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Post by Serial Kicked » Sat, 11. Oct 08, 20:51

Hi everyone :)

Beeing cut off from the Internet doesn't help answering people. I'm still developping from time to time on this game, but not as much as i was used to (lack of interest, time, and i'm definitively tired of the awful user interface).

Anyway, Thraxwhirl and anyone else willing to alter/use my files, you have my permission. This include Yaki Armada, Pirate Guild and any other script i've made so far.

About the "KE Bug" in YA. Iirc, the script doesn't simply choose a random sector coordinate. There's a 'findsector' script somewhere in the files used to select a sector. The issue is it sometimes return "null" as a result (no good sector found) and the ships all goes to the 'null' sector (coord 0,0 = Kingdom End). The correct fix would be to cancel the jump or use a random sector as the jump/navigation coordinate when we get a null result from the function.

Btw i know there's a bug related with the appearence of the 'true' Yakis ingame (or the respawn of dead ships, not sure) causing massive Yaki ship spamming if i recall correctly.

PG 0.95 has an annoying bug related to pirate patrol ship spamming, issues with relations, issues with pirate trading ships and other more minor ECC related exploits. All of them corrected in 0.96 (which isn't Ponline now). plus a bunch of unfinished features, partially implemented (mostly _not_ included in 0.96 :p)

So, you can send me a mail, and i'll give you latest versions. If you have any scriptcode related question, ask there: serialkicked - at - gmail.com
I don't check it very often but still much more often than the board :)

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Post by lardons » Sun, 8. Feb 09, 03:34

Enjoying those dead links like a suicide bommer.

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Post by alex0002tw » Wed, 8. Jul 09, 20:35

the link is dead :(

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Post by Scruffin_Fruitcake » Thu, 17. Nov 11, 14:41

Is it because the sector is called 'Kingdom's End' that a million of Yaki decided to give up their nomadic extince there? :D

Will they disappear if I uninstall Yaki Armada? Indeed, to bad, as I was enjoying shooting the crap out of those mobile bases of theirs...
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Post by Hariwulf » Mon, 9. Apr 18, 16:04

Link is totally dead

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 10. Apr 18, 17:27

Uploaded to xdownloads:

Also added to opening post.
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