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Poor frame rate when viewing certain objects, even with minimal GFX (CPU bottleneck?)430tim99761786
[SHIP] Angelwing (From Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)219jimhsu7747948814
[SCRIPT] Wing Hotkeys : V1.20 : 09/06/200994Cycrow42862
Wing Commander ships for download: Now offering... 28 ships Updated: (August 23, 07)120sartha36102
[SCR] Follow me / Remember homebase + wingman (v8)27Gazz32187
Anarkis Defense System - Real Wings Edition v1.14 [updated 16.07.2014]199Nicoman3531586
Wing Equip Like fix and extension v0.03 [BETA] 11/20/0834morbideth19461
[SCR] Custom wing manager aka. add-remove wings13Zypherg17888
Logittech Wingman Force Not Working90omenelite15488
Upgrade to Mark's Patrol and Wing scripts V2.1 02-02-0539Carl Sumner14267
How does Wingmans work?30argharg13811
[X3LU] Quick Wings 1.1068kaistern12495
[SCRIPT] Wing Manager Plus v1.21[13-12-2010]12vukica12274
Jobs, JobWings, WareLists Decoded Updated Jan 2125AalaarDB11731
[MOD][v1.3 - 24.12.07] Wing Commander 1 Mod22|K.O.S.H.11378
X3 - Patrol - wingman setup...6Brin3310967
Marks_Patrol_And_Wingman_Commands_V3 now available53marklaverty10719
thereshallbewings . . .3TheRelic10546
[TC] BUG!!! Wingman, turet and drone kills do not count a smy kills.71Alexei_Gladkikh10354
[SCRIPT] Wing Trade Commands - Buy ware and Sell ware.13PaulP10245
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[X3 TC Vanilla] Large objects and towing8szczekan738
Using Jobs.txt and jobwings.txt to fill carriers2Hamburglar402
Script for showing consumption/production of all factories?1Pind359
Need help with JobWings0Black_hole_suN432
Modded ships not showing up at Terran Shipyards6Fulgrymm915
X3 ap (LU) SETA slowing down2Crypticguy716
[X3R] Mk3 traders are not showing a destination3LowkeeDragon331174
Add to Wing Hotkey2Joelnh419
Wing Formations6Sirrobert547
Wing and Fleet Commands question4Cursed Ghost685
Using Wings17BankruptAssasin1258
fleet and wing command question9Cursed Ghost716
X3AP Wing's Patrol Problem1R3d_X502
Equiping Wings Quickly - Missiles2BankruptAssasin354
Keeping my Wingman in the air9Pac Bane873
(X3:TC) Wingmen and SETA6Khaysis845
x3ap wing setting/ai question3WishmasterSR435
Question about Wing Command Console1Teladidrone283
How do you script a ship in a wing to attack3kaistern208
[SCR] [X3TC/AP] Fixed Wing "Attack All" Command1Darkone8752466
[X3:AP] Looking for cost-effective, fast, anti-M1 fighter wing method9Jimmy C764
Improving Terran/ATF rep following Argon plot2Shads62449
[SCRIPT] Help me make a quick extension script to ADS Real Wings...7Overwatch408
red highlight no longer showing?3CaptainJR403
Wings Question6Cayo124307
-> get flight wing without function?1Nicoman35389
[TC] Goner Plot - Following the Blastclaw36ancienthighway1622
X3AP No matter what I do I cant issue orders to my wing with wing hotkeys4shdwknght440
X3:AP Showing Up As "X3: Albion Prelude [level3_beta]" In Steam Library7RoverTX664
Do I really need "Thereshallbewings"?5Luai1342
Registered game not showing whatt patches are compatiable - known BBS issue.2wormfighter393
Question on having NPC ships fly patrol an explore for you while others fly as wing.8Tasogie403
[X3:TC]Do all the Wing Management Scripts actually put specific weapons in each slot?2spoidz389
Help - No stations showing when trying to us Complex Construction Kit7splatweb575
X3:AP Plot BUG - Resolved (Player ship was in a Wing)5Virusboy461
[X3AP XRM Mod] SETA Slowing Down3xeranes1049
Ship randomly blowing up while using SETA?10saulscmit710
Wingmen Commands1Corbid229
Wingmen Commands2Corbid306
Any easy mode carrier mod? that creates fighter wings on the fly...1Ranka-Lee535
Albion not Showing on STEAM List, should it be?1Shewrog375
Viewing ship1Rdtcmtt298
Custom Ships Not Showing Up8blakesharpe703
Mod for showing targeted race in missions?1funkytrousers259
capping with wings / fighting with wings4Thelastreject379
When can i expect M6's showing up?3Damian Swift536
Fighter wings x3r3chrissy4nicole599
Keeping a wing refuelled?5Quinch510
Getting Custom JobWings To Work [AP]4RoverTX714
[AP] Steam not showing recent Achievement2Stu Austin320
Adding MARS option to wing turrets2IYIENACE583
X(tc)RM - Mod Hotkeys not showing up, among other things1Braekyn218
Wing Control and Autopilot4Ashkinaze435
[HELP REQ]Creating a script for Xtended allowing ships to be build on mobile shipyard22Anubitus1837
Following the Gaian pirate in Goner Plot on SETA, plus made $12 Mil1Bill Huntington554
X3AP - Universe Traders running out of work? Economy slowing down?12hourheroyes886
[SHIP] Angelwing from Nexus AP import0mrflibbl3s486
Wings ineffective...0Lord Dakier423
Following Suspect Missions - Don't work!4The Iron Duke319
X3AP - Difference between Wing Control and Fleet Control5avalice1608
Need help on wings...2Nicoman35308
Missile to use on a wing of m3's1BankruptAssasin273
Captured an argon Colossus but it still has it's whole flight wing on board.???9ali-stool969
What's the maximum number of ships I can put in a wing? x3ap7shadyJ536
Viewing Ship Details at shipyard4Alleycat86388
X3AP Wing Command affects all Wings?1Aerowind298
WINGS - I am looking for some up to date advice.17Brinnie1214
AP Wings and Shield Suppression5Manks400
Pre-installed jumpdrives not showing up in ship info1Action_Parsnip401
simplified wing commands6Piraneous430
AP: Setting up AI fighter wings.3Linkblaze555
Very fusterated with crash detection/wingmen6Mrstickball707
Why aren't ships showing up in trade?9upperthorax775
Towing complexes possible? (TC)13Shogouki690
Marine Stars not showing when buying4BryanNeff351
Difference between a Wing and Wingmen14slipstream8081302
Wings to attack certain ships..........0stavros211
[X3AP] Aamon Prototype not showing in the ship list - Resolved, ship was hidden.3foxxbl571
[X3TC] Trying to set TM as wingman2Barbarossa66439
help please with FIGHTER wing commands.. etc3Cale245558
- X3TC Steam version showing odd freight entries..3BugMeister404
Equip wing like doesn't work?6mikefrombrooklyn662
[X3:AP] Wings2sleep______422
Resupply Ammunition Set-All (Wings)17TonyEvans1120
Why aren't my game stats showing in my profile?4Coreblimey301
[TC] Explorer Command Software options not showing10TickMiester512
COmplex overcrowding and wingmen hiring4samoja434
X3 AlP-TM- Use as Sector trader and attached wings question.2amcrabil549
Wing control issue1Nicoman35227
Why isnt the albatross following me with the factory I just purchased1Russia2012318
Short question regardng wings2Nicoman35234
Selecting/viewing fleet commanders?2razzamattaz345
'Maximum' Towing Speed [X3TC]24Bajau1035
Help with equipment not showing.3GICorp932
Wing Man and Wings1teddypillen1986@yahoo.com471
Combat Fail - My Wings Won't Shoot (they are armed)5Blue Ice566
looking for script to assign ships into wings2xboyx479
[MOD] X3 TC / AP : A Glowing Universe Mod12qwizzie4382
X3 AP Wing commands3shadowdef993
-=[AP]=- Escort duty wrt Wings and Fleets help6MajHavoc490
Towing ship missions17Sturmer815
AP use of wings1highflier436
marine abilities not showing4Plärr Jörgenson441
X3AP marines for sale not showing various levels5SirCharles555
X3AP: Commodities Transaction Report showing wrong ware type4danpaul88417
Wing's orders different then individual ship's orders7KickAHobo497
[AP] Wings (how to control their speed and "actions")9adamantismo765
Noob question, ship point of viewing.3pinkbunny517
Question about custom wings1sadron246
Simplest way to create new Wings in X3:TC?5shadyJ890
Can not clear wing homebase4stimpy61509
Buncha Questions bout my wings of ships/plus misc questions6Nathancros388
Fighter wing commands?3sadron422
[TC] Station traders aren't following orders4xeb0346
Mani Keeps Blowing Up2bladerunner1254331
[TC] Advice on outfitting a Chimera Wing1Aeshi260
X3:TC Missions are not showing up at stations1zeroready331
Wing commands1coyotejodido366
"Show as enemy if enemy to me" and Wings - forgotten?0mib666007230
[AP] Why don't wings work anymore?3Master of the Blade447
[TC/AP] Wings6AshToDust488
[AP] Setting up a fleet/wing to pacify a Xenon sector permanently?5Silverblade The Enchanter713
Need some advice with wings in TC4Brinnie405
[TC] Want opinions on my Carrier Fighter wings.9Aeshi837
X3TC: Friends showing up as enemies?2NonniT377
the game is slowing dowm..10Cluedo!671
Best tactic for Satellite defense wing?1Cretain410
suicidal wingmen10opstrat769
Auto pilot and wing1Pandor273
registration codes in profile not showing5jd487
[AP] Wingmen Docking Issues11kilmar790
X3TC not showing in my Steam Library3john cover420
Fresh X3TC/AP Steam install showing MODIFIED tag - Fixed8bazoola1166
Wings vs Fleets2Coruskane645
Is there a way of knowing if a ship is abandoned on the map?9Hashbaz1026
X3:AP - hang viewing "detailed stock report"...6cswiger541
Achievements & Time Played Not Showing Up4[SOLAR]INFERNO472
[QUESTION] Khaak respawn in khaak sectors with empty job / jobwing (hardcoded)0qwizzie386
Drawing of free superbox steam key for spreading "the good news"...99Bernd6863
wing missile resupply issue4jamafish493
jumping wings1jamafish308
Wingman Script0rujikin395
[X3:TC] My complex stopped allowing ships to dock to it6Automatic Jack674
Carriers and Wings11Stormed271066
How to make a wingman or control a wing without being in it?2pyrogt465
Controlling Wings question4pyrogt436
x3 terran conflict wing docking8Erik9631262
Angelwing and other Nexus TJI ships3Ocede855
corvette's V fighters (wings)4Skillzfire556
Space Engineer - Wing Control6uamadman694
mass wing missile installation4Anubitus442
[X3:TC] Wings, Cannon Fodder and Fireworks3wubble720
Wings movment speed control?4Balrog1978663
Best ship for wingmen?4Skillzfire680
Ships blowing up at Argon Equipment dock4Admiral Craigie609
Need some help please: unfocussed jump drive is not showing up2gary0515811
Problems with M6 Wingman2AdranosXXI788
Trading with Wings question, x3tc7Glutes1055
Issues towing using a TM5sekanz724
Missiles on wingmen2cmdnenad470
A question about wingman and formation flying.4Romantic Heretic733
[X3TC] Uncooperative traders and dead wingmen8archeryguy1701899
Towing objects2Icewarrior557
Wing turret commands5Shimrod731
Good choice for a large-wing fighter?17Panzerman1285
How many wingmen is too many wingmen?12uk.crow1337
Viewing the HUB from the Outside.6Osiris454889
abot wingman8unknown1701
Do Wing Formations matter?4sockum1082
Trade Command MK3 not showing up11BryanNeff1231
Need more wings6deca.death664
[Question/Request] More Wing Colors6KillingMonkey756
Towing the Ship to Aldrin22Bill Huntington709