Why no X4 in Argonopedia and X Universe Wiki?

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Why no X4 in Argonopedia and X Universe Wiki?

Post by MakerLinux » Wed, 15. May 19, 19:19

Does anyone know what happened to Argonopedia and X Universe wiki? They seem unmaintained by now, X Universe does not even mention X Rebirth and Argonopedia seems to have stopped with X Rebirth. Since X4 represents Egosoft going back to its roots, shouldn't these people have regained interest by now?
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Re: Why no X4 in Argonopedia and X Universe Wiki?

Post by Paul McParland » Wed, 15. May 19, 19:44

I asked myself this exact question yesterday lol. What I found, can't remember where think I just googled it, was the guy that was doing stopped, and no one has been able to contact him. So the sites are basically dead. Not sure how they are still funded but yea....

not much help sorry

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Re: Why no X4 in Argonopedia and X Universe Wiki?

Post by Kadatherion » Thu, 16. May 19, 13:29

There's some other sites that are still mantained, like Roguey's, which can be good sources for information, and of course there's the little official wiki maintained by Egosoft, but yeah, those two have been abandonded for quite a while now.

Two sites being abandoned and not much else springing up in their place proves nothing by itself, mind me, but I'd say it's just another symptom of a certain... interest volatility for the last two X games. Rebirth slaughtered the long term interest of the playerbase - most people shelved it immediately and never even really went back to it when, after many patches, it got supposedly more fun (as you can see I myself use "supposedly", because I could never be bothered with it, I didn't like it conceptually) - and X4... I'm afraid it was not enough to really turn that widespread feeling around. The forums themselves have slowed down dramatically after just the first few weeks post launch, and the modding community itself honestly does look pretty small and slow when compared to X3's when it was at its prime. Most new people who bought the game at launch put it away pretty soon as it was short lived (and, as we know, buggy), those who are left seem to be in relatively good part the old timers (and not all of them), but among us too the reception still is tepid to say the least.

I have this impression most of us are just waiting for something to happen: we don't want to dismiss the game as worthless, because we see it does have potential, but it's just still way too rough and featureless to really do anything else and as such invest much time not just in the game, but enthusiastically around it, like the maintaining of extra online resource sites/communities would need. The modding community too (with some notable exceptions ofc): it feels a bit like many don't really want to believe how barebones certain aspects of the game are is something that could be here to stay, as such before really delving too deep into big modding that could quickly become obsolete we are kind of in a limbo of little QoL things while waiting for the game to really turn around and be revolutionized. Hopefully, now that at least some of the major proper bugs have been squished, with 3.0 and the Split DLC the focus will heavily be on actual content and features. That might bring some people back and encourage others to become more interested and proactive themselves.

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