[MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]

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Re: [MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]

Post by jasmineamy » Thu, 28. Jan 21, 11:57

hi every time i go to instal this on steam and ony this mod it crahses on load

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Re: [MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sun, 31. Jan 21, 21:51

Works fine for me. Have you enabled the compatibility mode as mentioned in the opening post?
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Re: [MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]

Post by Precession » Sat, 13. Feb 21, 13:55

Haven't played this game in ages and found this mod, but I'm having issues. When I install Firelance and The Bonus pack, something goes and wrong station management doesn't work. There isn't any SMS anywhere on my stations in the interface. Am I meant to leave Station management system out of the installation of the bonus pack?

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