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[AL PLUGIN] Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe | v1.08 | 11 Oct 06213Serial Kicked77152
[AL PLUGIN] Yaki Armada 2 - Beta Build 210 - [2010-07-22]81Serial Kicked60385
[SCRIPT] Yaki Stations V2.21 UPDATE 01/11/0782Jakesnake532199
[MD] Ranks for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki [V1.03][09/21/2011]71Commander SAMU27433
[SCRIPT] Yaki Shipyard v.654amurph015255
[SCRIPT] Add Yaki EQ dock to Weaver's Tempest v1.01 - 20.12.0813xiriod13120
Roguey's X3 Total Mod (View 2 new Yaki ships)35Roguey11610
[TC] IBL - clone or yaki rep trick37vorlonfan11440
[TC] How to make pirate/yaki and dukes friendly21WangzoR9912
[SCRIPT] Set Yaki as Friend or Foe v1.0011Bunny8852
Vidar vs Yaki Akuma49Rmaccc8840
Help! Yaki invading!27OMEGA997394
The Yaki Insurgent game start and assosiated files42xiriod7373
Repairing A Busted Yaki Reputation?11MattBlaK7099
What the hell is a Yaki?!36Rob Major6890
[TC] Help boarding Yaki Orca - HQ Plot30Dodgey6310
[TC] Yaki Frigates (M7) - a myth?23Corpse_Maker6302
[REQ] Add Pirate/Yaki rep to Race Rank List26Painman5946
Yaki Hoshi32Demolisher 25850
[TC] Argon Colossus hijacked by Yaki8Taniniver5709
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Supplying Yaki IBL17Spearthrower1520
[AP] Yaki immortal13X-Me1522
Yaki Shuri - capture without angering the Yaki possible?9Allan F835
YAKI Armada und War's mod2Bengel326
Yaki advice, among other things!10Grail89760
Pirate and Yaki reputation1rockelino367
Has anyone boarded a Yaki TL recently?4AL'42398
[TC] Yaki IBL Forge Beta won't start5Sanjor530
USC, ATF and Yaki logos0UnknownObject331
Is there a mod for AP that shows Yaki and Pirate reputation?2Fenris321379
X3AP- Smugglers in Yaki Space4WiccanWitcher488
Are there pirate bases in Yaki Sectors TC11Ronin677532
An Almost Yaki Start4Bill Huntington487
Yaki Rep Repair... DONE! Close It Up!38Monkeyfister1696
Can Xenon fleets be redirected to other sectors (Yaki)?5Araknis581
[X3:AP] Yaki and the Xenon code3Jimmy C484
[AL.Plugin] [TC][AP] Yaki Armada v.2.117Nicoman351390
Where to buy a Yaki M7 X3TC (and other combat topics)28Ronin6771362
Pirate ships or Yaki ships1Kaunit479
Paranid or Yaki, I cant decide.4Tasogie531
What is the history of the Yaki faction, if anyone knows?2dreamer2008478
TC: Fixing Yaki Rep17soladept992
A weird thing just happened to me in Yaki air-space2IanFitzJo401
Buying off the Yaki goods TC vanilla7thelastslaith396
CLS2 Fun with the Yaki23Masochisto1375
Those Wacky Yaki7Leded689
Yaki Akuma28thelastslaith1594
X3:Reunion, Can I capture Yaki ships?5esgeroth945
Building Reputation with the Yaki23NewtSoup1188
... does the Yaki shipyard respawn?3Imgran378
Yaki and Pirate relations3firestorm79405
Will building up Pirate and Yaki economies make them more powerful factions?9soulmata766
[X3R] Yaki relationship5Kimdino596
Weaver's Tempest Yaki Shuri X3 AP11deathcoy1311
[TC] Yaki Shuri questions15150372
X3AP Yaki and Pirate Ranks0Centurion2008525
Yaki = highly retarded community?7Earth Ultimatum IV.781
How to board hired Yaki TL with no rep loss?3anneking443
Random Yaki in Xenon sector 53410Skism659
Yaki trade problems1Magewolf341
Yaki Is now Hostile for no reason4Sieg06660514
[X3TC] Difficulty Improving Yaki Relations8SpFiota2301
station hack doesn't seem to work on yaki?8shadyJ1376
Relationship advice: the Yaki are mad at me, how do I win their love back?7shadyJ755
[TC] Pirate/Yaki rep question16joefitts631343
X3AP Yaki Fetch and Carry Mission?10praypold638
MOD REQUEST - AP - Display yaki, pirates ranks3Gorium593
[AP] Pirate/Yaki "Race" mods?8Echofinder869
Do the Yaki hate me that much????5Bajau736
[AP] Yaki Kariudo?19Mrreg1382
A few questions about pirates and the Yaki. [X3:TC]7Shogouki591
[AP] Yaki Senshi and Argon Minotaur are identical?1jannix516
Revitalizing the Yaki - Trading Questions12merlinus12911
X3TC Visible Pirate & Yaki Reputations2Blake001502
[AP]yaki ships1Lord0bsidian547
X3AP: Terran/Yaki rep9Max10454228
Yaki Senshi too cheap?4TiGGs609
X3(AP) Yaki Stock Exchange3Sirus51420
[AP] Trying to stock Yaki IBL forges with resources7Wilee Darklight942
[AP] Makin' Friends with the Yaki. Broken?4Wilee Darklight616
[AP]Yaki Shipyard13xTemon920
Yaki Kariudo (AP)3chibajoe837
Sector just north of yaki land27ShoC1468
yaki tradeships?7Jumee601
Yaki rep?12shea1014
yaki space weed/fuel2dwob445
[AP] Illegal Goods in Yaki Space ???10TTD872
[TC] What are Pirates & Yaki doing in Kha'ak sectors?1Aeshi524
Advice on Yaki Rep19Sam975311306
Will I be given an option to Hack Yaki stations? (From Empires edge)17Sam97531767
Pirate/Yaki improvement3Legionos585
X3 (TC): Trading with the Yaki - Vanilla Humble Merchant22zapza5085
Yaki vs pirates rep9garv222772
Please Help X3TC Yaki Orca HELP HELP HELP HELP15slouzer1371
how do you become allies with the yaki and/or pirates?15CharlieChop1041
New Scrip : Yaki-Pirate Controled Invasion, added : HQ, HUB, Gate, Guns, Ship ....19radical75270
[AP] Yaki Rep Bug?9Xander Cade1107
So I just started Albion Prelude and capped a Yaki scout4Lucentdepths1118
Pirate/Yaki Stock Exchanges6Revenat342981
Disappearing Yaki... Running away?7Morkonan586
yaki shuri worth getting?14Skillzfire859
Yaki do kick ass!!!27ConCorDian1677
YAKI Ryu useful or not?26ConCorDian2169
missing yaki stations5space muppet636
Yaki Orca Woes8fuzzyspace2.0865
How to stop Yaki from spawning/jumping in?23Vortexz1379
snuggling into bed with the yaki17IcarusII1526
Best way to boost the yaki economy, and get me proffitssssss16Skillzfire2196
Yaki Shipyard in Senator's Badlands6rrfarmer1041
What are the Yaki doing there? ( X3TC )15greypanther1643
TC - Bala Gi Legacy (PHQ) and my Yaki friendship. Compatible?11deca.death969
Yaki - Reverse Rep?17David Howland1730
yaki Fujin to sell or not4lostone1993643
Yaki economy bump6deca.death801
[TC] Yaki Ryu: The New Elephant?16A5PECT1912
X3R NH those pesky yaki assassination squads-what have you done with/to them?1fasttr477
Coordinates of Yaki Shipyard3StarSword738
Agemmemnon Questions/ How can i get IBLS when pirates/yaki hate me?14kotorone11726
[TC] Savage Spur, Kill the yaki13littlel1480
[TC]Yaki Ghosts?10Ash Axiom1049
Yaki Vs Yaki?2makapse593
Yaki Question?1ShadowRouge573
Hunting for Yaki Tenjin - will it ever bail?23cmdnenad2230
Buy Yaki Ships2Dogbite694
(TC) Question about Yaki and IBL44cmdnenad3035
Yaki double standards14brattbags011834
Yaki Ships? Playable?7DemiG1129
Cool w/ the Yaki......Then Not???13Glaceious1320
Those Yaki are a weard bunch.2Spaceweed Adict765
Random missions and reputation with Yaki and Pirates4nllsq935
Yaki mission ship jumps OOS?4mangar864
Yaki Insurgent start5Sorkvild1306
X3:TC Yaki Stolen Colossus16DeLoreanLover2743
Yaki weirdness (rep-related)13Callidus Thorn1686
The Yaki......Oh the guilt !9brattbags011301
Argon Collosus Boarded by Yaki?6Jawms1059
Pirate/Yaki Rep display7Carl991489
Adding dhips to Yaki Shipyard?5Azincourt1002
Sector Traders and the Yaki9Roadtrash1139
x3 tc how to dock at yaki shipyard.6wooaa1824
Station & Complexes for Ka'aak/xenon/yaki7Smart_Bomb1220
[TC] Question Regarding Pirates/Yaki Rep27Simoom2914
[TC] Yaki Shipyard bug6RandomBandit1151
[Request] Yaki and Pirate rep1dragondream653
[TC] yaki rep, where do you see them the most?7mangar1231
[TC] What is the Deal with the Yaki?30Daggaroth2627
[TC] Setting up my 711 in Yaki space6BigMistake1190
[TC] How do you befriend yaki?10gelo4ever1538
[TC] Yaki rep small question here meow...3RicoOcho938
Grilled Yaki.18[SOLAR]INFERNO1598
[TC] Mysterious Yaki Fujin Sentinel ghost ship?8Zippo3421030
[TC] Operation Final Fury - Yaki2SoothSayer939
Yaki ships generally a little harder to cap? - X3TC12dargj21615
[TC] Pirate and Yaki Rep42Lx73316
[TC] argon cap ship stolen by yaki??5X2PLAYA1047
X3R: Yaki - Friends or not?1Googly757
[TC] Yaki - Weaver Tempest17Loner872428
[TC] PHQ plot and Yaki rep11Darkwolf_1871768
Problems with terran campaign and gaining IBL, yaki (X3TC)8Hyde9111747
[TC] Yaki Plot?11Dareliisko1470
X3 terran conflict 2.7.1- how to unlock Yaki gamestart?8Earth Ultimatum IV.2062
[TC] yaki8gazmac1490
Yaki Relations11RoadRunner121493
[TC] The Yaki trick, and an unusual occurence10Bill Huntington1711
Is there a script to enable yaki standing?4Razorwind744
[TC] yaki missions12volcan1562
[TC] Capturing the Yaki Orca10madness1864
[TC] Yaki Standing11Hitman xXx1718
[TC] Yaki Shipyard16Ax10072036
Yaki mods5Damian Swift801
X3TC Pirates and Yaki Rep and da Dook4cobra mk23621
Yaki M6+m75Damian Swift1047
[TC] yaki traders2Combat Wombat795
[TC] yaki standing0Combat Wombat535
[TC] Yaki sectors9Tank NoSkill2204
[TC] Oh those Yaki2SayuNowi751
[TC] Yaki Economy6wgentry991321
[TC] Pirate and Yaki reputation5Jeremy Harbottle1338
[TC] yaki sector2Jeremy Harbottle689
[TC] Yaki Collossus3RicoOcho940
[TC] Blue prints for Yaki variants5sleepy_head976
[TC] Boarding Yaki Orca6RAGNAR18211197
[TC] Yaki IBL forge: will they buy from a complex to the north?11Krytoss61585
Argon ships hammering at an indestructible Yaki Raijin11Zettai Baka2050
[TC] Yaki Friends?7dbrowdy1157
[TC] yaki8volcan1148
[TC] Need Help Clearing Yaki Minefield12mmaster2111654
yaki shipyard5NicoPalazzari982
[TC] how to play as yaki?4NicoPalazzari963
Getting the IBL's the YAKI way5Dis Astranagant1180
[TC] Yaki problem expected7Dirk-Jan1169
[TC] message that an argon colosus was captured by yaki pirates2Korpah1087
Strange Pirate and Yaki5bob4356919
[TC] Disappearing Yaki Susanova1Brooder623
[TC] How to unlock the yaki insurgent.8froger1355
[TC] Yaki shipyard2NicoPalazzari911
Is there a problem with the Yaki shipyard?2medieval midget854
[TC] The Kha'ak and Tha Yaki's16MAXTEN2778
scripts that help out pirates / yaki2Catra696