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Slaves & passengers18rujikin3563
Passenger Spacelines by Mr.Gee reworked for X3TC by MH-Neugierig (corrected)15MH-Neugierig3488
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UTs, Passenger Shuttles, and PHQ6MortalDanger824
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can i dump unwanted cargos and/or passengers filling up my hold3James Hutchison928
Removing slaves from scripted Marine Training Barracks8Troubleshooter111593
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TC: Any reacon why my Enhanced Jaguar can't take passengers?5BlkKnight1102
What to do with passengers?11yelgrun2556
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X3 Reunion, passenger uplink stat.6Threesixtyci1818
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Slaves or passengers?8sorcerer1665
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X3 TC collected "passengers" how do I sell them into my slavery as mercs?4GrahamAtome3341
Hands full of... passengers3BeidAmmikon972
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X3R Very Important Passengers3gamer993946
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slaves to mercs2crawlerw882
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[TC] Pirate Stations; Boarding Pods and Passengers to Slaves - Not quite working5nft1739
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Toucan Hauler cannot transport passengers?5Codejnki1834
slave-marine station13jordan kirwan2709
[TC] passangers into slaves9kamikazie2048
[Question] Weapons,Shields and Passengers in cargobay.3Gengis Khan1474
Passengers - any documentation?6jubbbird1402
Taxi passengers disappear when boarding some M5's2moralar951
Train Passengers as Marines8X2Eagle1916
Can't Take Passengers7Ebeneezer1800
passenger transport problem2karuna1444
where can i sell slaves?7nokia3601650
Slaves, Bounties, Refugees, and Freedom. Things needed in Terran Conflict.15yourpowersareweakoldman2647
[Mission] TP Passengers - Updated 2/4/080JMCorp959
Slaves idea1JESS 246965
Communicating with other passengers in station doesn't work6oseguin2306
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A Matter of life or death (for the passengers)8Draygor692326
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slave trade8postulio1900
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X2 Slaves7XPirate1959
passengers keep dieing in tp jobs4ESKARN1501
[IDEA] Slave trade/mercenaries/Side Arms/Raiding Parties7greenday_dude2157
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WooHoo found a Falcon and a Passenger hauler.9Jovena2087
Can someone fix passengers "size" ??? Please.........9Koci1695
Transporting Passengers?14Fizzil2328
Need Way to Jumpstart "Slaveconomy"9Colonelnj102244
help is needeed again slaves from priate bases2cihan1086
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Tansporting passengers1fransbos01833
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Diaries of a Goner Slaver7CharlyC2578
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Passengers13Garbage man1777