Carrier's and Fighter's Pathing

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Carrier's and Fighter's Pathing

Post by DarkStreets » Tue, 30. Jun 20, 03:02

So i keep having a issue with fighters having pathing issues to dock on a carrier and when they return they get stuck inside the ship. After launch then they return some land but usually one or two get stuck/phase into the side of the ship and continuously try to dock, you can't tell them to stop, you cant teleport inside them, firing the pilot and deleting orders doesn't work, relaunching the fighters doesn't work this has been a issue sense 2018 when is this going to be fixed please.

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Re: Carrier's and Fighter's Pathing

Post by BigBANGtheory » Tue, 30. Jun 20, 09:50

pretty much all XL ships have path finding issues through gates I find, I can't comment on the fighter docking but I do see M size ships having issues docking on the landing pads of XL ships

In fairness to Egosoft the pathfinding of smaller ships around stations is much better than its ever been the only exception I can think of is the background NPC traffic near docks, and the autopilot navigation feels a lot better.

there was a good developer video back in XR days where they were working on this, my take away was that they've improved some situation but not others.

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Re: Carrier's and Fighter's Pathing

Post by sh1pman » Tue, 30. Jun 20, 13:09

I reported this exact issue in Tech Support forum some weeks ago, CBJ said it’s on someone’s list. So I guess we just have to wait.

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