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Joss Whedon's Firefly / Serenity24magic8ball6220
Disruptor Missile Availibility6Eagle5858
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New player says: How is the Rapier better than Sabre?17Recon7775161
X2 - Ion Disruptor or Mass Driver?????17Monty_Jack5075
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New EN moderator - Rapier30The_Abyss4919
Should ION DISRUPTORS be rebalanced?25God-Demis4902
Script Request: Adding Hurricane and Disruptor missile fabs28arcana754753
X3TC: Rapier Cargo Bay problem for taxi missions8upturnedcircle4379
firefly/serendipity similarities with X universe26masrock4016
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How many people enjoy the firelance 3.5 mod for X2 the threat1SmackinJuice366
Ion Disruptor in X3 Reunion 2.56kzwix1270
Ion Disruptors14Kilvana1234
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Firefly/Serenity ships3I got lost2109
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X3 BBS Extras V1.61 vs Extra Mission Pack (Firefly edition) - Reunion2Potty1560
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FIRELANCES any point in using6Gosnell1211
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Disruptor they shut down ships? (X3: TC)3Magnabyte1259
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Disruptor Missles2gober842
Ion Disruptors?5Abaws1408
Firelance download link broken. So where to get it?1-Joshua-1177
Ion Disruptor or Ion Pulse Generator for an M64X-Morgan2014
[REQ] A Use for Low Yield Sidearms / Disruptor Rifles/ Terran EM Rifles2drseuss6201730
Low Yield Sidearms / Disruptor Rifles / Etc4drseuss6201663
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How to sell my Rapier2petraska909
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[REQ] Nividium Mines and Disruptor Missle Fab0Teladidrone822
TC: Do ion disruptors still decrease bail out chance?0kyoo778
Olmancketslats treaty disruptor factory scan mission does not finish.2Nathanlesterkerr1078
Could someone explain the use of the Ion Disruptor over PACs and HEPTs?21Brisos3850
question for Rapier (moderator)2barracuda231834
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weapon idea - Disruptor missle gun?? (transport defense)4Mr G1473
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IA fighters + Ion disruptor => Safe ?5cyrillemaz2009
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Ion Disruptor not working4hurin11857
Disruptor Missle Fab 12, Kha'ak 05Carlo the Curious1935
How to get Ion Disruptors (where/reputation)?13PekkaM2554
Ion disruptor1r4yne1185
Ion Disruptor14Tiercel3231
Best ship with Ion Disruptors9Fresshness2279
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the yaki ships and disruptor missiles3Jeremy Harbottle1245
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Help with FIRELANCE download ??0blazermick1009
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Seeking, Firefly/serenity Mod2atraangelis1157
Rapier missiles?7Williamm1993
Disruptor missles.. and ship captures?16Chestnut Stallion2995
request- ingame screenshots of the firefly transport2pepperg1204
Re-enabling Advanced Trade pilot salary in Firelance0Aprogas919
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problem with firelance 2.5 for x2......7techno-mole1948
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Ion Disruptor1d.hunt1176
ion disruptor/rank8chilipalmer2883
Ion Disruptors, can someone clarify?17snyderm3914
Ion Disruptors8Andre_ALmeida lms 22715
Ion Disruptors5SkyLeach1766
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Into the Black - Any Known Firefly Mods?17Sylvanus3841
Disruptor Missiles8Mokonzi2197
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Do Disruptors Work?9johnzoo2373
Disruptor Missiles8-{AA}- Salamander2531
Are disruptor missles supposed to kill the ships?10layton992442
Ion disruptor is really worthless now5mcb00011795
Only Boron EQs will buy my Ion Disruptors4Scoob1859
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Rapier Missile1Texas1047
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Disruptor Missiles and cobwebs in my Turret6Uncle B1717
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M6 capture with Ion disruptors!3Feersum1472
Where can I find some Ion Disruptors?2droz1170
I unintentionally hit a gate with my Ion Disruptors . . .5Drfuddy1934
Ion Disruptors7(/\)arped1660
Ion Disruptors and damaged goods15Uncle B2683
Ion disruptor15John Hodgkinson2722
Can Ion disruptore be used as Defensive`3Mightysword1300