[SCRIPT] Reveal Pandora Crate Positions V1.00

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Post by Skite » Wed, 16. May 07, 10:52

Bunny wrote:Maybe the game code throws these crates out as freebies to simulate the spoils of conflict or accidents :gruebel: .
That far out?

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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 16. May 07, 10:59

The original Pandora revealer script did just print the sectors from variables where the Pandora script had stored the locations.

Lucike listed on german thread the pivots that the Pandora script uses for placing those tunings in the first place. There are only a handful of pivot sectors and each crate is within couple jumps from those.

1. Player A writes a script and executes it, receiving tunings.
2. Player B writes a script. Player A unknowingly installs and executes the script, receiving tunings.
Can you tell the difference? :P

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Post by cloppy007 » Wed, 16. May 07, 11:10

jlehtone wrote: Can you tell the difference? :P
no :roll:

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Post by Bunny » Wed, 16. May 07, 11:13

I think Lucike had insider information on those variables :).

(one meaning of Aijo is devotion :gruebel:)

[EDIT] I reckon this script should be renamed "Find remote crates"

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Post by RiSkE » Sun, 20. Apr 08, 14:22

This script doesn't work for me. It detects any crates in the game, but the Pandora crates don't appear. I assume it's because they aren't visible until you are very close to them, so they probably haven't been called into existence yet.

Can anyone link me to that script that tells you what the Pandora sectors are? I can't find it. I saw a Pandora BBS message when I started playing and thought nothing of it, and now I'm 16 game days in, and haven't seen another.

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Carlo the Curious
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Post by Carlo the Curious » Sun, 20. Apr 08, 14:48

The Pandora crates are spawned not long after the game starts - having a find script would be pretty pointless if it didn't work until you'd already found them!

I forget if they were added as part of the bonus pack or a patch though.

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Post by eladan » Sun, 20. Apr 08, 15:17

Carlo the Curious wrote:I forget if they were added as part of the bonus pack or a patch though.
Bonus pack. :)

If you have the bonus pack installed, they should exist.

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Post by Dandz » Wed, 2. Jun 10, 04:49

Sorry for the epic necromancing here! The link for downloading this script is dead. Anyone know of a way to get it or could re upload it? Much appreciated

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Post by cr8zyeddie » Wed, 17. Jul 13, 20:42

This is where I found the script - although I haven't tried it yet to verify it still works.


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Post by GTB » Fri, 15. Dec 17, 21:49

Sorry about bumping an old topic.

But I need to know something reading this topic. Are the Pandora creates with speed and rudder boost not there unless you install the bonus pack? As I run the stock game (without bonus pack installed) and want to know if I'm wasting my time looking for them?

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