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[UPDATE] *XTM PATCH .7.2 RELEASED!* [MOD/AL-plugin]7448-XTM-1049729
X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)5838Aragon Speed1035570
[MOD] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V1.94 Available 3/9/2011]6374Cadius743449
[XTM - GAMEPLAY] Gameplay discussion for Xtended Mod2179moggy2411607
[XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] Technical support for Xtended Mod1913moggy2355345
[MOD] [AP/TC] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V2.01 Hotfixed Available 21/5/2012]1282Cadius318511
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC) (Update: - Manual available! - 12/10/10)1669enenra293016
[EXTRA] Star Trek Ships and some StarGate525kris4564131469
NEWS: XTM .7a now available for free download from Egosoft1The_Abyss106244
[SCRIPT] Bail Signal Extension: Higher Chance & Big Ship Bailing 2.1 (8/18/07)194xfir01103070
[Mod-AP][In-Dev] X-Timelines: The Syndicate779TrixX87869
X-Tended - Terran Conflict (XTC)249Aragon Speed85453
[SCRIPT] X3 TC / AP / XRM / XTC Universe Colored Map Version 3.1 dd 17-dec-201398qwizzie65764
[SCRIPT] Bail Signal Extension: Higher Chance & Big Ship Bailing v1.10 (03/08/2007)263voxol63623
Mod : Apricot Gunbus Mod V3a AND Gunbus v3a for XTM199apricotslice59169
XTC 2.0 - Script Combatibility List - Reports from players122HoPLoN54919
[SCRIPT] Manual Trade Extension v2.3.1 [2010-10-02]93ThisIsHarsh42720
[UPDATED][MOD]Neuman's HUD replacement v1.1 [XTM 0.7 & DDRS compatible!]116neumanf1538856
Full Salvage Mod *Rebuild* 2.4 out ( Need tester with XTM ) ( New CCM Fix! )89jocan200338787
ADAMS - ITT (for TC and XTC - V10)47(----____JEFF____----)36166
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X:BtF & X-T (Windows 7 64bit & Steam) Request Assistance - resolved17ScifiGuy7384
X3AP + XTC + Cadiu's Xtra Questions/Issues2sajjukar297
Updating X-Tension from X-Gold Disc - Resolved4Reimu Hakurei276
(XTM) Not one Mobile Drilling System / Factory anywhere?1Nazgren337
[XT] Any way to make the pirates less active?7Mighty Midget316
X-Tension - Laser Tower - Current Weapon Setting3FrancisV326
[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty0Khaakbuster459
X3AP Star wars mod with XTRA Ship pack1jshru806
Question: How to install X-Tended on X3: Terran Conflict?1Fellington556
X-Tension Quest Requirements3UnknownObject614
XBTF -> X-Tension passive rank progression2professen516
XT Ranks Not Increasing12FrancisV990
Looking for X-Tension modding tools...0NTi-KiNETiCA935
Looking for X-Tension modding tools...8NTi-KiNETiCA1237
X-Tention Perseus Missions prerequisite ?2Cursed Ghost510
X-Tension Question3Cursed Ghost514
Player HQ modding-Help/advice needed XTC AP18zdan301258
Getting to X-Treme Trade Rank12JJRSC957
X-Tension on linux1Wendell486
[X-Tension] Cannot anymore capture a ship after 5:00 - RNG at work.20UnknownObject1749
[X-T] Was there ever an updated index site for factories and goods?8Mighty Midget1712
XTC Xtended sound completely disappear0Heinz-Fiction410
XTC The Hub plot7lexraider583
Cannot Download XTM MOD. Page Does Not Exist?1markgrindcore@hotmail.com934
XTM becomes slower and slower8seppl648
XTC Gamepad Problem2TheBlackSun615
Problem with Race Notoriety - XTC mod1JBolho466
X-Tension Interview with IGN in April 20000Chrushev485
Wanted to share a widescreen mod for X-Tension0Chrushev379
X Tension and X29xfan82969
running X-BTF and X-T full screen without border?3cmdr herne1343
Albion Prelude with X-Tended crash on windows 101watchlive469
XTC CLS 2 Trader Question4JJRSC400
XTC - CLS 2 Difficulties8JJRSC641
X-Tended Mod Download Needed/Help1gstyler34376
[X-T] Win10 X-Tension Crash - Resolved9SaharovNA1726
[X-Tension] Launch>Options>Sound & Graphics settings questions6ThommoHawk443
Who got X-TREME fighter rank?9astreus1231
Can't record X (X-BtF, X-T, X) gameplay with Open Broadcaster Software1HashtagMC1070
[XT] Guide to X-Tension ship statistics2Last_Jedi_Standing973
X-Tension Resolution3trinil11368
Is it possible to finish X-Tension?5Chrushev525
X-Tension 2.2 file 00749.bod limits3Profit_EG1497
X Veteran: downloading XAP and XTC now - which to play?8PaxRomana683
XBTF/XT Model Viewer?1Vanguard3000300
Buying XTC/AP Pack via Steam - Already own non-Steam X3:TC4Morkonan810
X-Tension, Ship models with different prices.2Maedroth316
[X2] Finally made it to "double X-TREME"3fig501
X-Tension manual download0pierrard722
X-Tension and Win 8.16Redvers Ganderpoke1202
X-tension perseus missions - when do they start?2Earth Ultimatum IV.436
Xtension ecliptic projector - how to?10Earth Ultimatum IV.587
Xtension - profitable station locations16Earth Ultimatum IV.984
X-tension where is that X ship?3Village!diot623
Draw/view distance mod for XTC?0ZX9000247
Outfitting ships with extensions9sigma1987508
any mod/plugin to stop destroyed/damaged wares and extensions ?4zibafu377
[SCRIPT] Help me make a quick extension script to ADS Real Wings...7Overwatch408
XTC: Getting a lot of 'tude from my MMBS15JJRSC1056
X-Treme Fighting Rank - How?13Bill Huntington815
[X-Tension] How to receive messages?4ksyon336
X-Tension: TS driving bug - workaround on upgrading tunings6ksyon1162
Ok what am I doing wrong?? XTC7k1ng r4t572
X-Tension: no story line?5ksyon561
[X3TC + XTC] Starting complexes... My first time!4misioooo521
Has X-Tension Trading Reputation Changed?1Wimle281
X-tension graphical problems3Earth Ultimatum IV.972
Going to buy Xtension - got some questions5Earth Ultimatum IV.432
[XT] Owned TL - how to deploy an ore mine?4Curunauth469
X-Tension: Transport doesn't dock at7johndohnal855
Xtension and mouse3registerfkingsucks761
[XT] Rapier UTOPIA5Grazod710
Xtension revisted1lexraider461
After Shady Business & Highest Goner Rank WHATS NEXT!0phantomrock2350
{Halp} Moving XTC station models into an XRM AP installation.0Durendal5150206
[WIP-MOD] A New Dawn: Expanded Horizons for X-Tended Terran Conflict14Anubitus1450
Boost extension8lexraider472
X-Btf/X-Tension issues (steam versions)2Mr. K611
SOLUTION for X-T not starting on Windows0x__423
[X3AP] Strafe Drive Extension6pref739
X-Timelines... [WARNING!! SPOILER HEAVY!!]1Schultski430
X3 Reunion with X-Tended - Machine Shops0alowe784
Use to be able to play X Tension on Win7 64 bit3Scartha4040948
Where to download X-Tended Mod version 0.7.4 for X3: Reunion?2ACE0873
Trading Extension Broken?7thelebk431
X3 XTM Manual7alowe1879
XT3 Reunion - Plot fails near the beginning when you're in space suit2alowe602
X3 XTM Manual1alowe429
XT3 Reunion - Plot fails near the beginning when you're in space suit1alowe402
X-Tension Pirates are attacking my station.1esgeroth512
Extensions - X3 Reunion11alowe1159
XTREME Fighter: Final Kill Tally7Tohron842
Question re docking a TL in Terran Conflict / XTC8lincs_geezer537
Problem with installing weapon [x3 XTM]0skrzacik506
[X-TENDED - TC] Dreadnought4nadyir716
Major loss in performance in AP compared to TC & XTC1Dmitrynsk421
XTC X-Tended Mod0mastercool440
Mix NH ship with XTC ship???0Archaryon290
[XTCAP] Destroyed with no warning every mission8Darksaint559
X-Tension won't launch (Steam on Win7 64)1851501884
Fix READTEXT errors7phantomrock21155
How to use XTC-stationmodels in TC and AP11Trickmov1176
[TC] Any tips to reach X-TREME trading?7Blue Wraith817
Cost of Cargo Bay Extensions18Fluff1990
Any near-rank up X-Treme save files for achievement?8sadron752
XTended 2.0, how to get Hotfix?0NorfolkInstitute369
X BTF/Tension - Logitech X3D Pro Question6XTCStorm746
Factories in X Tension2Scartha4040335
I love X-TC, thats why I hate it too17Dank7430797
[XTC] Where would I purchase Heavy Mass Drivers?2sadron488
X Tension Key commands2Scartha4040392
[X3 TC] Recommended ship extensions for sector traders10MrFiction815
X3:TC EXT - Am I missing out?3elabuschagne702
X-Tension is my computer really that bored?31stFalloutboy462
[TC] XTC 2.0 - CAG Fix needed4Zircon13659623
Loadouts for M2s (XTC)11johnnywas852
X-tension - need to find out where or how to get a TL or other ships4mannyrenta583
[X3AP] Going for XTREME....9hourheroyes800
[MOD] A New Dawn v07-10-2013 for X-Tended -Terran Conflict v2.1123Anubitus22062
X Tension cannot buy station3stdami584
Removing boost extension6daemon1129664
Name of this XTC song1laurinikkei360
X-Tension Economical Advice and a few other questions....2Pathfinder331614
X:Tension Revisited. The Perseus Mission. Anyone remember that one?16Mighty Midget2174
Completely Removing XTM mod (Xtended Mod)2Sinkinrubberduck801
X:Tension revisited. Power loop question.2Mighty Midget436
XTC - How do I get my Terran reputation up quickly7johnnywas1051
[MOD REQUEST] Ship M0 Addon with XTRA Shippack0NighTragE486
X3: XTM active map not working?3jamieren388
[JOBS]for XTRA Shippack By Cadius V 2.01 [AP] (8.12.2012) Version v1.020NighTragE8826
XTC - Terran Factories2johnnywas457
Fullscreen problem with X:BTF and X:Tension4Primer2629
XTC - How safe are the Terran Sectors11johnnywas507
X-T Resolutions0reheat360
[SCRIPT] [TC] - Explorer Command Extension v2.6 - [31.08.2013]60Nicoman3516837
XTC Player Owned Shipyard5TLS1476
X-Tension Perseus Mission bug?0vlesperance698
Misposted topic removed from XTM Tech Sp thread.2Action_Parsnip581
[XTC][MISSION]Terran Escort, I don't think this is right?1spoidz471
[XTC]Source to copy station mission symbols (picture) from?0spoidz209
[XTC]Any way to undock besides sidebar?7spoidz522
Unable to transfer ship extensions7parkel523
[XTC] Default Profiles Location?3spoidz316
Request: CMOD for XTC2MadMan983319
XTC compatable mods advice0MadMan983262
Ship installation help... Using XTM and Cycrow installer2Turnus620
Is there any way to get the XTC mod to work with TC 3.2?0imortalvalk260
installing X:XT on winXP SP3 system1Knight Shadow Wolf587
[STEAM] X-T and X-BTF Unplayable / Won't start0eldrin629
Can't use first person as Humble Merchant? - Probably due to XTC mod left in.10ouT-Phaze643
Ship Extension Question ?5Cursed Ghost408
[x3-XTM] fix not found1Magnate689
X-Tension: odd graphics problem4vlesperance673
[X3:R]Trading System Extension installed but no commands6clumzy3137
StoneD's X2/XT PatcherV09b ??2CrisGer476
Which ships are better and tougher in XTC5Scartha4040519
X-Tended Mod Boarding Question2Shihan458
[X:BTF] SETA boost extension9WizzWargasm1917
XTC Vanilla or XRM?2Vanir711
(AP) Grinding out the X-Treme Fighter achievement.8sadron637
[TC][MAP]Is there any source for XTC map AS ACTUAL IN GAME DISPLAY? -SOLVED-0spoidz584
XTC Mod How to Change a Ships Docking Values8Dreamora1999
[XTC] The Boreas5Aidyer676
[XTC] TL Ships21Aidyer1112
Valhalla XTM model.2Peanutcat573
[XTC] Can't Dock at Particular Station4Aidyer422
Xtension credits1Free Trade Inn303
XRM vs X-Tended? (for TC)8Vistar2585
"X-TREME" sounds stupid15Boringnick1809
Issue regarding the new patches for X-BtF and X-Tension-Steam version8Whaleof2Fort1255
X-Tension Won't Start.3DannyMoFo1672
Unknown good and extension in AP8Metamartian1050
[XTC] Commodity Logistics Software causes lag?4Boringnick399
X-tension help9ingeraskurai972
TS Cargo Bay Extension basically worthless?23Fnord Lightbringer4498
Cargo Bay Expansions in X-tension3ingeraskurai443
Hex cheat in Xtension0Scartha40401311
X-tension and Farnham's Legend book7Revenat342923
Have the Steam versions of X: BTF and X: Tension been optimised for modern OS's?13tanner1ie794