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[UPDATE] *XTM PATCH .7.2 RELEASED!* [MOD/AL-plugin]7448-XTM-1049543
Sticky: X3 Cheat Scripts 1.4 : Post ALL cheat questions/requests HERE!1944LV929527
Sticky: TUTORIALS and RESOURCES + Activating the Script Editor/Galaxy Editor166Burianek302002
Update on Version 1.4 Progress: RELEASED1047The_Abyss150877
Sector Planner v1.5 - NOW RELEASED (1 October 2005)266LordSuch122329
[MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]770SteelRush120563
Sticky: [X3] Problems installing the US version? READ THIS!153CBJ106420
Sticky: [X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!1CBJ89876
STAR TREK SHIPS [Combined]51defiant164677
X - The Threat - RELEASE DATE NEAR and PRE-ORDERING!244Steel58746
Sticky: [DISCUSSION+REGISTRATION] - MSCI Reference95Ketraar46843
[RELEASE] Custom ship MOBILE FORTRESS ver 1.1171Observe39024
G613's Capital Ship/Capital Weapon Rebalance [RELEASE 1.0]86Galaxy61338489
BBS Plugin : Player HQ Blueprint Offers 1.1 17/1/0841LV37350
[REL] Alliance Normandy SR2 (Mass Effect 3)91DJ_D36131
[RELEASE] X3RPM - Remote Property Manager v0.8 - New Author92Doomed49833891
Gunnery Crews FAQ <--- READ FIRST47Reven31761
[REQ] X3:R XTM Leviathan or Valhalla for TC?81Troubleshooter1130968
It's Official - Australia is NOW Gold! IN STORES NOW182Webguy30951
Are you X-TREME?132BurnIt!29892
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THERE'S a name I haven't seen in a while... Still up to his old tricks, I see.5Tiedyeguy620
X3 AP: Player HQ prod/RE queue issues - resolved - mod install issue.3Cetus808280
REQUEST - 4 Mass Effect Ships0Bishop Weyland320
Mayhem - Sanctuary Scraper command v0.11 - DEPRECATED6lostProfitssssArrgh560
X3:AP PHQ Reverse Engineering stalled - (Solved) Resulted from use of cheats.1wwdragon528
[REQUEST] Missile drone / missile pod8willypokorny423
[MOD] STAR TREK, BSG and Graphic mod 14x3-AmModer1139
[mod] X3 - RESURRECTION MOD (New graphic mod)141x3-AmModer13946
X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion3szczekan573
Need help with PQ RE/Build timers - TC.2Dreez391
A website to download custom ships?? [WRONG SECTION, ALBION PRELUDE]4death12337831
The New Terran Starts mod for Albion Prelude (THREE NEW STARTS AND SHIPS)0begginfokillz556
[SCRIPT/AL PLUGIN][TC] Functional Blueprint Scanner0Cavemonkey876
X3TC: Newb Question about Complex- ANSWERED5SickSix634
another X3:Reunion crashing when select new game [RESOLVED by reinstalling]1dies-a-lot1083
Reverse Engineering not working X3TC - workaround aval4Wlfric608
Question About Reverse Engineering Objects in X3TC1CerebralAbrasion423
XeNoN's Ship Showcase (MODDER RESOURCE)2NighTragE626
[x3tc] Ur, any RECENT pirating guide?24fireanddream1645
[MOD][RESOURCE] Terran USC M7 Yokohama "FIX"0RoverTX486
Who got X-TREME fighter rank?9astreus1199
[x3ap] FREE MARINES8tresstarling719
[LU][AL Plugin] Anarkis Pirate Guild - LU Edition (RETRACTED)28solarahawk3866
[REQUEST] Seperating Terran and ATF Rep0Jonzac439
Reduce reverse engineering and building time2M4lInX255431
[X2] Finally made it to "double X-TREME"3fig480
[X3AP MOD] VanillaPlus - In Development [RECRUITING] [WIP]3zanzal1503
[AP] If u RE an overtuned ship, will its upgrades carry on the blueprint?1Etheron317
RESOLVED - help please? Albion Main Plot - Won't advance (Spoiler) - Resolved.4Lokirian502
[REQUEST]A mod that can sort cargo bay content by type/size/price?1Saturn V418
[REQUEST] Script to add pilots to player owned ships10Jonzac719
Is there a Mod that will allow the PHQ to reverse engineer and produce everything?2Barons395
x3ap-- Do "Pandora" Engine Tunings Stay In Reverse Engineering? Also Kha'ak Corvette9Monkeyfister869
X3TC No 'Board all marines' command??? RESOLVED THANKS.6The Iron Duke422
[Script REQUEST] turrets fire continuous single-shots instead of salvos2swatti625
[REQ] Dynamic cinematic exterior camera4Taro8362
Breaking the Xenon Graveyard Mission [BIG SPOILERS IN HERE]0defiler606394
Boron Ships Don't Appear In Properties Menu... [RESOLVED]14Monkeyfister697
X3AP: blueprint before PHQ4jlehtone757
[MODREQUEST] Freelancer shield parameters for X20EliteM31229
[question]Injecting info in menus on mouseover[RESOLVED]2Orfevs469
[REQ] Newtonian physics for X3:AP2jhondidfool456
Tiger Frigate blueprint (Albion Prelude)15shireknight1490
[REQ] Build Station at Coordinates?6Etyneo365
[HELP REQUESTED] Red Text & Mod Issue1kero3189249
Hyperion reverse engineered ?9SpongeBobSpacepants877
SPOILERS PRESENT! The Khaak10Theburn893
[MOD] Ency-Mod- get the REAL X-Universe! FINAL EDITION23Commodore MJ Fire3877
Cannot reply to "X3 Cheat Scripts 1.4 : Post ALL cheat questions/requests HERE!"1Ganzir890
[XRM plugin] NO MORE ENGINE CARROTS! mod (NMEC v1 - Immersive Engine Effects)10Familiar5800
AP Bonus Pack 5.1 - functions missing on STREAM1astreus437
[X3AP] Finally got an Aran - To RE or not to RE, that is the question13RiverRat28001251
[REQ] Random names for capital ships22Taro81526
[REQUEST] Oculus Rift Compatible HUD5Mystic5hadow983
[REQUEST] Enemy>friendly(neutral) on targeted ships4PromX435
station build missions and GREAT jumps in notoriety!11Deathtoll666809
Broken plot WARNING THERE MAY BE SPOILERS4KipperTheFish591
X3:AP Questions about Reverse Engineering2Dezonus636
KHAKK 841 impossible mission( HELP BEFORE I GO INSANE)15T.Carr1130
[REQ] Faster marine training - simple 30% - 70% of current speed2swatti499
XTREME Fighter: Final Kill Tally7Tohron794
[REQ/SEARCH] Player HQ/Hub Manager4lildragon646
X2-THREAT: how do you upgrade steering/speed on M2 Titan?2Verahta577
Can you reverse engineer weapons at HQ yet?5Fallent810
[X3AP] Acinonyx - reverse engineering16stilgarpl2495
[MOD REQ] Cockpit for Pride of Albion (X3:AP)2Earth Ultimatum IV.1850
[X3TC] RES.DAT file - How do we use it - Solved with examples.6alt3rn1ty1589
Fix READTEXT errors7phantomrock21100
[TC] RE/PHQ & EQ questions35150420
[REQ] Weakpoints?4TheCoolSideofthePillow320
TREASURE HUNT ... I"M STUCK ... NEED HELP!!9Hyperiontiger1044
[TC] Any tips to reach X-TREME trading?7Blue Wraith790
[X3AP] Need help about "SS_WARE_XXX"3Gnral Grievous478
[REQ][SCR] Deploy Mine Field3NetHawk487
Can't recycle, or Reverse Engineer?2Klldarkness514
[Mod] X-tended X-pantion [v. 1.4, OHEMGEE][RELEASED 2/16/2017]159Mechanis29710
X3TC Reverse engineering9darkwoe1209978
[HELP REQ]Creating a script for Xtended allowing ships to be build on mobile shipyard22Anubitus1832
[X3AP] Going for XTREME....9hourheroyes770
[HELP REQ] question about engine effects0Anubitus304
X3AP: HQ production/RE queues not starting.6Mr. Dang1257
[MOD REQUEST] Ship M0 Addon with XTRA Shippack0NighTragE477
[REQUEST](TC)(XRM) Bare Bones Start3Taro8549
(AP) Buying Blueprints8SilusCrow1020
Question/request - Reverse Engineer gear1SilusCrow277
[REQUEST] Star wars TC Mod ship/stations model only0zijin_cheng418
[REQUEST] Random Universe Map14TTD745
[REQUEST] Racial Stations1Entissus323
[Question] Reverse engineering stations4Maegfaer700
[AP] Terran PHQ Build/RE time reduction request7Kontaro1018
[X3:TC] Can I get a Sirokos without doing the OTAS missions? <<RESOLVED>>3zapza433
[X3TC] Crash on docking/save RESOLVED (XP SP3 compat mode)15Rogueninja1563
[REQ] hanger repairs-carrier command software mk2 (docked ship repairs)4tkachenko972
[REQ] Script(mod) list stored in forum account info4TouchMyNipple348
[REQ]Fighter names and ranks2poeticdreamer577
[X3:TC] Aldrin Plot - Stuck in Aldrin .... HELP !!! [RESOLVED]8zapza992
[ALFA REL] Cobra Mk III - Elite untextured test 4 Vanilla X3TC13dertien4091
reverse engineer the arrow5ryanmc2033635
MOD REQUEST - AP - Display yaki, pirates ranks3Gorium593
How to use blueprints?12ginsus839
[REQUEST] Station Saboteur Script1canshow352
Newbie questions (REALLY newbie questions, like..where is that button)149AngryNewb3174
[REQUEST] Resource consuming mobile repair5Troubleshooter11347
[Request]HQ All Blueprint Cheat2Echofinder532
[REQUEST] X3AP extending range of weapons on Capitals and super Capitals5vahadar632
[SHIP REQUEST] Why hasn't anybody made these?9Ameer Nuub883
(AP 2.1) Beryll Lasertower. Bug? UPDATE REPORT17Coreblimey1084
[REQUESTING] Original plugin gui files1andertox447
Pirate Blueprints & Rep2Coreblimey423
Can Aran be RE-d?4samoja746
[REQ/HELP] "Background" Sublight Accelerator4Treelor448
Carrack RE/build times2uk.crow319
how to reverse engineer?5zolfo710
PHQ Blueprints17Coreblimey1524
(TC 3.2 modded) HQ Q's, slow reverse-engineering and ship building18Sturmer940
X3 RE Crash when starting new game3Resnovae674
(REQ) AP/ buying sectors (unknown/border)2palm911449
[REQUEST] [AP] Substitute Terran Stations3Aidyer407
X3:TC - Unable to 'read' Marine Stats at Military Outposts etc - RESOLVED13zapza769
[AP] Blueprints4ConCorDian617
[MD] Enhanced Blueprint Missions14dillpickle5274
Blueprints Offers - Anyone modified them to make them more exotic?14ezra-r851
X3TC/AP Station Blueprints22ConCorDian2260
quick question about RE7Zackaryel490
ATF REP from Argon War Start6Looney583
[MOD:REQ:AP2.0] No equipment dmg untill 50% hull12swatti737
[AP] Blueprints13Xander Cade1148
Question regarding PHQ blueprints4ttheobald694
[MOD:REQ] working emergency jump for military ships2swatti419
X3AP - Purchasing PHQ Blueprints.3davesom5551625
HQ reverse engineering32sadron5783
My game just went modified - but why? POSSIBLE REASON FOUND18Allan F1229
Can't use "RENAME" function2olddog52414
[AP] REQ: Combat Rank cheat/mod0swatti393
[REQUEST] No Collisions/Damage6Grimshad555
[TC] Regaining REP to restart Duke's Buccaneers missions?12whiteraider683
[AP] Centaur Can't Fire Main Guns [RESOLVED]5Ironlion45449
Guns uninstalling themselves from turrets in the Megalodon (RESOLVED)6|-|Mohawk|-|604
[REQ] Time missions and no damaged equipment7Joubarbe339
[REQ] Mod or script that promotes more consistency in the universe3Seric434
[REQ] - Any Prisoner/management scripts?2mib666007423
RE-Noob Marine question24stimpy611324
[REQ] - Gain Combat Rank from AI Ships3mib666007517
[REQ] Notarget/Noclip Script2MuffyTarkin345
[REQ] Modding Satellite view distance?4Phazaar402
"X-TREME" sounds stupid15Boringnick1769
[REQ] Single Large Structure Complex2Sinxar444
[AP] Non-removeable IRE on Adv Disco (and other gripes) AT LEAST 1 SPOILER8em3e3594
[REQ]Options for HQ and Xenon HUB4milytar615
[REQ] cloaking script0shikaka04397
[REQ] So Then whats new folks?12i hate pants1246
[REQ] Don't get item destroyed on hull damage.0Frejoh466321
The REAL destructiveness of M7M (look what I built!)21Raize1729
[REQ] hire pirates script to wipe out stations9shikaka04751
Player HQ reverse engineering time (in TC)7human chancelor862
[REQ] create forum for AP scripts2darthmoll478
[REQ][AP] x2 script: Mass-Driver Ammo Generator adaption2seeker89658
any manual about headquarter/blueprints management?2garlor549
[REQ] Marine trainer for AP6Megalos666
[IDEA/REQUEST] Automated Ammunition Manufacturing Plant15Wilson-MG-1178
[REQ] Crew & Crew Quarters6Xander Cade1323
[TC] Reverse engineered ship differences.6Denethor744
[REQ] The VR HUD for X3:TC or AP3Shoam2B1149
[REQ] Pause1Shoam2B325
REQ: File format info for new Tfiles4Litcube472
[REQ] Fleet Control.2Shoam2B380
[REQ][-X3TC/AP] Best price locater [Agent?]4Shoam2B626
AP, IRE's do not exist in my game?19Poacher8861745
[REQ] Buyable ship mounted repair laser1NephilimNexus596
[REQ] A new take on "Crystals Free SPP"0NephilimNexus642
RE Albion Bonus Pack2nrich61624
[REQ] Derelict Location Software3Xander Cade611
script for adding station blueprints to HQ2BlackRain430
Station Blueprints2Grid430
[SCRIPT RESOURCE] : X3 TC extracted game-scripts1qwizzie456