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The place to discuss scripting and game modifications for X³: Reunion.

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Post by adecoy » Fri, 15. Aug 08, 23:35

i stumbled upon this link while looking for something else... does this help any? ... 7405#p7405
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Ti Jin
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Post by Ti Jin » Sat, 16. Aug 08, 00:11

is that argon nova in xsp ? please i would like that in my game i loved the colours.

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Post by aerick911 » Wed, 27. Aug 08, 21:20

Is there a student license or something for 3ds that isn't $2304982304?

You can't download gmax anymore.

That's too bad, because blender is a pretty nice program

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Post by Earthpilot » Sun, 31. Aug 08, 10:01

aerick911 : All my ships are done on Blender :D

Are you just using blender or are you able to program Python scripts for blender?

AFAIK there was someone called XIshtar who did build a script for importing X2-bodies, but he never had time to do the opposite.

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Post by Hank001 » Wed, 14. Feb 18, 06:36

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To Doubleshadow. You're "pebble" called X2BC started the avalanche. I might have started this thread 11 years ago almost to the day but I dedicate this to you from all we modelers, 3D wire benders, photonic finaglers, modding madmen and mages of motion. May your star always shine in the heavens.


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