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X-BTF Walkthrough (spoilers!)29Nightwatch50006
[SCRIPT/AL Plugin][TC] Frontier Wars [v0.4 - Tu-31-May-2011]26Roger L.S. Griffiths28623
New X-BtF and X-Tension EXE files available for testing - UPDATE: 30/07/201051Xenon_Slayer15515
x series Vs elite + frontier Vs freelancer Vs freespace88uptheirons14061
Bringing Elite: Frontier ships into X3 Reunion85Supershandy13103
Superbox Game manuals( or X-BTF help and spoilers)81TTD11012
X-BTF+RAMMSTEIN+AVIS= X Music Vid #294Avis9348
X3 v Elite II: Frontier50The Inter-Galactic Kong8897
XBTF Total Conversion mod25SSwamp_Trooper8886
Sadly, this one is beyond me (mouse controls...)49fud8688
Frontier Elite 2 - X469Ste88808679
X-BtF : adjusting controls30okeee8452
XBTF questions52euclid6882
1st to ask a question (X-T / X-BtF)33I_Am_Gemmell6824
X: Beyond the Frontier - why not make it free?39Vitez6395
Frontier: Elite II45Hendar236275
X-BTF help, Setting up factories28danleach6210
Frontier: Elite41Mavmaramis6012
Re-Creating The XBTF Plot56LV5996
Help in Menelaus Frontier, Ore Belt, and a question6tathorp5363
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[XBTF] Using TL's6Legionos285
XBtF Bug? Teladi TL Albatross busy: "Already has an order"0Ouroboros10323
XBTF -> X-Tension passive rank progression2professen497
X-BTF Seta while stationary3Hippyricky1363
running X-BTF and X-T full screen without border?3cmdr herne1309
Resolution for XBTF2xfan82403
Ship Upgrades Question XBTF3xfan82460
New player need help X Beyond The Frontier5xfan82569
Can't record X (X-BtF, X-T, X) gameplay with Open Broadcaster Software1HashtagMC1026
[XBTF] Cropped HUD in 1366x7682Sorkvild858
XBTF/XT Model Viewer?1Vanguard3000289
(X-BTF) (X2) (X-Reunion) Game randomly minimizes - reduce background apps workaround.10Agykoo1839
X: Beyond The Frontier works on Windows XP1X-Traderman362
X-BTF (UK 2004 X-GOLD) 1.96/2.2 Credit Bug with CD in drive.7spectrome1471
XBTF (Steam) - Keyboard annoyances4Azereiah1094
XBTF - How do you kill the lasers on the Xenon Mothership?3bf3qp9k602
Steam Superbox XBTF - CTD When Exiting Logo or Graphics Menu16saitokata1976
X-BTF and X:TT aim assistance?10kira1000462
X-BtF update 2.2 won't work - Fixed by correct patching2podgie_bear625
Unrelated discussion split from "XBTF Throttle Support" thread5Nanook555
[SOLVED] Pirate Base won't take damage beyond 93%8ryanpeterson897
Xbtf1the old one525
xbtf1the old one258
[X-BTF] Looking (PDF) manual / good tutorial3HJW390
[X-BtF] Station Greetings3Tripp_UK253
X-BTF (Steam) Missing Resolution (1600 x 1200)?2TheSuburbanHero609
X-BTF Screen and Sound Issues0Wallytvf545
X-Btf/X-Tension issues (steam versions)2Mr. K597
X-BtF - Game music is mono? Windows 82radio1one753
Question Regarding "X: Beyond The Frontier" (X-BTF) in 1080p3Sticky Hamster438
[X-BTF] 'File not found.' error occurs on launch.1kallontz471
X-BTF (Steam): Game crashes whenever I use F8 menu1cmd131114
Discussion on XBTF vs X2 vs X319Rykugur1632
[XBTF]Questions about making money4N4N368
[X-BTF on Steam] High-res Fullscreen/Widescreen issues5starslab963
X-BtF Silicon Mine won't work.6ApertureTech698
X-BTF: no video and no voice - Solved14stamasd1863
[X-BTF] Missing textures/Trasparent polygons (+ a sound bug in the english version)7skansion1172
X-BTF main theme2Hmudaa424
[XBTF] No sound in Argonopedia?5OSH740
[XBTF] hideout from police ships?2OSH385
[XBTF] Blocking NPC ships for docking in my own stations4OSH421
X-BTF Save game problems v2.25The Shadow Wolf526
Questions about the original X-BTF2samoja278
XBTF Slow Cash? some help without you cheating :D15BIGSY.1363
X Beyond the Frontier crashes to desktop5Andreas_Soe944
Xbtf1the old one358
[X-BTF]Control and Supply5Kewi551
SS_T's XSP Ships (Remade XBTF) + Edited X3 Ship Models.10SS_T2660
XBTF - Transport Stuck7ManicManiac936
X-BTF no sound unless settings disabled5Caddage1039
From Terrorist to Citizen and beyond- how I raised my Terran Rep in X3AP9Sovereign01638
[STEAM] X-T and X-BTF Unplayable / Won't start0eldrin619
X-BTF - Simple question - how do I sell my lasers?1jgoemat387
XBTF: Wobbly Controls3Brodie247
[STEAM] Few questions X3R and beyond9donzi622
X Superbox: XBTF Throttle Support9Brodie593
I really need help with X-BTF0the_ice_man_31492
X-BTF Freeze after jumping at the beginning1Floggingamy441
Raise level cap of marines beyond the default 1004Confusion-System805
Factory transports XBTF3Russia2012536
picking up boxes in space XBTF1Russia2012311
Extend Comm Range Beyond 25km without Mods3Sylthos393
[XBTF] How should I be aproaching Xenon sectors?1Chrushev297
XBTF - Rudder stabilization what does it do? + some other questions5Chrushev650
X-BtF Can't understand the alien after the starting jump4Freddybear452
[XBTF] Teladianium Foundry doesnt take ore? hmmm... plus some questions10Chrushev867
[XBTF] - Where is the guy I owe 3500 credits to?2Chrushev410
[XBTF] mouse steering doesnt work? :/0Chrushev403
Argh... [XBTF] is running a light speed.. how do I make it run normal speed?4Chrushev630
Anything I should do/know before jumping in to X:Beyond the Frontier?12Chrushev844
[AP] Ships organized in fleets detect enemy beyond scanner range?6cmdnenad537
(X-BTF) Support from other races?5cobra mk2506
Issue regarding the new patches for X-BtF and X-Tension-Steam version8Whaleof2Fort1228
Missiles killing ships...... Well beyond annoying22CharlieChop2175
Garbled dialogue text in X-BTF3Khalid1988523
X-BTF or X-Tension5delstars666
X-BTF Complete STOP?1gremlintrm482
Beyond the Frontier: graphics settings and controls0Skafsgaard900
Split and Paranid message in there space stations in XBTF1Scartha4040434
X: Beyond the Frontier - Won't play background music in-game2ildamos612
[x-btf] cannot exit station3tiamak497
xbtf/xtension on mobil?11nithilak1068
X-BTF graphical glitch4GaugeTheory1344
[TC] Beyond Gate Blockades17icEPiraka1548
X: Beyond The Frontier - Multiple Stations Of The Same Type In The Same System11RyanFialcowitz1920
X: Beyond The Frontier - Gamepad Not Working In Menus0RyanFialcowitz1018
Just finished X-BTF (The 1st game in the series), which one should I play next ?6juanjiviris618
[X-BtF] Strange Behavior5ForteMaster1483
[X-BtF] Transparent Polygons4ForteMaster1111
[X-BTF/X-T] Crash to Desktop at Loading/Splash Screen1HeavyViper1131
[xbtf] game settings reset0okeee610
Feedback on X series evolution (Played X since XBTF)9PavelKrupets945
X-BTF crash15okeee1521
X-Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension Question1bludytiger1197
Q about XBTF and XT3siddham567
Problem installing X-BtF 2.2 patch on Vista1Lemmus845
Pirates Beyond Hostile X3TC (Goner Mission)4Njord1232164
[X-BTF] Talking with others = low fps6Gazer751147
[X-BTF] Transporter(Albatross) stuck? And other TL questions6Gazer751370
[X-BTF] Paranid reputation8Gazer752078
[X-BTF] Boring start...10Gazer751525
Please help I am unable to assign keys in X-BTF2vic3241234
Installing X-BTF on Win 7 64 bit4violentbob1323
[XBTF] Help with the story ?4marcinforever818
How to Play XBTF faster ? HELP5marcinforever906
X-BTF Crystal Factory2marcinforever778
X-BTF map of world7marcinforever1025
X-BTF: Credit decimals are hidden/gone1robot85788
X: Beyond the Frontier problem - fighter spins; controls unresponsive2ildamos1246
X-BTF help9marcinforever1170
[X-BTF] What prices should I put in wheat farm?14chrismokvack2999
[x-BTF] Where to find a TL class transporter?8chrismokvack1910
x tension & x beyond the frontier1kenny11901004
The next frontier10sandyframework1504
X-BTF will not start2MrNewGuy995
Superbox - XBTF not beginning - crashing to desktop4ryderark11187
X: Beyond the Frontier5IceFire9091317
X-BTF Location of saved games?6cobra mk23114
Where is the closest Equipment Dock near Siezwell for X-BtF3alison22000699
XBTF and Extreme 3d pro joystick throttle not being recognized5Zaldar1413
X-BTF Goner rock ?5A998991318
X-BTF on X Superbox Won't run6Gillie1450
Looking for Quick Starting Money Guide for X - Beyond the Frontier2alison220003996
XBTF: Keyboard Commands2duomenox1900
Beyond The Frontier Eng Manual Found2markl824
Beyond my Boreas15Entos1781
Superbox X-BTF Changelogs?2cobra mk2633
Text cut off in Steam XBTF + no encyclopedia???8csber32869
steam (X-BTF and X-T ) missing Voice overs in intro31Chrisalddin3963
X-BTF Quotes.9Xionor1198
Complexes Beyond 20km8Darkwolf_1871179
X-Beyond The Frontiers, My Teladi Solar Power plant problem.14DeLoreanLover3097
A litte Help with X-BTF.15Medyk2565
Beyond annoyed5RicoOcho1068
Is there any place where I can buy or download X-BtF and X-Tension Music?2DeLoreanLover688
X-BTF Questions7Allan F1877
[TC] This is beyond aggravating.51sleepy_head3432
X - Beyond the Frontier / X-Tension15Selkirk3650
X-BtF the shaking ship (wierd lights)0raithe499
X-BtF keyboard problems8raithe1717
X-BTF abit of nostalgia14skepticalmist1638
Where can a person BUY the original X games? XBTF and XT?15Anonymous1783
Questions about factories in XBTF5manniac2932
XBTF - XTENSION EXE Swap (for throttle control)6Acidfang691796
XBTF - Bandana 'too busy'?????0Gann831
X : Beyond the Frontier. COOL!25Musicker4182
[MAP] X-BTF map in X3TC - Edit 19/11/2009 - more questions12TEKing663969
How about a frontier-like game as the next Egosoft project?17Boringnick2341
Problem with X Beyond The Frontier14jefferz952917
Frontier Assualt X-Wars Realism Mini-Mod21Lord Dakier4636
X-BTF/X-T police licenses7Carlo the Curious2096
X Beyond The Frontier And X Tension Options Problem2FreelancerTitan832
X-BTF Title Theme2Spychotic758
SETA beyond times 106paladinj1534
.sav files in XBTF9electric-magic2194
New Frontiers (Shipyard and Sector Question)12Razgriz91713
Going Beyond The Frontier! A Tale of Heroes Past.2Poobah789
Idea for an external map mod (beyond my skills)12EnergyFX1919
G.O.D.s stupidity is beyond measure!15zoleeboy2409
X - Beyond the Frontier (XGold)29supakillaii3422
Beyond data modding?7rothbard1503
[TC] Training marines beyond 5 stars, any point?5plawolf1221
"Earth and Beyond" mining2ezra-r1317
X - Beyond The Frontier Help ..2evilweeja994
[TC] mission 7 and beyond???1eskeemer751
Revisiting X: Beyond the Frontier17Soluzar5147
X-BTF and X-T nostalgia interrupted by... virtual memory trouble (Veterans - help!)3Stealth1163
[X-btf] Windows XP, good Install bad sound16Iorbato4400
Recommended control scheme for X-BTF and X-Tension?11JDR132349
X-BtF : settings7okeee1917
X-BtF : controls5okeee1505
X-Beyond the Frontier3GodSadog1424
Need Help with XBTF Chin's Clouds BROKEN Mission5mahlerlover2529
I've been here since X-BTF and...1bacman954
XBTF - audio/video reset to default after restart (Vista64)2psihog1050
X-BTF save game9gm3ozj2080
[TC] Earth, the forbidden frontier11Psirus2443