[Script] STEALTH Lasertowers - Ring of Fire (v2.27 - 28.04.08)

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Post by JCTiger » Thu, 27. Nov 08, 05:40

I <3 you Gazz. Due my love of this script, and the lack of LT's in my verse, I just built two self-sustaining complexes each with 8 LT factories.

Peow Peow!

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Post by stealthhammer » Thu, 27. Nov 08, 06:10

lol i got something similar to that, cept i cant keep enough meat steaks supplying it

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Post by zhanxj » Sat, 27. Feb 10, 09:31

I set pirates to Foe in my global settings,and i send the settings to all my properties.LT work well if they decloaked. After the LT stealthed, the settings of all LT become Freind,even the private. So LT let the pirates pass OOS and not IS.I confused.Is it a bug?

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Post by Gazz » Sat, 27. Feb 10, 14:01

zhanxj wrote:I set pirates to Foe in my global settings
And they revert to friend while your global setting still said foe?
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Post by zhanxj » Sun, 28. Feb 10, 12:03

Gazz wrote:
zhanxj wrote:I set pirates to Foe in my global settings
And they revert to friend while your global setting still said foe?
yes!!! LT will automatically revert to friend to every race after they cloaked. So privates can pass without a LT decloak OOS. IS is perfect.
Help me.

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Post by [WP]Aesthir » Fri, 5. Nov 10, 23:19


I have a few questions about this script... if they have been answered before my apologies, please just link me to the relevant post in the thread in that case.. (I didn't read the entire thread, though what I did read seems vey interesting).

I am about to start the Aldrin missions, and I was wondering if this most excellent and awesome looking mod will be capable of defending a certain TUS from being overrun by Xenon through a certain gate... (you know what I mean... :P) From what I read, the upgrades to their OOS effectiveness are quite amazing, and if a set of 360 of these bugzappers could keep that particular gate secure, then this will truly be what I am looking for :D

If so: considering the fact that ships tend to "warp in" a few km in front of the gate OOS, if I understood that correctly, what would be a good distance to deploy those rings from a gate?

Any and all help/advise would be greatly appreciated :)

*ps: no MARS scripts or similar combat enhancing mods are currently used in my game (... yet...), in case that would make a difference. (I would definately suspect so :P)
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Post by Peanutcat » Fri, 5. Aug 11, 04:19

i'd really like a 'cheat' verision of this where u dont need any LT's or microships but instead they charge u credits for them as i have ALOT of credits but CBA to go around finding LTs and microships

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Post by zoliss » Sat, 29. Oct 11, 23:34

this mod work in french?? Cause i dont see any command anywhere in my menu. I am using MARS EST CAG Universal explorer SCS and some others but cant see any command for this one. I am at a point where it is completly unplayable since i have an alert every minute than 1 of my ship is attacked so... I need this mod.

Bleh just realize it was X3 reunion...

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Post by Peanutcat » Sun, 30. Oct 11, 01:41

It sohuld do.. and it also exist for Terran Conflict

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Post by Tritous » Mon, 31. Oct 11, 10:04

peanutcat...sounds like a good time for you to start your entry into the world of scripting!

Look for a line in the mod "get amount of ware Lasertower", and similar for microchips. Replace it with a check for amount of credits. You'll have to analyse the code a little to get the details but that's half the fun.

Learning basic scripting is actually quite entertaining. I occasionally bugfix the scripts I have, although the biggest use I have is a set of scripts for desperately trying to recover the dead economies of the terrans and the NE block. replacing fabs, getting rid of the impossible numbers of military ships in the hope that they spawn more traders, killing civilians, etc. once or twice had to script in the middle of battle: tbh I think something is a little broken when I'm supposed to be following someone for a plot mission and there are 5 destroyers in front of me for no apparent reason. Good times :P
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Post by Probe1 » Thu, 11. Oct 12, 20:53

My favorite script of all time :)
Shame I can't get it working with AP right now :D
Must be a conflict with one of the other 20+ scripts.

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am i blind or just stupid

Post by xrpgkingx » Wed, 9. Mar 16, 02:13

:evil: i have been trying to figure this out for what seems like forever i have a mammoth its loaded down with laser towers and chips but i see absolutely no option to deploy them when i select the towers all that comes up is the option to dump them in space. how or where do i turn this on so i can use it? i read threw the guide but i don't see ANY WHERE that the creator of the script actually tells you how to start it.

that seems to be a huge trend with scriptwriters and x games they give you this cool mod or script and don't tell you crap about how you actually start it or use it

can any one help me get this started or point me in the right direction. thanks

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 9. Mar 16, 10:24

I haven't use this script, but due to the fact that it registers a "Special" command slot, check the equally named command section in the command console of your ship for the respective command.
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Post by Turiko » Sat, 30. Apr 16, 00:44

I'm having an issue with this script... the towers deploy just fine and cloak up, but then very rarely uncloak. I've had pirates sitting on my complex hub with 3-4 groups of 5 stealthed lasertower in range, global settings have pirates as enemy, and even after i open fire in sector the lasertowers don't do anything.

However, the groups i've placed out to hold back terran ships seem to be doing just fine.

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Post by Aquadrox » Sat, 7. May 16, 13:35

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