AL Plugin : X3 Race Response Fleets Final 1.7a 3/12/07

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Re: AL Plugin : X3 Race Response Fleets Final 1.7a 3/12/07

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 4. Feb 21, 20:38

The script only has an English text file. If you play any other language than English you will see those readtext errors. To fix this, you need to rename the text file from "448804.xml" to "498804.xml" and change the language id at the top of the text file from 44 to 49. Use the Windows text editor or any xml editor for the edit. Not Word or Wordpad or the like.

The example above is for German (49). For other languages use either of the following ids:
48 - Polish
42 - Czech
39 - Italian
34 - Spanish
33 - French
07 - Russian
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Re: AL Plugin : X3 Race Response Fleets Final 1.7a 3/12/07

Post by LordFleischblock » Fri, 5. Feb 21, 10:23

Thank you very much. This made the problem go away :oops:

Here's 448804.xml for anyone else who needs it to make ReadText8804 go away (from AI Race Response Fleets, RRF 1.74a):

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<language id="44">

<page id="8804" title="Debug Texts" descr="AI Race Response Fleets">
<t id="000">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]</t>
<t id="1">A %s in %s has called for support. %s enemy ships were found in the sector and the attacking ship was %s</t>

<t id="2">[author][b]%s Military[/b][/author]%s, our security forces have reported that you have committed \033R%s\033X acts of aggression against our race. In order to repair your relations with our citizens, you are strongly advised to make a contribution of [b]%s[/b] credits.\n\n
The Security Headquarters at [b]%s[/b advises you to pay the fine immediately, although we can't guarantee all our pilots will accept your offer immiediatly, Please stay in the sector and keep out of the way of hostile ships if you choose to pay.\n\n
[select value="payfine"]I would like to pay the fine now.[/Select]\n
[select value="horsemen"]I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes than bow down to the likes of your feeble race!.[/Select]</t>

<t id="3">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Thank you for paying the fine of \033R%s\033X Cr, %s. You are free to go about your business\n\nWe do however insist that you leave our sector immiediatly, you are free to return but we reccomend you wait for a while as our pilots are still disgruntled.</t>

<t id="4">[author][b]%s Military [/b][/author]Your fine was not paid and we can therefore not influence your relations with our pilots, %s. It would be a good idea if you left our space... [b]NOW[/b]</t>

<t id="5">[author][b]%s Military[/b][/author]%s, our scans have shown that you have now committed \033R%s\033X acts of aggression against our race. Each of these indiscretions is being logged, but unfortunately for you, our forces have already been dispatched to eliminate you.</t>

<t id="6">\033GEnable Race Response Fleets\033X :JTP</t>
<t id="7">\033R%s Rapid Response %s\033X</t>
<t id="8">\033G%s Rapid Response %s\033X</t>
<t id="9">\033B%s Rapid Response %s\033X</t>
<t id="10">[author][b]LV[/b][/author]\n\n\033BRace Response Fleets\033X has now been upgraded to version [b]%s[/b]</t>
<t id="11">\033GAllow Race Response Fleets Skirmishes\033X :JTP</t>
<t id="12">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]A %s Diplomatic Envoy in %s is heading to %s for peace talks, Hopes are running high that these talks will not break down into violence again. Pilots are asked to attend the ceremony in force so the talks have a better chance of success.</t>
<t id="13">\033W%s Rapid Response Bomber\033X</t>
<t id="14">\033G%s\033X</t>
<t id="15">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]Peace talks break out after stazuras of violence.\n\nA %s Diplomatic Envoy in %s is heading to %s for talks, reports are that this may indeed be a ploy to invade this sector, our forces have been put on high alert and all combat pilots are requested to be a full readyness for any potential outbreaks of fighting in the sector</t>
<t id="16">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]The %s are again suspected of mounting a secret attack\n\n A so called Diplomatic Envoy in %s is heading to %s for what are highlighted as peace talks, there is little hope that this is anything but a rouse to mount an attack on the sector which has been in dispute over ownership for Tazuras. Police and military have been put on high alert but in the interests of peace the ship will be allowed passage to it's destination.</t>
<t id="17">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]Confusion mounts over so called Peace Envoy.\n\nAccording to %s propoganda a peace envoy is current travelling through %s heading to %s, The chance of this being anything other than an attempt to lull this sector into a false sense of security are slim to none but hopes do remain.\n\nAll pilots capable of combat are asked to attend these so called "Talks" as our calcuation show a minute chance of them being anything other than a direct attempt at concealing another attack on this disputed sector.</t>

 <t id="18">\033GRace Response Fleets Enabled\033X</t>
 <t id="19">\033GRace Response Fleets Skirmishes Enabled\033X</t>
 <t id="20">\033W%s Rapid Response Ranger\033X</t>
 <t id="21">[author][b]LV[/b][/author]\n\n\033BRace Response Fleets\033X has now been disabled, please await further communication before removing this plugin from X3</t>
 <t id="22">[author][b]LV[/b][/author]\n\n\033BRace Response Fleets\033X has now been completely removed, you may now remove this plugin from X3\n\n\n
   [select value="shutdown"]Understood.[/Select]\n
   [select value="fool"]Press this if you want spamming with this message and are a fool.[/Select]\n</t>
 <t id="23">\033W%s Rapid Response %s\033X</t>
 <t id="24">%s Scavenger</t>
 <t id="25">\033GRace Response Difficulty Settings Enabled\033X</t>
 <t id="26">[author][b]LV[/b][/author]\n\n\033BRace Response Fleets Difficulty Setup\033X\n\nSelecting RRF Lite will disable all Rapid Response Bombers and Fighters and also all elements introduced in the Redux version to give the plugin more balance and keep sectors clear without much threat to your own empire.\nChoosing the [b]RRF Balanced[/b] option will add \033WRapid Response Bombers and Fighters\033X and also enable the plugin to balance itself by putting more threats within the universe.\n 
 If RRF Balanced mode is chosen the RRF plugins ability to keep the normal sectors clear of enemy ships will be put to the test, your assets may not be as safe in this difficulty level and your interaction will be needed to keep threats at an acceptable level.\nIf choosing the RRF Hostile option you will find that the universe comes under major threat and RRF fleets will suffer without your intervention\n\n[select value="normal"]RRF Light.[/Select]\n
[select value="hard"]RRF Balanced.[/Select]\n[select value="shithard"]RRF Hostile.[/Select]\n[select value="warlord"]RRF Warlord.[/Select]\n</t>
 <t id="27">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]Enemy Threats Increase\nIntergalactic Intelligence reports the following data for all current threat levels.\n\Current Universal Hostility Level \033R%s%\033X\n\nThe following sectors are current set to critical threat level\n%s\n\nIt is believed that operations in \033R%s\033X are critical in lowering threat levels to an acceptable level.</t>
 <t id="28">Argon Intelligence [b]%s[/b]\nBoron Intelligence [b]%s[/b]\nSplit Intelligence [b]%s[/b]\nParanid Intelligence [b]%s[/b]\nTeladi Intelligence [b]%s[/b]</t>
 <t id="29">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]\033WKhaak Attacks Increase\033X\n\nRecent intelligence reports have confirmed the sightings of [b]%s[/b] enemy ships currently operating outside their own sectors. All pilots are asked to kill on sight any enemy ships they come across.\n\nIn other news \033B%s\033X was recently attacked by enemy craft and has suffered severe hull damage as a result.</t>
 <t id="30">[author][b]Galactic News Network[/b][/author]\033WRace Response Fleets Statistics\033X\n\nThe following factions have reported their military strength as follows.\n\033WArgon Fleet Strength %s%\033X\n\033BBoron Fleet Strength %s%\033X\n\033RParanid Fleet Strength %s%\033X\n\033CTeladi Fleet Strength %s%\033X\n\033GSplit Fleet Strength %s%\033X.</t>
 <t id="31">%s</t> //displays fleet stats gv
 <t id="32">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]\033WGetsu Fune Leadership Ceremony Brings Hope\033X\n\nRecent moves have brought a leadership change in [u]Getsu Fune[/u] where the %s have reliquished control of the sector to the [b]%s[/b]\n\nHopes have now been raised of a better working relationship between the races in the constant battle against the Khaak and Xenon.</t>
 <t id="33">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]\033WGetsu Fune Leadership Ceremony Brings Hope\033X\n\nRecent moves have brought a leadership change in [u]Getsu Fune[/u] where the %s have reliquished control of the sector to the your empire [b]%s[/b]\n\nHopes have now been raised of a better working relationship between the races in the constant battle against the Khaak and Xenon.\n\nThis sector will now be under your control and it is your responsibility to keep it clear from your enemies for the duration of your rule.</t>
 <t id="34">[author][b]Galactic News Network[/b][/author]\033WHuge Breakthrough In Research Brings The Rapid Response Drive\033X\n\nAfter collaboration between the 5 major races in their battle against the Khaak and the Xenon a new piece of technology is being tested on \033WRace Response\033X vessels.\n\nThe Rapid Response Drive is capable of jumping instantly to any position in a ships sector at the blink of an eye although the drive has some unfortunate side effects. When used the drive will not only take power from the ships shields but it will also cause some hull damage thus limiting it's use if it to be an economic success.\n\n
 Due to the current limitations and possible environmental effects the drive is not available to traders and cannot be traded, only large military vessels can stock this device or pilots of large combat vessels who haved aided the cause and are ranked [b]Vindicator[/b] or higher.\n\ncurrently and there are no plans to change this.</t>
 <t id="35">[b]%s Military[/b][/author]\n\n%s\n\nSomehow you have managed to fight back the Khaak and Xenon to an extent where the current [b]Universal Threat Level is 0[/b].\n\nIn reward for your actions %s has been fitted out with a \033BRapid Response Drive Device\033X. Use it carefully as there are some side effects.</t>
 <t id="36">%s Rapid Response %s</t>
 <t id="37">[author][b]%s News Network[/b][/author]Peace Talks Non Existant After Engineers Dispute.\n\nHopes of any peace between races have been dealt an unexpected blow after the leader of the Galactic Engineers Union [b]GEU[/b] stated that all work on the Envoy Class vessels had been halted until their dispute over pay and conditions of service were met.\n\nIn a strong worded statement to the Galactic News Networks the leader of the GEU [b]LV[/b] demanded that the workload for himself and his subordinates was halved and pay increased. In a chilling message which brought baqck the memories of years of industrial dipute LV did not rule out sabotage and blackmail if his demands were not met.\n\n
 Normally such dissent would be quickly dealth with by Split or Paranid assasins but as LV was recently voted the most dangerous pilot in the universe there has been a severe shortage of volunteers for any mission against him.\nPsychologists have also brought into question LV's current mental state as during all interviews he was heard to mutter confusing statements about someone named The Emperor who psychologists believe may be another personality of this already notorious madman.</t>
 <t id="38">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Xenon Sector Invasion Planned\n\nAll able combat pilots are asked to report for duty to [b]%s[/b] Shipyards where an incursion into \033R%s\033X will be launched. Any pilot who makes it through the invasion will be rewarded.\nFor this mission to be a success all Xenon forces must be destroyed\n\n
   [select value="goxenon"]Pass me a pen.[/Select]\n
   [select value="pussy"]I have neither the ship nor the courage to aid in this mission[/Select]\n</t>
 <t id="39">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Xenon Sector Invasion Complete\n\nWonderful news. The Xenon forces have been defeated in [b]%s[/b]\nWith this victory the current Universal Threat Level is now down to \033R%s\033X.</t>
 <t id="40">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Xenon Sector Invasion Failed\n\nThe invasion into [b]%s[/b] has failed and mass casualties have been reported as the allied forces suffer what can only be described as a massacre.</t>
 <t id="41">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Difficulties Hold Back Xenon Sector Invasion Plans\n\nWe are currently too low on [b]%s[/b] for our ship building efforts, unfortunatly you will have to start without the main part of our forces but we guarantee they will be ready soon\n\nLeave for \033R%s\033X now!</t>
 <t id="42">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]Xenon Sector Invasion Plans Are Go\n\nOur Fleet will be arriving in this sector shortly, be ready to jump to \033R%s\033X as soon as they arrive</t>
 <t id="43">%s Invasion %s</t>
<t id="44">[author][b]Galactic News Network[/b][/author]%s Hacker Brings Chaos To %s military\n\Reports are in that a sole hacker flying a \033R%s\033X has brought chaos as a virus has been uploaded which is disabling and destroying military vessels. Huge numbers of small military craft have simply disapeared from radar.\n\nAny pilot who manages to neutralise this threat will be rewarded and pilots should be aware that there is a good chance the hacker may infect their ship or it's systems if detected.\n\n
   [select value="gohack"]Consider this ship dead.[/Select]\n
   [select value="pussy"]I have neither the ship nor the abilty to undertake this mission[/Select]\n</t>
  <t id="45">1010100101</t>
  <t id="46">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]%s Forces Decimated By Hacker\n\nReports are coming in that the %s have recently lost contact with many of their vessels, a hacker is believed to have globally infected the ships systems and all attempts to stop this ship have eneded with the disappearance of the pilots sent to assassinate it.\n\nIt is believed that only a ship with very old computer systems could stand a chance of attacking this ship as the software may be too old to be infected.\n\nTalks are now ongoing with the [b]%s[/b] to loan one of their old ships for this mission but their asking price for the loan has been too high for many pilots to take the chance.</t>
  <t id="47">[author][b]Galactic News Network[/b][/author]\033WHacker Finally Meets His Maker\033X\n\nAfter a tremendous battle %s you have wiped out the hacker and our ships are now safe again.\n\nAs a reward for your action we offer %s from the %s.\nNow say goodbye to the XPS ship, in 3 mizuras it will return to the museum so we hope you packed your spacesuit.</t>
 <t id="48">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]\nHello %s, we have heard about your hunt for the elusive hacker and we may be able to help you.\n\nIf you were to give us [b]%s[/b] credits we could lend you %s for this mission.\n\n
   [select value="goxs"]Ok, I'll pay.[/Select]\n
   [select value="pussy"]I don't need your help fools[/Select]\n</t>
   <t id="49">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]\n\nThe \033G%s\033X is waiting in the hanger %s, we want it back in one piece!</t>
   <t id="50">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]\n\nWe asked you for \033G%s\033X credit's, not an IOU. Come back later when you have enough money!</t>
   <t id="51">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]\n\nSo your looking for the hacker are you. For \033G%s\033X credit's we may be able to help!\n\n
   [select value="gosec"]Ok, I'll pay.[/Select]\n
   [select value="pussy"]I don't need your help fools[/Select]\n</t>
   <t id="52">[author][b]%s[/b][/author]\n\nTry looking near \033G%s\033X</t>
  <t id="53">[author][b]Galactic News Network[/b][/author]\033WHacker Escapes Pursuit\033X\n\nYou have been shown to be incapable of tracking the hacker %s.\n\n</t>
  <t id="54">[author][b]Getsu Fune Military[/b][/author]\n\n
   [select value="getsu"]Allow Sharing of Getsu Fune.[/Select]\n
   [select value="nogetsu"]Disallow sharing of Getsu Fune[/Select]\n</t>
     <t id="55">[author][b]Getsu Fune Military[/b][/author]\n\n
   [select value="piratextmon"]Enable Pirate RRF Ships.[/Select]\n
   [select value="nopirate"]Pirates Disabled[/Select]\n</t>
  <t id="56">%s Station Delivery Escort</t>
  <t id="57">\033RRace Response Fleets Disabled\033X</t>
  <t id="58">\033RRace Response Fleets Skirmishes Disabled\033X</t>
  <t id="59">\033RRace Response Difficulty Settings Disabled\033X</t>
  <t id="60">[author][b]XTM Option[/b][/author]\n\n
   [select value="terranon"]Set Terran Argon Relations To Friendly.[/Select]\n
   [select value="terranoff"]Let Them Fight[/Select]\n</t>
  <t id="61">[author][b]RRF Hotkey Interface[/b][/author]\n\nCurrent Universal Hostility Level is \033R%s\033X</t>
  <t id="63">[author][b]RRF Hotkey Interface[/b][/author]\n\nCurrent RRF Signal is \033R%s\033X in [b]%s[/b]</t>
  <t id="62">[author][b]RRF Hotkey Interface[/b][/author]\n\nNo Current RRF Signal for the \033R%s\033X</t>
  <t id="64">[author][b]Getsu Fune News Network[/b][/author]\033WGetsu Fune Leadership Ceremony Brings Hope\033X\n\nRecent moves have brought a leadership change in [u]Getsu Fune[/u] where the control of this sector has been given to your empire [b]%s[/b]\n\nHopes have now been raised of a better working relationship between the races in the constant battle against the Khaak and Xenon.\n\nThis sector will now be under your control and it is your responsibility to keep it clear from your enemies for the duration of your rule.\n\nOnce your control is reliquished the Trade Dock will be removed along with any ships or wares stocked on it!</t>

<page id="2008" title="Script Object Commands" descr="0">

 <t id="559">A_LV_RRF_PAYFINE</t>
 <t id="221">A_LV_RRF_DRIVE</t>


<page id="2010" title="Script Cmd Names" descr="Long version of commandos. These are the commandos assigned to ships using the commandconsole. Page 2010 and 2011 belong together and hold short and long versions of the same commands"> 

 <t id="559">Attempt Notoriety Fix</t>
 <t id="221">Engage RRF Drive</t>

<page id="2011" title="Script Cmd Shorts" descr="Short version of commandos. These are the commandos assigned to ships using the commandconsole. Page 2010 and 2011 belong together and hold short and long versions of the same commands"> 

 <t id="559">pay.fine</t>  
 <t id="221">RR.DRIVE</t> 
<page id="17" title="Boardcomp. objects" descr="Product Names">
 <t id="5923">Rapid Response Drive</t>

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