[Script] STEALTH Lasertowers - Ring of Fire (v2.27 - 28.04.08)

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 7. May 16, 13:38

Aquadrox wrote:Modified for XRM
Which is a mod for X3TC/AP, hence why the adjusted script will not work with X3R.
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Post by Aquadrox » Sat, 14. May 16, 14:13

X2-Illuminatus wrote:
Aquadrox wrote:Modified for XRM
Which is a mod for X3TC/AP, hence why the adjusted script will not work with X3R.
Exactly, but it fix issue with pirates for exemple :)
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Post by Sandtrooper » Mon, 23. Oct 17, 03:51

Great script and unless you 'cheat' the wares into existence, it's reasonably costed. Thing is -

Spent all day trying various inputs to set the distance of ring from gate (unsuccessfully). Quantity and radius are straightforward enough but, DISTANCE from gate...?

Lining myself up with the 'edge-on view of gate, my freighter deploys the ring but only 'around the circumference' - the ring always attaches slightly 'rearward' of the gate (from sector perspective).

I've tried assorted 'numbers' in the [x, y, z] input but, to no avail.

Where is this 'configure' command for changing the settings? The '?' only brings up an "Incoming message" of what to do but, not where or how. Do I open up the script editor and hunt around in there? Do I have to alter something in the game script folder? Surely not so unwieldy - distances will need to varied with different 'targets' to defend/guard.

Under the freighter's [Special] command, the only option is to deploy, not alter settings. Nor have I found them under my main command options of [Shift] + [C].

Apologies if this has been answered in the multitude of pages but, I can't seem to find any 'search' function (other than Googling from outside and then just this site results from searching. :(

Any help appreciated TIA.
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