Big harted kudos to Ego

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Big harted kudos to Ego

Post by Red-Spot » Wed, 9. Jan 19, 11:35

Used to be around as Red Spot .. moved from email address so had to make a new account .. made a noticeable change to my username .. ahem .. :)

Long ago I was the one who first introduced a working PHQ with the help of DeadlyDa who supplied the buildings for it and after Ego started expanding on X3R (amongst others by adding a PHQ themselves) felt disgruntled with the bland game and Ego's methods which felt like they kinda screwed of the most dedicated part of the community, some of the best scripters out there, imo. Basically many small things ticked me off and I left the community.

Had to try X3TC (and got AP in one go) and I have to say, glad I did. Too bad Egosoft did not do it the other way around, make the game have more depth in X3R, then add more shine in X3TC.
Either way, love X3TC and that without a desperate need to write my own scripts (am somewhat tempted to revive my old turret and carrier scripts though :)).

Kudos Ego!
'Ignoramus et ignorabimus'

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Re: Big harted kudos to Ego

Post by OneOfMany » Tue, 12. Feb 19, 20:47

Nice to see you about R-S :)

Please have a look at Litcubes Universe if you have a few weeks free :)

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