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Ion Disruptor, ID, IonD

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[SCR/IDX] Lucikes Script Collection for X: Terran Conflict [16th July 2011]250Saetan230823
Ultimate Ship Size Comparison: SIDE/FRONT/TOP views!! [updated 08/09/09]118someone else68190
[GUIDE] Play as Kha'ak (and living to tell about it)47Jakesnake537673
[MOD] Reworked GalaxyMap + New Suns + unique SectorsoundtrackIDs43Alex Vanderbilt24104
[MOD IDEA] X3 Terran Conflict - improved performance38Observe18642
[IDEA] Script idea to improve the exploring aspect of the game64Cycrow15835
[IDEA] Minerva Class Battleship From Gundam Seed Destiny46Lord Dakier14015
X Details (VIDEO #2)33BurnIt!13348
[IDEAS] Post Your Script/Mod Ideas Here Sticky this please92Stevio12216
[GUIDE] Fight. Trade. Build. Think. An Explanation of Each, God, and More in X.26Milo Rambaldi11776
[Script][BBS] pirateID v1 - operate "alter ego" pirate fleet5ttl9900
[IDEA] X-Online -Initial Project Failure -Project Re-Conceptualized56s9ilent9592
[LIB] Library: Find Voice ID15Gazz9155
X Details (VIDEO)52BurnIt!9069
[IDEA] Voice recognition41(----____JEFF____----)8851
[X3TC] Questions on Ion Disruptors, Ion Pulse Generator, Ion Cannons (for boarding)19Simoom7665
Ion Disruptor?15Cypha13376971
GUIDE: Priming Your PC For X2 (Finished)254d6948
Over powered IonDs and useless MDs47tphater6227
[IDEA] Program to add ships into the game37Cycrow5935
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X3:AP - How to add the scary to your game plan. [An (almost) DID campaign]2Jellyfish_tracks304
Ship ID1skywolf33358
[AP 3.1] Huge Blue Pirate Blobs Idling with Job ID 01ebonbane487
[FIX TO X3AP VANILLA ISSUE] Wrong Text-ID display in generic missions3darkangel666748
Yes I DID go through the forums first. [X3AP Large complex IS lag]4your.homeseller834
Anyone who run Breaking Grounds mission in DID mode?0astreus283
How to change ship ID's and make it work/stick?0DarrenTomlyn196
[MOD] [IDEA] I wonder how I could implement ship refits4Overwatch341
Capturing using Ion Disruptors5Ronin677876
DID & Steam2Fspiders336
Need to ID some mods...2Etyneo238
[X3AP][STUPID-Q] Do NPC Ships use Mosquito Missiles for Missile Defense?0RoverTX282
[SCRIPT IDEA] Extended using of ECS by Serial Kicked0Familiar306
List of Vanilla Ship IDs? (i.e.- SS_SH_race_shipclass)5Ameer Nuub698
[IDEA] Few Mod Ideas for the masses (and some dev suggestions)6EterniaLogic598
[GUIDE]Your Fighter and You, an Owner's Manual36Alacard12063
AP where are the ion disruptor forges?-9massacoppsan719
X3AP Boarding Does the Ion Disruptor trick still work?4ianbillmorris531
[GUIDE] TL-Warehousing in 1 Page4Alacard1619
[IDEA][FEEDBACK WANTED] Equipment For Marines3RoverTX415
Select universe trader -> "Incoming message." -> Action:None DO AS I TELL YOU, IDIOT!17sadron1104
steam DID fixed yet?4cattafett506
[VIDEO] Close-up flyby of every ship in the game (X3TC + Xtended)7Saber15361
[AP] Ion Pulse Generator vs. Ion Disruptor (or other ideas)2Progress-M1020
Where to find : Page ID 2006 ???0Nicoman35221
Ion Disruptor vs M7M6praypold651
[AP] Do ion disruptors destroy things permanently??7phasor680
Albion Prelude crashing always at same point in game - ID'd as manual trade issue.18james0305901294
DID game disappeared45Lazerius1279
Ion Disruptor Questions6ahddib866
[GUIDE] to the ST/LT/UT/CAG/CLS1/CLS252Alacard13784
[TC] Attacked By Ship: Unknown Object with ID: <invalid>CX-544kc99429
[IDEA] Generic "Destroy competing station" mission2TouchMyNipple383
Do you recomend a DID game for me ?33Maddy211249
[TC]Is there a list of Sector Unique ID numbers?2spoidz296
[IDEA] customisible custom start.2TouchMyNipple338
[AP] Valhalla ID3Peanutcat632
[TC] Ion Disruptor Clarification8EspritFort970
Ion disruptor10Pandor1073
[IDEA/REQUEST] Automated Ammunition Manufacturing Plant15Wilson-MG-1178
MD help request: TextIDs3Antimagic534
[Mod Resource] Weapon and missile ID's4TSM1249
[IDEA/QUESTION] Assassin/Arch-Nemesis NPCs4primvirlaux511
Steam's DID mode Save/Load setup is impossible32Threesixtyci1635
[IDEA] Spy20Nemesis_87723
[IDEA] Stealth, Engine off/on7gefer8781
The Hub Part 3 - BUG IN DELIVERY OF 500 NIVIDIUM4sambozauk1030
[IDEA] Market Analyzer - Need help fleshing out details17GalenEvil1539
IDEA: laser and shield expansions4Zombielordzero639
Ion Disruptor in X3 Reunion 2.56kzwix1245
help with get current action and [ACTION_AVOID]2RapidBomber423
Ion Disruptors14Kilvana1209
Pros and Cons of IonD-ship options33Progress-M2241
[GUIDE] TShips (with PDF)10Chealec2699
Tips needed for starting out in DID mode12cobra mk21578
[GUIDE] Customizing Ship Prices0F.A.B.927
[X3R] Capture with ion disruptors?3chrismokvack758
Steam - DID - Lost the savegame?3Baddieus645
[TC]What are the Sector Name Text ID's???2Fith477
WOOOOOW u gotta see ID of this ship xD18Earth Ultimatum IV.2319
Looking For Some Experienced With MissionDirector8EmperorJon780
[IDEA!] Community Model Database5The Univerce builder721
UTUB VIDEOs3Dogbite651
[REQ/IDEA] Sector Sweep Scanner1paz3r504
Changing ship ID0cattafett516
[MOD-IDEA] Ultimate #deca weapon5riky691023
X3TC: Sorry for a STUPID question ...6vlasticz922
[IDEA] Increase ships that use boarding pods.11mrreptile1359
[IDEA] Double jump gates29J.I.Gorkij2680
Ware Names for Ware IDs6ianrobo75900
[TC] Can Ion Disruptors kill enemy marines?12taukarrie1475
Editing a sound file past ID=300007?2Rionbk647
I'm thinking of starting a DID game and have a question10cobra mk2985
[IDEA] Plasma Bombers9Treelor1592
How Often Do You Use ID Coding?32Lord Dakier2591
[TC] Ion Disruptors Stratagy5thecrazybear1006
Gate ID's9110268171136
[TC] IonDs 'N Boarding6EmperorJon1032
[IDEA/SCR] Critical Hits/Damage3F.A.B.806
Ion Disruptor9johnnywas1391
[TC] Going To War With The Paranid [MINI GUIDE] - Updated21kreep693703
[REQ/IDEA] Accelerator drive (TOA jumpdrive)13Crathes1685
IonD Platform6Xander Cade910
[TC] Ion Disruptor vs. Pulsed Beam Emitter?22FireEverything3348
[IDEA] Upgrades for stations/HQ5dmichailcz1037
[IDEA] Improved Mobile Mining2markdeno676
IDEA: Huge Movable Base3dmichailcz1211
[IDEA] Mass Effect Universe34foxunit4567
IDEA - Oxygen onboard or navigation computer to move7PSCO1988
Question about Ion Disruptors17killyg2449
[IDEA] Mod-Library for Ship components/props/stuff6Killjaeden1485
[MOD IDEA] Teladi Racetrack15Vanguard30002214
Xenon Racing Part II - More risks and More Explosions (VIDEO)4TBV1052
Pest Control - No Drones, No HUD and no sense of self preservation (VIDEO)2TBV1024
IDEA: Planets :)26Khensu4962
[ Bug Report ] ION Disruptor Forge Station6Robert Foster1633
[IDEA] Invest in Equip Dock -> Cmd Software3s9ilent805
IDEA: Online Chat ingame :D16Khensu1689
IDEA: Empire Control11Khensu1698
[IDEA] Terraformers Return - Lil Mod using Earth Pilot's Xenon Ship Versions1zombie-uk952
ship ID fix7Borsek1363
Night hawks (first DID attempt)4Hartzaden1090
Modified DID (intrested)3Hartzaden870
Changing ship IDs?4bvschipper1080
{IDEA} Player Capital + Empire2Matterom736
[IDEA] - Colony Wars Ships or Universe Mod?1zombie-uk1746
Ion disruptor question11yokozuna2154
[TC] Frying Xenon with IonD, any point to it?7synctrance1248
[HELP/IDEA] Edit Warelist? OR Ship purchasing script idea.3amurph0836
[IDEA] Ship Delivery Service6imperium3940
[TC] Ion Disruptors / Ion shard Railguns10johnhirix2396
[IDEA] missile speed based on launch ship speed6Cyphr1212
[IDEA] A better way to uninstall a script6Gazz1064
[IDEA] Fuel Consumption23Wintermist2914
Text ID Not Found...4Apophis1551702
[IDEA] Replace Terran station models with X-verse ones?2Troubleshooter11752
Oh no whats this =TextIDNotFound=8Tranquilliser1336
Humble Merchant DID45DrSysAdmin3858
[IDEA] Turning M3+ into a M3 Bomber (not M8)5Troubleshooter111413
[Request/IDEA] Stealth Generator (REVISED)63BlueShade Zero4119
Yo ho ho and bottle of space fuel (DID story)1TheJakal625
ATF (USC Commander start) DID Story...11DrSysAdmin1646
considering a DID Start15Hartzaden2020
[TC] (DID) Sakurato the Traitor10Jack Slinger1430
Ion disruptors6Tenchiro1453
do npc ships use Ion Disruptors?13mrbadger1961
[TC] Losing Lar (DID)6Pisces11274
[TC] Ion disruptors and Boarding pods7cygnetsong1752
Splash Screen =TextIDNotFound=2MutantDwarf833
IonD or PBE?. Whats the best for capping? (in TC if it matters)21chelo_boga3539
[MOD-IDEA] X3 Ultima, Sword of the Ancients, X3TC TotalC Mod idea9ReeverDrak3309
question about iond2Captsavmhoe733
GUIDE: how to run TC 2.0 on steam install.6palm9111528
X3 Reunion Ion Disruptor question?3Tres2660
Is IOND damage acculumative37The Iron Duke4016
Carrier bug + fix - Ships getting stuck INSIDE a carrier0Cpt. H. Elmes683
[REQ][IDEA] XTM/XTC Bonus Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P0ReeverDrak916
[REQ][IDEA] XTM/XTC Bonus Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P0ReeverDrak1187
DID: Tormented Teladi (SPOILERS POSSIBLE)10thejackle1231939
[IDEA] M3 Fueller7ianbillmorris1378
[REQ/IDEA] "real" pilots for fighter crafts10Merroc1642
[IDEA] Universal Data Export1CaptObvious762
[REQ-IDEA] Buyable Jump Beacons5DarkCorp1432
[IDEA] For Improving Complex Framerates2Ralon843
[IDEA]Landing on planets?!16amtct3039
[IDEA]Race banks in X-universe16Idea2064
Ion Disruptor beam not visible5Gazzareth1308
[REQ/IDEA] Ship-Ship Trade. moblie trade station, trade command software MK4-5?7ReeverDrak1376
[REQ/IDEA] Ship-Ship Trade. moblie trade station, trade command software MK4?0ReeverDrak752
Job ID of 0?? What's going on?5argon_emperor984
[IDEA] [WIP] Templates (Fleet Resupply S.. FRS was the X3R wip title)2s9ilent962
[IDEA] Radial Menu (Cycccroooww where art thou)0s9ilent686
[IDEA] Military Ranking and subsequent bonuses...1l33tl4m3r870
A question about ION DISRUPTORS3Mustikos1468
[IDEA] Hard mode. A permanently issued death penalty from all races5lastebil1547
[IDEA] [LIB] Debug Menu's0s9ilent554
[SCRIPT-IDEA] Less micromanagement when supplying a carrier with new fighters9lastebil1819
[IDEA] Massive Orbital Production Complex, Egosoft wink wink12Rogue992055
Are "Special Weapon's Special Effects" (like IonD, etc.) Hardcoded?9Hieronymos1378
Just how long to fry the Q with ID?15ubica2311
About the Ion Disruptor11jiop8972091
[IDEA] Ship: Dooms day device / semi mobile "adolf" cannon7lastebil1617
[TC] Ion Disruptor forge for sale?4taukarrie1361
[IDEA] Bigger gates for massive ships29amurph04642
[IDEA] Do the experimental weapons actually exist? (Find em!)9Aro1989
[IDEA] X3TC: replace starfield in clouded sectors2xeel1097
[IDEA] Someone port Bail Signal Extention :C2Treelor877
[IDEA] X3 epansion pack14Chealec2089
Ion Disruptors?5Abaws1392
stange behaviour of ID fried ships3G.Org1034
[IDEA] Match target speed.4Rheinlander1111
[IDEA]To steal the player money0Idea653
[IDEA]Increse the productivity of factories4Idea1076
[IDEA/LIBRARY]-(01-13-2009)-Text/Color Library - Separated Forum3WindsOfBoreas993
Ion Disruptor or Ion Pulse Generator for an M64X-Morgan1997
[IDEA]Information script about production and demand2Idea695
IDEA: AFPL upgrade0spacefueladdict612
[REQ/IDEA] Whorehouse Station / Pleasure Station7Pablop4p1739
[TC] Operation: $$$$$HUB$$$$$$PHQ$$$$$BUILDINGVIDEO$$$$$$25LTerSlash4665