PHQ Mega Shipyard. Self Sustaining 1500 pieces

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PHQ Mega Shipyard. Self Sustaining 1500 pieces

Post by iflyhigh101 » Wed, 23. Sep 20, 23:12

So I made a Monster of a shipyard. Made a post about it on reddit and some people asked for my blueprint. Here ya go! Enjoy! I may add more info about this in an Edit later. But for now, i'll say its a Self Sustaining Shipyard. Just needs Miners. Everything for ship construction is made on site. It has enough L docks for about 25 L Miners to dock at once, and enough 8M docks for about 48 M to dock at once. It has 3 S/M Fab bays, 6 L and 1 XL bays. Should be pretty well balanced for crafting but i left a little corner to add some stuff if you wish. No Homes on current build so no food/water production or Med Supply Production.

Edit: Thought some of you might want to know the Production Chain Numbers so here you go

[Base Resources]
13 Superfluid
23 Graphene
29 Silicon
14 Metals
4 Anti-Cells
18 E-Cells

[Middle Chains]
50 Microchips
30 Quantum Tubes
24 Plasma Conductors
8 Hull Parts
20 Scanning Arrays
10 Composites
6 Engine Parts
12 Smart Chips

[End Chains]
25 Turret Components
25 Weapon Components
14 Advanced Electronics
5 Anti Converters
8 Field Coils
8 Missile Components
10 Drone
16 Shield Components
20 Claytronics

[Ship Yards]
3 S/M
6 L
1 XL

[Edition W/ Homes]
72 Homes (technically needs something like 95k ppl for optimal but the build camera is a pain in the ass to add more)

1st Edition NO HOMES
phq mega shipyard -- over 1500 pieces.xml
(344.17 KiB) Downloaded 208 times
2nd Edition W/ Argon Homes. Doesnt make food or meds so you need to make another station/stations for it. Heres my Set-up for it
phq mega-shipyard w_ homes.xml
(361.64 KiB) Downloaded 169 times
Food/Med Factory if you dont want to plan your own.
arg med_food mega-station.xml
(81.15 KiB) Downloaded 151 times
Edit: Added 2nd PHQ BP with Argon Homes, and Food/Med BP
Edit2: Added Construction Stats
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Re: PHQ Mega Shipyard. Self Sustaining 1500 pieces

Post by Apscondo » Tue, 23. Feb 21, 08:32

woooow, great work

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