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Many loud explosions around Xenon M1's and M2's, are those the "Flak's"?21tomaeduardvictor5109
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Khaak clusters X319John McG4682
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Safe to use FLAK on a carrier? (X3TC)15Kantall4520
How to elegantly kill a Khaak cluster.31Zaijka4485
Kha'ak Cluster problems...22Jietoh4400
The best way to kill a cluster?32SilverTalon4241
Khaak Cluster denies me and my M636eddieg4236
[TC] Cluster Flak Array vs Flak Artillery Array13KaesarSosei4055
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Size Adjustment (Edit) and Restoring flak Area affect2TonyEvans263
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X2 help pls Paranid Odysseus vs cluster fighters (Khaak?)6mattleic999
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Cluster flak and Ion burst,12Eleutherios920
[X3TC] Where the heck do I find a Flak Artillery station?9Aeshi622
In Search of Flak [AP]6Exon1911614
For those of you who hate :evil: Kha'k clusters. (new players) X3TC7benjoseph445
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Flak weapons, CFA's/FAA, or both?3sharx754
flak artillery array fps2jamafish445
[X3R] How are the Flak cannons in regards to capping?2Dicemanx477
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Ionized flak3DrDress971
CFL or FAA?22DrDress1550
Cluster Flak + Ion D8handy388857
FAA and CFA7WishmasterSR874
giving the python flak?2Serinox479
[x3tc] can you make a kha'ak cluster?4MooMan77771023
Flak Art. Array Forge not producing1Andrew1000000452
Intresting CFA finding (somthing i've discovered while modding)5Carl99806
[Mod Discussion XTC/Mods] Cluster explosions with heavy missiles?0Dumminion528
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Ka aK clusters suck27Palladin8882275
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AFAA Factory not producing - even though has all resources5graham_reynolds1377
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Is 'get tradeable ware array from ...' flakey?10AtomicDryad1467
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no flak projectiles2Sorkvild779
Cluster Flak lethal post 2.5 whoop whoop7Sn4kemaster1520
Flak Artillery Array on my Boron thresher10Gus man B2617
FAA sound - easier on the ears?8costi1409
[TC] FAA & CFA Failing. Others?11The_Bob1717
Cluster Bombs0Gosnell547
Possible fix for FAA.... (TC)0darkarchonmind745
[X3R] PBE a possible replacement for flak guns?7aceattacker1595
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FAA Bug7Psirus1401
Split from flak thread3jjz-803
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Group "dock at..." commands (flaky)18fud2232
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Will they EVER fix the FAA bug?26JFJohnny53577
(X3R) Kha'ak - How best to survive a cluster...25DaFaDa2818
FAA Stopped working4rtd1225
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Yaki FAA proof fighters?4kilo691288
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M8 = Space Artillery15paul12902621
Deimos: Phased Shockwave Generator vs Flak Artillary Array15BlkKnight2786
Starburst shockwave cannons (possibly all flak lasers) keep missing12Spikend2731
Weird problem: FLAKs no longer cause damage. (x0ne related?)2gilboa743
[TC] Lost your Vidar and get 6 X IBL or Save Vidar and get 4 X Gj + FAA?12ryeeson2507
The most dangerous Flak out thier (TC)13Magnabyte2205
Cluster Flak Array v Flak Artillery Array4The Iron Duke1220
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Kha'ak Cluster strategy16Mental_Atom2606
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Flak on a M6? (TC)5fretti1377
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Flak Artillery Array8Creston2985
[BUG] TC 1.4 Cerberus and FAA weapons7Neferdias2012
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100s of ships stuck in one cluster and multiplying ?4andywooporter1103
[REQ] Quieter Flak5JFJohnny51313
Flak is annoyingly loud...still11JFJohnny52051
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Flak woes17Paranoid662603
[TC] noob question cant find FAAs ????7miktrant1705
[TC] Is Cluster FLAK any good?2Kantall1435
[TC] FAA - where to buy?2delray1259
Frequent Crash when fighting Kaahak clusters11Dricks22221587
FAA and CIG forges2K.Mak1146
[TC] OOS Combat calculation changed? More realistic? + Cluster Flak10DeBernd2137
Which M1. Turret Question. Messed up flak. Incendiary bombs5tass_bur2261
Occasional graphical Cluster F***9Tiedyeguy1634
Arg! Where are the elusive FAA's?!10Lancefighter1722
Game crashing when using flaks on a Khaak cluster3doomlord1379
Cluster Flak and Flak Artillery Array bug10doomlord2152
Where are all FLAKS?2kurush796
What's with Flak weapons?4Scoob1314
[TC] Where can I get FAA?2TinkerBell1147
Crash to desktop; Khaak Clusters13Erynnios2701
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FLAKS on capital ships not damaging after close combat10Alan Phipps2000
TC: Flak Wirdness oO14Embody2110
Can u cap a khaak cluster?8gamer9931921
otas HFC need alpha Flaks and alpha PAC's on all turrets?0Magus_Darklighter892
Altering flak Query.2spacefueladdict1031
Khaak destroyer x3 Khaak Clusters x34silverchewy1541
The flakking xenon14philip_hughes2719
Alpha Flak Forge? Where can one buy one?5Turricanion1209
khaak clusters3hassisin1235
Alpha Flak array or Alpha PPC or BHEPT OOS ?4mjwraw1640
A ship capable of handling a Xenon cluster?10MacDuck2458
Random Nividium clusters?11aksele92511
Where can I buy a flak artillery array complex?7angrysquirrel4028
So! PSG's vs. Flaks. Discuss.14Nulric3273
My Ore mine / A-flak complex wont make the AFLAKS1Dracken1024
Not enough Alpha Flaks?18Iari2845
[SCRIPT] Create Rock Debris Clusters by Nividium 11/20/20073Nividium1645
Aflak21John McG3716
Can't use beta flak on Pythons1aeawen1040
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What are Photon Pulse Cannons and Flak Artillary Arrays used for?3Ricochet J1271
Flak trouble5Theopruis1929
increasing khaak cluster spawn rate2Algoran1175
[SCRIPT] Target Rock Clusters v1.030Bunny3253
Aflak12John McG2202
FAA no damage bug2synctrance1253
i love flak cannons11crawlerw1971
Has anyone gotten ANY kha'ak that was part of a cluster to bail.8Psirus1769
Praise for Flak5Paranoid661366
What's the range on Flak ?18NewtSoup2835
My Factory with GPPC/A/BFLAK will not let me have any GPPC!7WhiteStar12589
Kha'ak Clusters10Isileth2006
flak cannons4danielhumphries501228
Where to buy a flak cannon7esse1453
AFlaks vrs Xenon P12Paranoid662203
YT-2000 with GKyons and BFAAs LMAO2japesk1760
Xenon N vs FAA5crgray1636
Anti cluster partol advice25zdan302794