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Ask here if you experience technical problems with X Rebirth.

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Re: Linux support thread

Post by radcapricorn » Thu, 3. Jan 19, 21:54

I can't compute that. Why did you then make a Linux version for GoG? If there was no "demand" for running the game without Steam...

If you add a feature for one build, there has to be a reason to not add that feature to another build, besides "no one's asked for it".

We're going in circles. As it stands right now, having bought the game on Steam, and having spent about 300 hours beta-testing it (as Linux version was in beta for a long, long time), the only way for me to play without Steam would be to... buy again, on GoG, is that correct? And at the same time, a Windows player won't have to do that? Don't you think it's "a little bit" unfair?

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X-REBIRTH linux, no sound

Post by flyerv » Tue, 9. Jul 19, 16:14

I click the 3 installers in order. I have the game running. I have 'Pulse Volume Audio Control' loaded. I had a similar problem with VLC media player. I just changed the output channel to the right device, config device - hdmi1 - monitor sound. Then switched the device on the running program.

I click on the desktop icon 'X Rebirth". Then I do alt-tab and Launch PAV.

I can't switch the device on the running program. PAV won't change it. There is no method to change the device within the app.

Need help. Thanks.

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Re: Linux support thread

Post by AR_Starfighter » Fri, 12. Jul 19, 06:05

Does does the GOG version require superuser mode?

(mojosetup:5139): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine", What needs to be installed?

FYI, I got the same no sound problem on linux.

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