Paranid Plot: Paranid Palace Design!

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Paranid Plot: Paranid Palace Design!

Post by NyanNyanSensei » Fri, 18. Sep 20, 01:25

Here is a station deign for the peace side of the paranid plot for the palace construction in pious mist. This design uses triangular connection as starting base and all of the rest of each side of the connectors are identical to symbolize equal harmony of the three paranid faction. There are quit a bit of defense modules in this design as I thought the requirement doesn't seem to be enough for a palace of this size. Let me know what you think of this design and if you have anything similar or better!
trinity paranid holy palace.xml
Paranid Plot Palace Design Emphasizing Trinity Equality!
(70.22 KiB) Downloaded 42 times

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Re: Paranid Plot: Paranid Palace Design!

Post by NZ-Wanderer » Sun, 15. Nov 20, 00:48

Thank you for making this, I spent hours trying to get a good layout with the requirements needed and always ended up with a mess... Your Palace is brilliant :thumb_up:

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