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1.3.2 BETA patch to address freeze and audio issues [UPDATE]288CBJ57083
1.3.1 BETA patch to address freeze and audio issues289BurnIt!51647
made an easy to use LAA flag patcher (2GB limit removal)84ouch20847
Khaak Destroyer!!!! AAhhhh!!!!42JonBrockman17093
Large Address Aware (LAA) mod fails for Steam X3TC 2.5 (fix included inside)51ChandlerL16800
Graphics modding - understanding a scene-file63Earthpilot15836
X3TC Star Trek Ships Docking bay graphics problem.40JohmHamm14644
Ingame character graphics - Bad or just in need of surgery?99Tonal14071
Graphics Modelling Tools/Tips, unite!15Galaxy61313605
For those missing WMFDIST.exe or with audio problems38The_Abyss11949
Graphics display judders every 4 seconds, regardless of graphics settings63Mahalaki11248
[SCRIPT] ADAMS - AAH (Advanced Apology Hotkey - V1)16(----____JEFF____----)9654
X3 Graphics vs EVE Online44Excelion8498
Cockpit Graphics none existent53metroid8837887
Tutorial 3: Changing the X Universe (Lots of Graphics)14Reven7771
X3 graphics requirements48th0ne6895
I'm still Baffled by the Sticky Graphics.59Red Squirrel6644
Dead is Dead (DiD) and other After Action Report (AAR) threads37CBJ6481
graphics card recommendations....52deadflip6471
Audio Problems5Vortex886373
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Mix CFA and FAA in missile/fighter defense turret0fireanddream358
Ships with unique audio tags and other questions3fireanddream339
Better graphics/texture mods?4Danny200562
Graphics lag2bazthebad496
[XRM] [OSX] xrm graphics with osx0Satoshi12Shin203
X3AP/TC Steam Version doesnt launch at all - Resolved by graphics enabling7begobogo529
Realtek HD Audio Problem8Mik000141281
[X3:AP] Bloom/Glow Flickering15FEISAR2619
X3TC/AP - No voice, other audio OK - Solved (twice): Win x N needs Media Feature Pack14Cipher2211855
X3AP system rebooting problem - possibly resolved by graphics driver roll back10hydrazombie1254
BTF - Lose Details after completing tutorial - resolved by graphics device setting8junglelove666
X3TC slight flickering on overlays - resolved by graphics driver update.2Gracie598
Error opening non-native resolution with AA in Win10 - Resolved by Win7 compat mode.7RustInPieces1249
X3AP 3.1a Freezes and needs Ctrl/Alt/Del - resolved (new graphics card and no glow)12Avatar of darkness1472
[X:Btf] Graphics black and white + crashing. (Windows 8.1)19AdamFM3986
[Solved by OS compatibility mode] [X3R] Audio music problem with Windows 103-=SiR KiLLaLoT=-1731
[X3LU] Modifications (audio, visual, gameplay)1BlackArchon3123
X3 TC and AP Graphics Messing Up2mitchellt94613
Steam: X3:AP uses wrong graphics card - resolved by NVidia driver suite reinstall3bounty_hunter66693
is my game using the right graphics card?1tawhitt1088
[X-Tension] Launch>Options>Sound & Graphics settings questions6ThommoHawk457
Help with disabling some audio messages11benbrockn641
Selecting graphics card - Resolved.3Xe-131795
SOLVEDX2: The Threat Audio Problem (with CAVEAT)15Tolwyn3603
X3TC Graphical problems - resolved by graphics driver and apu BIOS update.5jaega1950
Error Opening Video - Fixed by rolling back Intel graphics driver3123bountyhunter886
Terrible framerate out of nowhere TC - resolved by setting graphics card affiliation4templarteppo891
Silence "One of your ships is under attack" audio warning15memeics879
X: TC question regarding glow2Anonymous395
X2 messed up audio announcements? - Resolved.5Nova152442
X BTF: How to improve graphics on a modern computer7WedgeA736
FAA or CFA?4Aidyer666
[X3AP] Sudden, unusual graphics oddity (models)4phoenix-it627
YAAARRRRR!!! Calling all pirates ... or at least those who will help a new pirate7Fenris321709
Q: Does FAA Expanding Explosions Do Any Damage?17Black_hole_suN1073
Steam Superbox XBTF - CTD When Exiting Logo or Graphics Menu16saitokata2042
X2 constantly crashing windows 8.1 - Fixed by enabling mobility graphics card11starvinmarvin19871718
Audio books4Nosscar317
[X3AP/X3TC] SweetFX graphics enhancement?1Mesthione1307
[X3AP] NPC Station Audio Messages2Sandremo300
Would replacing the targeting audio files solve targeting crashes?7TargetCrasher860
Missing graphics4Linrox375
CMOD 4.16 + MARS 5.xx = useless FAA ?1Yupsolo500
No Ships Graphics with latest Pluging Manager1pave_low357
Better Graphics & Smoother Gameplay Mod's2Danny200589
X3 Reunion Music Audio Background Static Windows 72Fieryone2331143
Graphics on terran ships (X3 TC)5Prometeus891
X3AP 3.0 No voices, but general audio working - Fixed Win7 N given WMA.1mironimoo500
X3: TC & AP lock-up - Fixed by change of AMD graphics driver.4Terre1149
KHAAK missile factory mod?4Damian Swift639
x3tc comms audio problam - Win7 N version so no Media Player.5chrissy4nicole675
X3tc audio trouble1chrissy4nicole224
X3 TC/AP Not Launching - Fixed by disabling Nvidia FXAA.3Fulgrymm321
[X3AP] Clean Vanilla Steam Install - no voices [SOLVED by audio driver reinstall]6GeminiFire1275
Low quality audio - Fixed by removing Ffdshow.0Oromish370
AARG Flight School (X3AP)8Mr. Reeves1013
Is AP a 64bit APP? should I run LAA?2skillz482
Low Frame Rate + Audio Issues1Wretch1186583
Selling FAAs (AP)2bizbag382
Albion Prelude V2.5.1 ignores change of audio device4glenmcd679
QUESTION - Link between NPC video output, 0001-L044 and audio page Id's8dertien781
X3TC Game Freeze / Audio Loop2falconvk1304
Graphics card upgraded but...7StevesX2488
Graphics Problem, Please Help!!!11Dustwolf1005
[TC & AP] background (stars and such) disappearing - Fixed by graphics driver update.346_n_2329
X3:AP Game freeze and audio loop.2jetset3804
Weapon Graphics Mod? [AP]2UltimaVirus414
X-Tension: odd graphics problem4vlesperance683
[AP] CFA vs. FAA?5Libelnon786
[SOLVED] Game uses Intel graphics instead of nVidia graphics3amurph01069
X3 TC extra and missing graphics (solved - rolled back graphics driver)13cattafett665
x3:ap graphics question - disabling 'clouds'2thun5456
[MOD] X3 TC / AP : A Glowing Universe Mod12qwizzie4409
X3 TC / AP limitation of engine ? (no glow on objects ingame)2qwizzie474
Split from Audio problem1wojop95457
Audio problem1JohnyNameTaken478
AP Postprocess Filter flicker (glow round lights), videos provided, probably benign.12Andry_19791473
X3AP - Only have audio for opening cutscenes. Is this crippling?7SFF21668
Shadows Shady Shipyard4ShadowGod56995
X3TC - No 'Voices' Audio ! --- ALSO FIXED BY STEAM VERIFY!!! ---8cobra mk2698
First person graphics glitch - Reinstall of unmodded TC fixed issue.3Banzaiburger380
Terran Conflict Graphics Issues - Faulty DVD so using Steam DL instead.11Nirnias892
X3:TC Voice Audio Issue - Fixed by changing legacy soundcard settings.16pentiumwetwired1163
CTDs while docking - Seems fixed (FRAPS or audio driver).6Erenar526
[TC]Text-Font Corruption within game - Resolved in Graphics Control Panel4spoidz512
Garbled Audio - solved2xardoth458
X3AP: My first Vanilla Multi-ship engagement AAR12starfox321401068
[TC] Extracting Audio Files2M A F I A268
[X3TC] AAR - Thresher Vs Large P Patrol13Morkonan1396
[X3:AP - Bug Report] Argon Elite - Weapon graphics misaligned with animation.6Vim Razz872
[X3TC] Property Demographics6Morkonan544
FXAA Injection?30Inoperable4530
SOLVED: X:BTF Freezes/audio loops at end of tutorial/first coms screen...0LethalFinch438
Albion Prelude: Voice Audio no working19DaWilko2044
LAA patch for X3AP???3N4N828
X3 AP graphics settings4amtct1284
Flak weapons, CFA's/FAA, or both?3sharx755
Beyond the Frontier: graphics settings and controls0Skafsgaard924
so...about shadows missiles16jamafish1298
Who else preferred X2's graphics engine?13ozzyoscy1037
Capping ...AHHH HAAAAA I think I understand11Frank Johnson990
Stream data to Graphics LCD (inc Logitech G13/15) MAJOR UPDATE 1.17esd1991
Audio cut-off at the beginning of dialog5QuakerTroy784
I'm BAAACK in the saddle agaaain....7alexdefelice638
X3 Terran Conflict: FAA still bug?5IndirectHero835
Elephant and FAA?12cyrusdm1225
Graphics Upgrades?16AzaIndustries1500
ship protect mission......AAaaarrrrgh !15brattbags01988
Missing solar power plant graphics.3Gers590
Win7 x64 DVD TC Starting Menu Lockup [FIXED by deselecting Glow]5Kroyon657
Help with a graphics problem14siddham1323
Gameplay audio in mono.15Magnu1153
X-Tended Terran Conflict Audio Bug0Argoner1994556
Audio problem - clicking and poping8siddham1033
question about graphics2CrazyMadJoe535
Orbital Defense Station graphics are all messed up17nitro25001270
CFL or FAA?22DrDress1551
Question about X rebirth. Saw the Graphics and started drooling2mcduke2840
[TC] about shadows and ghouls...19deca.death1914
FAA and CFA7WishmasterSR876
Unhelpful post removed from bumpmapping thread1ZeroGS715
[X2] Bumpmaping makes it very dark6Gazer751420
X3TC Audio Issue (No Voices)7Ingkara2531
X3 Terran Conflict Crashing - Most likely graphics engine?9infidel_TB3005
Missing Audio in Windows 7 w/alchemy and X-Fi in ship communications1Mr_Blastman613
Bright Graphics?11StevesX21049
Netbook Graphics problem - mobile intel 945 express chipset family2daragh19811030
NYYAAAAHHH, lol, keyboard not working but the mouse is. HELP!!!1nomadic1148
Hardware AA and Anisotropic filtering or not?4artao1050
Russian audio localization files X3:TC 3.05MWS1007
Glitchy Graphics with ATI Cards29ZeroGS4948
missing textures and degraded graphics after update8Vart1008
[TC] Why in the world does the glow on my ship dissapear?7BiancoAngelo7892
how to enter KAAKH sector in X3 TC4GTVAPSAMTIK884
Clipped Voice Audio2shiznitobam913
X: BTF Audio Bug (Steam Superbox)3PWK87800
Getting AA to work with new card.3Prettiest Star846
Getting AA to work with new card.3Prettiest Star696
AQC Always on7KungfuMonkey1826
Audio in background?2Tolmos626
X3 TC graphics problem6dlong411232259
Graphics Problems with X3:TC Mac2Metalgomer1018
X3 reunion better graphics like terran conflict?7Earth Ultimatum IV.2100
Gates placed using galaxy editor don't appear in game (using double shadows editor)3thegilesy726
Gates placed using galaxy editor don't appear in game (using double shadows editor)0thegilesy559
LAA and what to change3Damian Swift772
Graphics card or Game problem?4blue fox1022
Quick AA question10Damian Swift1319
Voices Issue - Game voice audio is bugged in 2.7? [Solved]6Denu1202
2.7 update and graphics32swgoddard3934
Audio codec error (no voice, muffled sound effects) not ffdshow9Fadeout41667
Slow down of FPS (2.6 steam vanilla) curious about LAA(?) and effects of RAM5chrisb22441223
LAA Patch4Eztrelle1799
How do i turn the graphics down abit?? X3TC3BankruptAssasin777
FBL & FAA sound mod:3Dius Talon820
Question on setting LAA flag3Anonymous835
Steam, 2.6 and LAA7Arparso1384
New game, better graphicssss6brattbags011043
audio and loading screens only on startup1mrwunda466
Glowing or changing textures with 58702tpr475740
Audio problem - SoundMAX related?3fishman99801
AFAA Factory not producing - even though has all resources5graham_reynolds1378
About X3:Tc, LAA and Steam14N4N2138
Any way to decrease the graphics to speed up game?2vindication823
LAA problem8SadisticSid1656
Glow Effects After Hit By Lasers8Raul Abella1307
CFLAK v FAA18stg19692411
Graphics mods3Destiny17731057
Reccomended graphics settings (X3TC) based on my specs...6GruntOfAction2831
Unusual graphics motion-blur issue - possible causes, suggestions?7Remover_Dave1065
[FIXED] Graphics Problem - Black Ships5Scraps4u2140
[TC] XENON---KHAAK is it possible?3buzbyx1089
Engine glow and effects (Porting)2BSG fan944
x3 LAA Patcher ?2naisha1141
Wierd graphics error...wondering if anyone can help.5Doom-Slayer1106
Graphics Mod to Improve Fog (Does This Exist?)4shakyamuni1052
[TC] Consused about Cluster Flak and FAA9Biroboy1684
AQC tweaks1Wonders806
Graphics - using Nvidia 8400GS Desktop2ausradar815