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Guide: How to Use the Tractor Beam85RavenIII117259
[Script] - Logain Industries Capital Ship Energy Cell Generator (CSecG) v2 12/09/2010231Logain Abler87570
[SCRIPT] Advanced Tractor Beam v1.15 [UPDATED 25/3/07]75Bunny42773
[Script] Beam Dock v3a79apricotslice35811
[SCRIPT] Mass-Driver Ammo Generator V1.01 : Update 22/07/200658Cycrow34619
BEAM mod 2.01b(incl.13 c. ships)[UPDATED:21.5.2005]Dloadable90ShadowX34261
[Program] Random universe Generator UPDATED V1.593Madw0lf30333
[AL-PLUGIN] Tractor Beam Merchant V1.10 : Update 25/11/200617Cycrow26325
[X3 Script] Lasertower Array [2.0.01 compatible Upgrade]43euclid26074
[SCRIPT] EMP Blast Cannon V1.00 : Update 11/05/200618Cycrow24652
Personnel Energy Generator V1.2 (solar panels for ships!!!(kinda))47PapaTong23530
Under Developement: Planet Destroyer/Hyper Cannon120crimson12819292
XUniverseWizard - Random universe generator66Orca4218869
X3TC: Trouble with tractor beam24imy8215486
Incendiary Bomb Launcher40Ares2315002
where have you found tractor beams?29mrbadger14603
[SCR] Cargo Shield Array (v1.15 - 15.04.08)20Gazz14556
Mod : Tractor Beam Range17apricotslice14158
[TC] Incendiary Bomb Launcher How-to!36jwigeland13854
BEAM1.0 BETA&Lite -downloadable-[updated: July 23, 2004]59ShadowX13433
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Maximum array size?3lostProfitssssArrgh355
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Fusion Beam Cannon7phantomrock2954
Cant find where they sell Tractor Beams12Trevelvis941
where is Tracker Beam2moray35712
XRM and Khaak beam weapons - how to change them to CPU-friendly version?10noname159796
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x3 tc: how to sell concussion impulse generator9tiemo994
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[X3TC] Plasma Beam Cannon / Freight Drone exploit?5J-M v2.5.51081
Mining Beam Script help6Holmpc537
Trying to figure out using an array of text strings in a message2LordoftheMoo272
[X3TC] How can I get my hands on some Plasma Beam Cannons?6IanFitzJo548
X3TC: Springblossom and Tractor Beam3Cayo124434
Ion Cannons in X3;AP10DiArmada934
X3TC Tractor beam problems10Cursed Ghost963
Ion Pulse Generator22Honved1175
Tractor Beam factories deleted by GoD6motm509
Kyon Emitters Broken9Cursed Ghost733
Kyon emitter question1Cursed Ghost413
Tractor beams, and various uses4Akalay470
[question]remove element from array...10Orfevs418
load text vs alloc array4Orfevs232
Tractor beam11Orion1632593
X3 Terran Conflict PPC or Ion Cannon10AgamemnonArgon791
Pulsed beam emitter4DrDress594
plasma beam cannon x3AP3cba999554
[X3:TC] Tractor Beam question4mtlmaks439
X3R - Launcher freezes after going in to any other menu besides play [SOLVED!]11lexsan821432
Prototype M/AM launcher11Lexalot999
Where can i find a Tractor Beam??? (AP)25stavros2547
Who sells the Phased Array Laser Cannon13REB4111270
Incendary Bomb Launcher Forges illegal?12Smellfire572
Array Cloning and recursion0HarryCx2249
Plasma beam cannon - worth the effort?7IConquer1010
Blow up ships by slamming stations into them with your tractor beam7IConquer593
Tractor Beam will not fire?10DaleChaplin915
How do I use a tractor beam to pull an asteroid closer to my complex?13IanFitzJo889
[AP] Beam weapons, any plans for more variety?2Vilmu460
Technical details of array allocation and memory management6FuryFlex355
Documenting the 'codearray' of the XML X3 script files4itegebo403
which ships can use the tractor beam???38RayF1056
No Starburst Shockwave Cannon forge15thatguyfromvienna1353
Sheild/weapons Generator questions11Nickvr628369
Vanilla AP 3.0 Phased Array Laser Cannon5DarkVigilante796
X3AP. Plasma Beam Cannons!!??8Wurtzel780
X3AP - Beam lasers and turrets10ShaTiK1559
[X3AP] Phased Array Laser Cannons are a Rare Drop40Tohron5060
I need a Tractor Beam!!11wolfmanz823
Finding pulse beam emitters?4Ruger477
Script question about ''get ship array from sector/ship/station'' command3qwizzie794
Unpleasantness removed from Missiles and Beams thread4DrBullwinkle335
Opinion : Missiles and Beam weapons cannot exist in the same time period58unity1002306
[New Weapon Request] Infection beam14Sand Raven992
X3AP Flak Artillery Array woes...10Simoom2451
About This Tractor Beam3phantomrock2361
problem witj tractor beam on tc with ore mines3Gyrehawk439
"Charging" A Beam (x3 editor question)1TonyEvans297
X3 TC: Is the Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon now impossible to buy?4rumpltumpskin995
How do you cap a target with PBG? (Plasma Burst Generator)3Bill Huntington374
photon pulse cannon3kalsmeer563
Still possible to get plasma beam cannons?5sadron527
Tractor beam14Azorel936
X3AP annoying graphic problem.. Caused by 3rd party launcher apparently.5JakubCW586
Tractor beam surplus (for once :D) and how to shift it?9ItWasRhetorical677
Where are tractor beams sold?6sadron588
Fight rank and gamma kyon emitters7pref818
[AP PROBLEM]Plasma Beam Cannon2NighTragE408
Array Alloc: size ...2LowkeeDragon33455
[AP] Ion Pulse Generator vs. Ion Disruptor (or other ideas)2Progress-M1066
Your thoughts on Photon Pulse Cannons?11cobra mk2677
Flak Arrays vs Plasma Beams27SilusCrow1577
TC - PSG (phased Shockwave Generator)3Snafu_X3437
No tractorbeams, how do I script one into my cargobay?1Necris363
Incendiary bomb launcher forge capturing ? (AP)22Klord2915
Phased array laser cannon in AP ?26Klord1872
X3TC NPCs with Tractor Beams10darkraven666880
Shield generators - I am confused11Cronos988961
Fragmentation Bomb Launcher fixed ?21Klord4120
Lack of starburst cannon6ginsus658
Concussion impulse generator5imortalvalk511
Tractor Beam Won't Work11jmhoffer678
Question: Weapon Type : Seeking Cannon4TonyEvans370
Tractor beam woes11SVAndrei726
X3AP (Yet another topic about) obtaining plasma burst generator forges3ninth548
X3AP: Plasma Beam Cannons?6Quinch4330
Plasma burst generator forge.21Hellblazer2625
Missile Launcher weapon6jccpsc461
Repair Lasers & Phased Array Laser Cannon (AP)16Coreblimey4846
It trades the ore or it gets the Fusion Cannon.22Dunamis1178
AP cluster flak vs flak artillery array?37DrwHem2555
AP launcher wont start5flopsies511
How to most effectively use Plasma Burst Generators? [AP]4Id13327
Best Capital Grade Cannon?31Kowalskibravo1583
[Script] Combat SQUASH Mine Launcher11Killjaeden3740
Energy generator based on CSecG, please attention Logain Abler.5Zonzo515
plasma beam cannon albion prelude?19shea4574
[X3AP] Plasma Burst Generators9Mrreg811
tractor beams2Flammpanzer411
(X3TC) Space Anomaly: Energy Beams Frozen in Stasis Quantum Time Thingy11ThommoHawk779
[AP] Frigates need a generator buff - agree?9Tohron711
[AP] Plasma Beam Cannon8Spikeles1017
Albion Prelude FLak Artillery Array v's Xenon8Majick949
[LIB] find buy/sellstation with best price .... exclude array0gnasirator429
Plasma Burst Generators (No doubt been asked before)18The Iron Duke1370
Beam weapon performance16p00fer1389
Khaak Beta Kyon Emitters7crafty Wilbs929
Where can I find tractor beams? I screwed up my stations12zanex09917
Incendary bomb launcher1John McG431
[AP]Tractor Beam Complex Bug?15Cipry803
[AP] How to get Plasma Beam Cannons31goslin3418
Tractor Beam, Asteroid, JUmp Gate7FlaviusGlok1423
How is the Phased Shockwave Generator even remotely useful?31sadron3236
Getting Plasma Beam Cannons from Lasertowers4sadron813
(TC) weapon array offline2zanex09257
Mission 6 in Terran Plot ? How to beam goods..?1musiclover7296
X3AP and TC lock up when using Flak Artillery or Plasma Burst Generator?1Terrachova297
[AP] Need help with the Tractor Beam2cjmarsh468
What pirate carriers usually have incendiary bomb launcher forges?8sadron1022
Question about Steam and Impulse2zhukov032186306
my kingdom for a tractor beam12rif1001032
Incendiary bomb launcher19Danny2001341
Quick question: Can tractor beams tow entire complexes?6nukewarm775
Setting up a complex for Incendiary Bomb Launcher forges?10sadron1262
[AP] Tractor Beam2Legionos527
tractor beam14Smart_Bomb715
Tractor Beam Question2shea426
question with tractor beams and stuck asteroids9Noggin Toboggan656
Can you actually get the Phased Array Laser Cannon?9Aeshi2295
[X3AP] Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forge2J-M v2.5.52383
electro magnetic plasma cannon2John McG598
[AP] Shed some light on Beam Weapons, please.16Chull1794
[TC] Tractor beam won't fire16quintupularity1344
X3 (TC) : Gauss Cannon & EBC Ammunition - Where can I SELL it please?17zapza2970
[X3 AP] Tractor Beam?11Io8665
[AP] Plasma Burst Generator, Boarding and moving stations.6swatti911
[X3AP] Tractor Beam5foxdie011820
Looking for a beam weapon mod5boxleitnerb519
PALC and other beam weapons in AP17kurush1362
[X3:AP] No Tri-Beams anymore & Boron using Split weaponry?1SplitBoy649
Tractor Beam Destroys Station...Every Time.7Rolando_D864
[REQ][AP] x2 script: Mass-Driver Ammo Generator adaption2seeker89669
Impulse Ray Emitter stock =04moogie476
[AP] Plasma Burst Generator WAY overpowered in OOS battles34swatti4519
X3 AP Egosoft's Superior Name Generator7ChristensenCT720
[AP] How does the encyclopedia entries appear?/Beam Weapon question6Chull605
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Lack of Tractor Beam8Jonzac929
My Key for X3:TC from Impulse wasn't working1yonsito255
X3 Gold (Impulse) not transferable to Steam?3DiamondMX524
Albion Prelude for Impulse?2Mordici397
All knowledge of the Tractor Beam has vanished from my game (X3TC)4shireknight617
Is there a way to do this via script (Station Array)1MarcusX3536
Migrate from Impulse (Gamestop) to steam5ORCACommander1094
Tractor beam in a turret?17jmatt2380
Change Beam Color4Chris122990498
[Resource] Awesomefied Beam Weapons38F.A.B.13236
flak artillery array fps2jamafish445
Ion cannon vs. PPC10jamafish1497
[X3R] How are the Flak cannons in regards to capping?2Dicemanx477
[idea] Missile Launcher Turrets4Brahemino805
Impulse Ray Emitter9johnb60820
Plasma Burst Generators and the AI: A Tale of Folly?7blackfire83673
Ion Cannon45Lyth2327
tractor beam16red-dragon1028
My first complex and no tractorbeam18Palladin8881075
getting more starburst cannons3space muppet600
Tractor Beams.8dryfus3368704
Curious array find result3Shimrod408
Fragmintation Bomb Launcher and the *Modified* Tag7corhen788
Concussion Impulse Generator2Peanutcat907
Is there some sort of freight beamer?5XtremeChump602
X3 Terran Conflict: Moving Ore Mine L with Tractor Beam need help!12IndirectHero3287
X3 Crashing after launcher8sandworm551049
[X3:TC] Wings, Cannon Fodder and Fireworks3wubble724
Where can I buy an Incendiary bomb launcher?8XtremeChump959
Simple script to increase shield power generator2Kar634