[Windows 10] Compatibility Notes

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Post by narse-t » Fri, 22. Jun 18, 04:37

Following the instructions for removing window border did not work for X-BTF on Windows 10 release 1803.

Knowing that the downloaded .sdb files were Application Compatibility Database entries I just used the Compatibility Database Installer Tool (sdbinst.exe) on each file from an Administrator command prompt. It worked perfectly.

This is the correct method to install app compatibility updates on Windows, not writing directly to the registry.

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Re: [Windows 10] Compatibility Notes

Post by hhr » Thu, 11. Oct 18, 17:29

Windows 10.0.17134.345 (1803).
XBTF, X2 from Steam, XBTF from GOG run and work as expected. Еven if I delete all the compatibility and sdb-base settings, the games will still run, albeit with the window title instead of full-screen mode. XT from Steam and GOG crashes after displaying the initial logo.

Installing/removing compatibility mode and using SDB databases does not solve the problem. I note that at startup no sections and parameters are created in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\EgoSoftware\X-TENSION). This summer, the game still worked, but after what kind of Windows update it stopped working — I didn’t watch.

I think I found a solution.

XT does not want to run in resolutions other than 4:3 or 5:4. However, if you change the monitor resolution to any of 4:3 or 5:4 before starting (1920x1440 in my case), the main menu is appears in which you can already call up the settings and change the resolution. After that full screen or windowed option can be selected with any resolution and 32 color bits.

You can also set the compatibility parameter "640x480" through the properties of X-TENSION.exe, start the game, configure, exit and add the "-noabout" command line key so that the resolution does not change anymore during the launch.

and the third option is to add the "Force640x480" key through the Application Compatibility Toolkit to the {4d1bfc5b-4da0-4117-aef7-55ef8ee427b9}.sdb file from the first post.

Unfortunately, widescreen resolutions result in a lower vertical viewing angle. Also, I could not manage to launch the game in my native resolution of 2560x1440, so I use 1920x1440 in fullscreen.

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Re: [Windows 10] Compatibility Notes

Post by MarcelloCarlos » Tue, 4. Dec 18, 14:26

I have X-Tension on STEAM running in Fullscreen mode WIN10 res1920x1080 but the title bar and windows border are displayed.
i tried the downloadfile and it does not help.

any tips?

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