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[SCRIPT] [2009.03.03] Marine Repairs v1.02143tatakau115735
[MOD] Mobile Ship Repairs - v1.6185Graxster108079
Marine Repairs and Training [TC][AP][ALP]653DrBullwinkle92880
[SCRIPT] Utilize and Repair Debris v3.01 03/08/2009175X420TokeAlot89945
[Plugin] Self Repairing Hull Technology 1.2 23/4/06182LV60449
Overtuning ships, repair laser and 2nd HQ in TC vanilla. Exploit howto with pictures)327kurush59195
(X3TC) Repair Laser47oldrosestereo55148
[Bonus Plugin] Scrap Ship at Player HQ27moggy254557
[SCR] Nanite Hull Repair (7 Sept 2011)24arcana7530880
(X3 terran conflict) repairing ship,minning,trade roughts.4morphias44a29391
[Script] Scrap Ship at HQ v2.02 ** NON-BP version **71eladan27988
[X3TC] How do I repair a station30veelad24425
[TC] Revolutionary Breakthrough In Ship Repair! (new update)69EmperorJon23717
[SCRIPT] Ship Repair Facility by XaiCorp.44moggy223679
X3 - Ship repair price really high? :S37anon5216509
X3:TC - The personal repair laser, a curse or a blessing?24xiriod15757
Repair laser for x3 reunion21Deathwolf14905
[Script] Scrap Ship at Carrier v1.01 1-Mar-0924eladan13826
[Script][1.3.4 - Beta]BAM (Bad *** Marines) - Marine Repairs, Upgrades, and Equipment52RoverTX13210
[X3:AP] Hull Repair Options? [SOLVED]10ravensnowfall12028
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Repair by hull points alternative1Human_Being394
Mayhem - Sanctuary Scraper command v0.11 - DEPRECATED6lostProfitssssArrgh509
[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty0Khaakbuster332
X3AP Terran rep repair?6strask412874
Remove/nerf repair laser?3Tkdmaster561
X3AP NPC repair routine13jlehtone792
[SCRIPT] X3TC / AP - Automatic Hull Repairer1Anhk-Khaelgorn772
X3AP How to repair Stations4stieger1153
Repair laser for X-tended 2.2 ?1manniac368
Damage to My Station - What effect? Repair?4Bill Huntington642
Ship Repairs in X2 The Threat - is it even possible4Auriga_Nexus469
[X3 TC/AP] Accelerating ship repairs8roundowl913
Good way to repair Aran21Mahadev1524
[X3LU] Repair Laser Rate Pack11Joubarbe8247
Please give a wreckage repair download address1caishow2382
Looking for a repair laser mod1robbyroy411
Current issues with WIP Mod (repair lasers)7Deveyus649
[X3TC] Note - shipyard repair of my stolen Tyr deleted my marines9IanFitzJo707
Yaki Rep Repair... DONE! Close It Up!38Monkeyfister1696
[X3:AP] Worth repairing Aran before capture?8Jimmy C743
How do I Install Ship Repair Command?4Ender_Xenocide294
Repair laser speed8Symont720
Laser repair3Ronin677423
X3AP: NPC repaired itself at Shipyard5jlehtone610
[AP] PHQ, repair cycle doesn't start - modded game.5ShadowPhantom399
Repairing stations inside a complex. [X3:AP]5hisazul597
Ship disappear after repairs at PHQ - (known) happens to stolen ships only.4AdrianB1499
Repair Laser, give them some use in AP?5Midnightknight726
[X3R] How do you repair stations in isolated sectors?2alowe462
[X3R] How do you repair stations in isolated sectors?1alowe1126
[X3 AP] repair at shipyard cant repair till full?6Merak292
Wares To Repair HDQTRS? IN X3AP???1phantomrock2291
[X3TC] How to generate Repair Lasers in a vanilla game.18Moss71976
Factory repair mission4Wendell484
Any way to repair Laser Towers other than using the repair laser?3IanFitzJo622
x3ap repairing terran rep (again)14firestorm791304
Any way to legitimately obtain repair lasers?2IConquer562
Should I be allowed to undock in a ship that my PHQ is repairing?11IConquer810
[X3TC] Repair Mod2shabitz519
Ship repair2plaguevictim462
[TC] Station Repair16Hemmingfish574
Xenon Scrapyard Questions [3.0 Spoilers]7Fallent718
heated discussion split from Marine Repairs thread17joelR746
Come back! Utilize / repair debris script has fallen down the black hole of neglect.26jessterg3272
Space suit repair laser issues1mkelican1596
Repair Laser4phantomrock2593
Ship repair service idea for future mod.12Shrewd135787
AP - Terran Commander - How can I repair Argon rep from -5?7sadron931
Repairing Pirate Rep13Treetop691045
[X3AP] Repairing Terran Reputation6stilgarpl2959
Repairing friendly ships4Schenn538
X3TC (Steam) Freeze. Was working fine, no changes. - Possibly fixed by chkdsk repair.22adriaans1728
Repair ship/laser2SpongeBobSpacepants428
Repair Laser ?6SpongeBobSpacepants595
Xap repairing ship to full4Skillzfire353
"repair crews" addon to carriers2Piraneous361
[REQ] hanger repairs-carrier command software mk2 (docked ship repairs)4tkachenko972
where can i get a repair laser16Makoaman1543
TC; self repairing aran? - Not in vanilla.11devilofbelfast637
My ship is gone after repair?22xant1018
ship repair x3 reunion1p23x596
Repair Laser ??? (AP)3Klord699
Repair Stations In Albion Prelude?3Danny2001177
Repairing a mining station11GoldenShadowGS782
[REQUEST] Resource consuming mobile repair5Troubleshooter11347
Repair Laser.......or seems like lack of...1stavros563
Anyway to repair rep once you are Kill on Sight?12incarnyte890
Repair laser = Aggressive action? Mod (maybe) to fix this?27Jaycen_Aelis1627
Repair Laser: Mod to not make using it an aggressive act?1Jaycen_Aelis430
Repair Lasers & Phased Array Laser Cannon (AP)16Coreblimey4626
Repair drones5niytiy833
Albion Prelude Fleet Repair question.1Zenzareus543
Where can I buy a repair laser?18layton991079
Of Repair Lasers, Elastic Bands and Morals39stg19691479
X3AP: SETA repair?5Max10451828
[TC] Repair Lasers - Can they be FOUND?14TheCoolSideofthePillow924
(TC) Repairing Rep via Pirate Station thingy6Jamumools618
Repair is maddening11TomatoAE1214
Repair laser trick27skalapunk2549
Boosting the repair laser?2Anfar740
(AP) Repairing stations1dwob479
How do I repair my ATF rep?7sadron743
X3R/TC/AP - Repair laser Trick25Aelhis5818
[Mod] Repair Laser X100effreem2251
Albion repair lasers?1alterami718
Repair your ships before selling them. And other X3AP news.3spacepirate71724
can't find any marines to do my ship repairs3angrysquirrel455
Question about repairing your ship14TomatoAE1095
Repair create conflict0Demongornot187
Can marines on your ship get out and repair it for you?4sadron528
List of wares used to repair ships?2joelR452
SETA & Repair Laser11canshow1132
Trying to find repair price mod or script5sadron495
Future is Here Nano Repair Bots !6Maxumous1058
Quantum Tube Repair Laser [AP]0Coruskane587
[REQ] Buyable ship mounted repair laser1NephilimNexus596
Repairing/selling ships? Also terran mission question14Hypochondriac907
Ships for Repair Lasers ?9SpongeBobSpacepants1289
Repairing the xenon hub29The X-Plorer1102
repair laser8oldmanau825
Repair laser X2?2TitanX2983
[SCRIPT] Automated Repair: V0.7 : 2011-10-2611Phezzan2272
Auto Repair32Wolmack1790
Station Repair17HammerHead661297
[X3R] How do I repair a captured ship?5Gregorovitch546
Repair Laser in vanilla is here now (bug exploit)3glenmcd1589
Hull Repair - it's bleedin expensive26BIGHELMET2042
Repair Factory Mod vs Script0i64man365
Repair Lasser7i64man830
PHQ Bug: Stolen Ships disappear when repaired.3MarvinTheMartian595
Excuse me but where did my M7s go? X3TC PHQ Repair Bug?19MarvinTheMartian1419
Game time out / Repair tool6pablodalk655
[TC] HOW MUCH!?!?!? (Repair bill for first Aran)17MarvinTheMartian1631
X3: Reunion how do i repair my ship?4human chancelor8400
Repair laser via steam chat9Moros1254
[TC] Repair My Ship - no such missions6BeidAmmikon716
x3TC dumb questions about repair laser(s)4SirCharles920
Repairing Weapons......4stavros668
Strafing speed boost, space suits, upgrades and repair lasers10glenmcd1270
Repair Laser and Tractor Beam7i64man1130
How do I repair my ship?8Verid995
Repair Lasers?12Cykonaut1107
did 3.1 make repairs longer?7Reliku1155
Repairing stations and Fighter drones8Sieg06660916
Repairing Paranid Rep2Nwah575
Repair ship?1docarter26472
Repairing the Skyboxes9sms_7471148
Autopilot & repair laser questions4supermaneng399702
Repair or not repair?19thyco1672
[XTC SUB-MOD] Repair Laser for X3TC X-Tended 1.1 UPDATED23Mike.Galaxy10268
X3TC - EVA Repair Laser?17MedievalNerd2600
Repair Laser and The XTended Mod22kmkenpo10301
Mod with repair laser1erebrus676
Shield do I do it and how long does it take?15Michael Sheeler1452
Forgotten how to repair ships out of shipyards3Nomadski571
[TC] repair laser4Melted_Igloo1119
[Mod Extension] Repair Ship3h2o.Ava1262
[X3:R mod conversion] - Automatic Hull-Repair System - some help required.6Factor1211
X3:R - How do I supply my HQ with raw materials for repair/building?3devilham725
[TC] Repair Ships2jhn109688
[TC] Repairing a complex station.8lokpique973
How to repair ship at dock in x3:tc11incarnyte2251
Repair Laser6TRxGenesis917
Repair drones and lasers X3:TC2Slashman2135
is there a script / mod out there that allows repair lasers to be purchased?4Daggaroth810
Repair Friendly Race Ships Mod?4TheCoolSideofthePillow527
[Trainer] Repair Laser [X3TC 2.7.1 Only] [Tested with XP SP3]8Confusion-System2797
[Trainer] Repair Laser [X3TC 2.7.1 Only] [Tested with XP SP3]13Confusion-System2030
repair lasers?5zavior1059
Headquarters: Stolen ships vanish during repair.11PaulJam2186
Help making a better repair laser5TheCoolSideofthePillow884
[TC] HQ Repair queue eating up my 'acquired' ships10XanII1775
[HELP] Repairing station hulls.2amurph0612
Ship repair mod?6Grimgard1031
[TC]How can I repair my PHQ ?6amtct1076
Faster way to repair your ship?9Grimgard1403
Newbie Question how to repair ships?7Grimgard1054
[TC] Were to go and repair your ship when it is damaged.14Boo8er1318
Repair laser?8Cold Chaos1277
Repairing race relation. I need some advice.11chelo_boga1331
[TC] Can marines repair TP ships that they are in???18Captian Connor Greer1758
[TC] Repair Lasers... where?3J Terranova1091
[TC] How to repair Station, Drone and Ship...6xiaoboiboi851288
the whole repair laser slot thing.2mangar643
Repair Drones1bbenham745
2.5 Station Defence Rep Repair Bugged in 2.7?3Xander Cade601
repair things "help!!!"7yugiboy950
Repair lasers12akonrath27201459
Goner Mobile Repair Ship3lankspeed1615
can we modify the repair tool of astronaut?2lonck744
Repair Laser Upgrade?30Valkarie0018072
Repair laser - where to buy... so is this cheating?10ricmatgre1556
Repair Laser - Where to buy?38testpilot_bg2766
ship repair19theskibum1870
[TC] Repairing Pirate and Yaki rep11sleepy_head1573
[SCRIPT REQ] marines repairing my boat2theblackhunter772
[TC] Repair lasers... on ships. And tractor beam.18EDGE N7 LT2852
Duh Repair Laser!9Anonymous1393