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Post by tedbell » Mon, 4. Jan 16, 17:32

This is my fouth time through the plot, but I don't have enough credits for M2s.. I guess I will have to build up some cash first.

There are 9 Sohnen ships.

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Post by tedbell » Thu, 21. Jan 16, 17:39

Turns out I went though the wrong gate getting that M7 back - I ended up in a sector called "Last Frontier" which had some sort of glowing orb as a Sohnen base.

I took about 35 laser towers on a fully loaded Titan and we both blasted all oft the ships until I realized what an idiot move I made.

Well, it was still very fun and now I have that M7 again!

Thanks for the replies - they had me thinking that I had done something wrong and sure enough I did!

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Post by zazie » Fri, 22. Jan 16, 14:38

thanks for the update!
I have learnt from it that you can even parry those fearsome Sohnen-ships with a bunch of LTs. I have never made this experience by myself. Goot to know :)

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Post by Yamato56 » Fri, 28. Jul 17, 13:44

Hi Ive being play Xtended for some years now and I always get to the part where I have to get the blueprints for the Valhalla but never can get them even if I use the player HQ and am wondering if I can get some help because I can't continue of with the plot and I have finished the main plot and have a larger amount of resources at my disposal so if some can help I would appreciate it

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Post by keo » Thu, 22. Mar 18, 20:09

hello all and sorry for ask, but trying x3r xtm now and i cannot find the manual or an instruction to how intall it
all the link in this topic on the first message and all rest of xtm topic here and also in the txu forum are broken so i cannot figured out how to install it

nwm i found how to re-install on txu forum:

http://www.thexuniverse.com/threads/103 ... TM-Updated

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Xtended Mod 0.7 -X3 reuion unowned ship>??

Post by bocap » Sat, 28. Jul 18, 10:17

I wonder if anyone had ever install Xtended Mod 0.7 in X3 Reunion, i wonder if there is any new unowned ships in this Mod that the players can claim. also in this mod at the beginning of the game just after you finish the patrol mission. if you go to Ore belt and try to trade back and forth between solar energy XL and ore mine in this sector for several times, you will see Kha'ak spawn 3 or 4 kha'ak destroyer and minion in argon ore belt and destroy the solar energy that you trying to trade. they also destroy any ship on their path. i don't understand why kha'ak invaded ore belt in argon and none of the argon ship can defeat them. i mean the kha'ak are so powerful. i saw many big argon ships were fight with them but they all get destroy... ship.. after ….ship. i think this mod need to balance the damage of the kha'ak and others races in the map. i mean the kha'ak cant invade ore belt in argon territories. and they did and spawn a huge fleet. powerful one. now iam afraid to put any station in argon ore belt.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 28. Jul 18, 14:40

@ bocap: Please post questions about mods in the relevant mod thread in the relevant S&M forum. Moving this now.
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Post by Aydan » Wed, 15. Aug 18, 15:29

Best thing to do... don't panic ;)

https://www.thexuniverse.com/threads/95 ... DONT-PANIC!

You'll find a lot of answers in this thread. The XTM mod is pretty much finished, and you won't find someone changing the balance there, but if you play for a little while, you'll find yourself getting a lot more powerful than you may think at the moment. Khaak ships... the normal ones... are later on just something nice looking, if you're an insectoid. Discover the terran exploration fleet mowing down the paranids... find the teladi/pirate fighter using khaak weapons, and yes... there are freebies.

The general invasions, like the khaak and the terran ones just happen once. Once the khaak ships are destroyed, you won't see them again. As long as they're there, it's not wise to build stations there. They happen in random sectors which will be different in each game. Other, smaller invasions, like those pirates invading a sector (where you'll be able to capture one of the famous pirate M1) happen regularily. You'll be soon enough strong enough to tackle this as well ;)

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Re: [XTM - GAMEPLAY] Gameplay discussion for Xtended Mod

Post by ChrisF0001 » Thu, 6. Dec 18, 11:16

So - does anyone know if the www.thexuniverse.com site is still actively maintained?

I was thinking of trying to get hold of the XTM mods again, and couldn't remember my credentials for that site - But, it uses reCAPTCHA v1, which is actually shut down. It uses that for everything admin-related, registering, recovering passwords and mailing the admins to tell them that their site is broken.

So if any passing person who can get in there sees this, I'd appreciate it if that message could be passed on somehow... (I'm not sure if this is a good place to post this, but perhaps it's worth a try!)

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