dissapointments...58mayonnaiselad11448
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Hyperion combat help15mallard1028
(AP) What do I do with ten Hyperions, two Valhallas and an Aran?6Sovereign01717
[TC/AP] Maximum Speed Hyperion Vanguard botting kit (repost)5nponoBegHuk4096
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X3 AP somebody hook me up with an overtuned Hyperion Vanguard?15dubnium1409
AP Your Hyperion Story13Virtualaughing868
Finally capped a hyperion vangard :) Best loadout?23BankruptAssasin855
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Engine noise of ships docked to the Hyperion1f7k528
[XR] Bala Gi Missions's4Dank7430641
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Hyperion Vanguard - ultimate max speed?27glenmcd6019
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Need Help Please On Bala Gi Place an Advance Satellite in Xenon Sector 3477rolltidemustang1068
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First Hyperion Capture, recommendations on arming it17wathman001817
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My 1st cap the Hyperion Vanguard16Sieg066601914
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bala gi mission4bolnuevo970
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Supertuned Hyperion ?12AL'421228
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Hyperion in X3TC, Gettable by all starts?3Bremen1136
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Poisoned Paranid start and the Hyperion Vanguard2teki997
Any Hyperions Available?6bladerunner12541193
X3TC. Dragon, Heavy Osprey, Hyperion. Thoughts?41RichardDaborn6244
What version am i running? does it have bala gi and bonus pack stuff?3WildcatMB795
Eclipse wont dock on my Hyperion Vanguard8sfeautomenu1466
Hyperion2Sabrina Bergin560
[TC] Your Hyperion Vanguard: 5 hours, 28 minutes from start, vanilla save uploaded20Smacksim4458
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Hyperion Vanguard (TC) - what's all the Hype about?62Darkwolf_1875715
Some principal questions on Bala Gi missions7Tonko940
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Bala Gi Grand Exchange6Slix36903
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My Hyperion Vanguard is a wimp; it always emergency jumps!6Silyar1203
Hyperion no longer a Frigate class ship ?14Cursed Ghost1818
Making the most of your Hyperions16philip_hughes2091
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BalaGi Research Missions4Jonny2101952
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Bala Gi's Research2Drake986711
X3 reunion and aldrin missions (Sorry Bala Gi)7aXeldk1348
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bala gi missions2MARTYN39910
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[TC] hyperion hybrid14Jeremy Harbottle3070
Bala GI Help Needed - Hired a ship to Transport the Argon Trading Station4Acheman853
[TC] Hatkvah's Faith build pirate rep? Hyperion where to cap it13cnecktor1707
Best M6 for Bala Gi mission? [Reunion]16jackmcbarn1957
2.6 + Hyperion Vanguaqrd in Boron Shipyard2PQTaggart1147
x3tc 2.5 No mods - Hyperion location6mwecom2550
I received the message for the Bala Gi Missions14DeLoreanLover1524
Vidar versus hyperion5johnnywas1159
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X3 Reunion [Bala Gi's Mission problem]10bipoo2639
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Bala Gi First mission10ben19921860