[PROGRAM] Logitech G15 LCD Stats Applet V1.40 : Update 16/11/2006

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Post by Zero-nt- » Sun, 18. May 08, 06:33

Well, I'm absolutly stumped then.

The GameProfile settings are set to 'C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\x3 - reunion'

The Plugin Manager's X directory is set to 'C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\x3 - reunion'

When I install the scripts, for whatever reason, it's automaticly moved to the disabled folder (even though the plugin manager says its enabled).

I have to disable, and then enable again. Then the Plugin Manager correctly moves the scripts into the main script directory, and everything in the t/disabled directory gets moved into the base t directory.

Everything looks like it's installing fine. But it doesn't change anything in game. I still don't have any options show up in the AL Plugin screen.

I'm about to give up and just not run the logitech plugin since apparently it doesn't like me

Edit: I'm not sure what the log file will look like. I have two logfiles in the main X3 - reunion directory. logfile9001-2 and logfile9004, but I don't see a logfile9003 which I'm assuming is the logfile I need to see.

Edit more: Okay, I need to read the stickies before assuming I know what I'm doing. After I enabled scripts, I should have saved and then reloaded that save. After doing so, do I finally see the AL Plugin settings for the logitech lcd... however, I still only see "No Game Found" on the LCD itself. But at least I'm one step closer to finally getting this to work correctly :P

Final Edit: Okay, got it working.

As mentioned, I forgot to save my game before checking the AL Plugin options. Once I did, and reloaded, everything popped up.

In order for me to get the LCD to display correctly, I had to alt-tab out of game, end the current 'x3lcd.exe' process, and then restart the LCD application again (some users have said they had to do this when multiple copies of x3lcd.exe were found, but I think you have to do it regardless, if you encountered any problems)[/i]

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Post by Targoid-1 » Sun, 18. May 08, 13:10

Slightly off topic:

I notice that the G15 gets stuck in Savage Spur. Made a little keystroke macro for hyperjump, but in Savage Spur the G-keys simply don't respond. The normal keys are also reacting slower there...

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Post by MikeLucien » Sun, 18. May 08, 15:48

madprof wrote:If Cycrow doesn't mind me making using of his script I'll tidy the code up a bit and make it available with some instructions.
That would be very fine!

@ Cyrow: PLEASE
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Post by Mic-Bus » Sun, 18. May 08, 21:43

Sry for the problem, the install was correctly, i already found the problem.

I forgotten the following step.

after scripteditor was started,
I doesn't save and reload the game.
that was the problem, and wasn't written in the readme or i didn't see it.

sofar, sry that I don't read the text correctly enough.
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Post by Azaniah » Thu, 14. Aug 08, 00:23

After a few hours of hair pulling and forum reading...

If you are using Vista (in my case 64bit) make sure you run the X3LCD_Setup.exe as Administrator.

This appears to have resolved the issue of shared files (and the constant No Game Found if everything else has been done).

hope this helps someone...

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Post by Erilaz » Wed, 27. Aug 08, 23:12

Thanks for a great applet!

Did almost everything in the thread to get it working but...

Can confirm it's working in Vista 32, Logitech drivers v2.02 and X3 2.5

Success! Awesome script!

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Post by MIKE_B2 » Sat, 13. Sep 08, 01:07

Plugin working, but on russian X3 ver.2.5 logs are exported in UTF-8 encoding. so, cirillic messages from the game displays as "bird's language" on G15 Display. :? :) , unreadable. Cycrow, please if You can, inherit into the next version of the display plugin autodecoding to Win-1251. Thank You!

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Post by Jeroenske » Fri, 26. Sep 08, 22:00

success got it working ! The funny thing is im not running it on a G15 at all !

You'll be happy to know it works just fine on a Logitech Z-10 speaker set too :)
That is a 2.0/.1 speaker set with touch control and all the lcd functionality of the g15.
Most g15 LCD apps work on it so i figured i give it a shot.

I got it working after enabling the script editor, then saving, then loading that same save. Or it would not work.

Many thanks !

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Post by reanor » Tue, 30. Sep 08, 06:06

where do I get Logitech_scripts.spk mentioned in main topic?

When I try to look for scripts through Find scripts in plugin manager I get: No List Found: x3.ircwhore.co.uk/x3scripts.dat

I know its out of bandwith and he doesn't seem to be going to add more bandwith. So where do I get his original scripts then?
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Post by X2-Eliah » Tue, 30. Sep 08, 06:52

Try on the second mirror site (cycrow.thexuniverse.us)..

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Post by reanor » Tue, 30. Sep 08, 15:09

And this mirror is for what? I can add new download sites into his manager to find scripts on?
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Post by Cycrow » Tue, 30. Sep 08, 17:04

the scripts come with the main file, it'll be installed in the plugins directory

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Nice - the best of ANY G15 plugin I've been able to find

Post by JRod » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 03:46

Soo...my first ever post.

Cycrow - Saw the game on Steam about a week ago and dug in. (Actually it was X3:TC that caught my eye, but it hadn't been released so I figured I should spend some time getting familiar in X3:R first. To be honest, there's so much reunion that I doubt I'll be switching for a whileyet.

Your plugin rocks, I can't tell you how disorienting it is being new to this game. Your stats are helping, its like a little external HUD or something - totally awesome THANKS!

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Post by Dytronic » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 21:21

is this script compatible to terran conflict or can you program it for terran conflict?

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Post by wiro » Fri, 7. Nov 08, 19:04

Serch the Forum an just finde this info:
i will convert my plugin for TC soon, it just needs its log file changes, as in TC the log files are found in mydocuments instead
I wait since TC is relese :D hope the X3TC-G15App come soon.

thx a lot

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