(XTM) Not one Mobile Drilling System / Factory anywhere?

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(XTM) Not one Mobile Drilling System / Factory anywhere?

Post by Nazgren » Sun, 17. Dec 17, 15:51

I am trying to start the XTM storyline which requires me to get some Nividium. To this end i started looking for a MDS to put on one of my TS ships but after searchign high and low across the X3 galaxy i cannot find even a single MDS or even a factory making them. While i could make a ton of money by setting up my own MDS factory and then selling them on, im not that far yet and lack the money. I just want to get through the story and move onto X3: TC, is there any way to add an MDS to my inventory?

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Post by Nashaulk » Sun, 17. Dec 17, 16:26

You could download the cheat package from here and add one mobile drilling system to your ship and also remove the 77,908 credits it costs from your account if you feel so inclined.

Alternatively you can also use a Hornet Missile to blow up and asteroid, but you should save before doing that. Sometimes the missiles clip through the asteroid and spin around beneath the hit box until they run out of fuel.
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