mod manager giving grief with x3mmext.dll file not found error

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mod manager giving grief with x3mmext.dll file not found error

Post by RevanDarkLord » Tue, 6. Dec 05, 01:26

Anyone had this problem before? I downloaded the mod manager and when I try to run it it says that x3mmext.dll file is not found. Its right in the modmanager directory in program files!
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Post by doubleshadow » Tue, 6. Dec 05, 10:05

Do you also have msvcr71.dll and zlib1.dll in the X3MM directory? If no then you must download then C runtime and zlib1 library installation. This should be downloaded automatically during installation of X3MM though :?

Once you run it, it will give you list of "destinations" - select X3 ModManager (make sure that the path is correct) - or you may select [other directory] and select the X3MM directory manually. You may also want to point it to windows/system32 (or winnt/system32) - this way the files will be only once on your system.

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Post by kevonski » Fri, 28. Apr 06, 07:03

Edited: Did some digging on the site and finally found the mod manager. Anyway to put it on the same page with the X3 editor? Was kidna of tricky, following the link above takes you to the x3 editor, to find the mod manager you have to dig a little (clicking downloads it only shows the x3 editor.)

Gotem all unpacked now and preparing to spend many sleepless hours tinkering with this. :-)

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Post by Daemonjax » Mon, 16. Jun 14, 02:02

Hey, crazy old thread, but I needed to run x3mm instead of the newer x3 editor 2 in order to properly extract a specific cat/dat...

... I ran into the same problem as the OP, and so here's where I got the needed files to get x3mm running since they're not on the author's site anymoer:

msvcr71.dll: search your computer's c drive for it... you should have one in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder.

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Post by Midnightknight » Fri, 8. Dec 17, 06:42

Is there a way to get it already compiled for windows?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 8. Dec 17, 11:09

The modmanager is really an outdated piece of software these days. It's has since been replaced by the X3 Editor 2. Alternatively, there's the official X Rebirth Cat Tool, which works with the catalog files of the older X games, too.
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